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How can durable use of wrong prescription glasses worsen your eyesight?

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Wearing the wrong prescription glasses for a long period may sound like a normal and completely harmless thing. However, if you have been wearing the wrong prescription glasses, the effects will be noticeable pretty soon. These effects would make you feel uncomfortable, and in some cases, it could lead to worsening eyesight.

There are chances that your prescription glasses do not have the correct prescription number. Firstly, if somehow your eyesight numbers are mistakenly measured. In this case, you will have the wrong prescription glasses.

Secondly, if your prescribed number has increased over time but you are still using the same old prescription. You will notice that the prescription glasses you are wearing may no longer feel comfortable. In both cases, you need to replace glasses lenses as soon as possible.

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How can durable use of wrong prescription glasses worsen your eyesight?

What effects can wrong prescription glasses have on your eyesight?

Now you may wonder, what are some signs that may hint that you are wearing the wrong prescription glasses? Following are a few symptoms and effects of wearing the wrong prescription glasses.

1) Vertigo

Vertigo is more commonly known as dizziness, and it is the most common/initial effect of wearing the wrong prescription glasses. Feeling a sensation of being off-balance while standing or even sitting could be a sign of Vertigo. When it comes from wearing the wrong prescription glasses, it mostly happens because of the depth perception of the lenses. Wrong prescription glasses can definitely worsen the problem, which may worsen eyesight.

2) Headaches

Another common sign of wearing the wrong prescription glasses is headaches. Have you ever noticed why most doctors recommend seeing an eye specialist and getting the eyesight checked when people visit complaining about headaches? There is a direct link between vision and headaches. However, if you experience headaches even if you are wearing your prescription glasses, the chances are that you need to replace your lenses with suitable prescribed numbers for you.

3) Blurry Vision

Blurry vision could turn out to be the most uncomfortable feeling. Having perfect eyesight is a blessing because most of the things that you do in your everyday life are executed properly just because your eyesight is perfect. Blurry vision becomes a huge barrier in performing daily life tasks. Prescription glasses can overcome this problem.

Nonetheless, wearing the wrong prescription glasses can worsen your vision. It might make your vision more blurry as the eyes are not being provided the perfect prescription depth by the lenses. Over time due to more strain on your eyes, you may experience worsening symptoms.

4) Nausea

It may sound confusing to many readers, but nausea indeed has a direct link with eyesight issues in some cases. The human body is complicated, and every action we take has consequences on different aspects of our body as they are interlinked. If you wear the wrong prescription glasses daily, this will lead to dizziness and headaches. If the dizziness lasts for a long time, it will make you feel uncomfortable and sick. Eventually, it leads to nausea. It all started from wearing the wrong pair of prescription glasses. This is why it is important for you to replace the lenses of your glasses. 

5) Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue is a common phenomenon if you are someone who tends to have long days in front of your computer or any sort of light-emitting screen. It is a disturbing and painful situation where you just want your eyes closed and caressed slightly. Wearing the wrong prescription glasses has just the same effect on your eyes.

Eye fatigue can make you less efficient in a lot of ways. This is why it is important to take necessary actions as soon as possible. Your actions can have a beneficial effect directly on your health. If eye fatigue is associated with the wrong prescription glasses, you must get your prescription glasses fixed. 

6) Squinting Eyes

Wearing the wrong prescription glasses will make you squint a lot as people tend to squint their eyes to focus better. Squinting eyes make the vision less blurry hence helping you see clearly. Nonetheless, squinting eyes is uncomfortable and repeatedly doing it becomes a bad habit. Wrong prescription glasses have the same effect on your eyes. As these glasses are not helping you see any better, you tend to squint, which is bad for your eye health.


To conclude everything that has been stated so far, wearing the wrong prescription glasses has adverse effects on your eye health, and it is proven. The reasons mentioned above should be something you need to learn from if you or your loved ones are experiencing the same sort of condition. Remember, eye surgeries could be expensive. Your little actions at the right time may save you a lot of things. So, always have a close look at your health, and once you realize your prescription glasses are not suitable for your eyes, always replace your lenses with accurate prescribed numbers.