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Orca free share worth up to £200

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Update... 3rd June 2022... ORCA IS CLOSING DOWN!  This offer is no longer valid as Orca is closing down!

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What do Orca say about their closure? 

Here is copy from the email I just receieved:

“We are really sad to announce that we are in the process of gradually closing down our business. This means we can no longer accept new customers and our existing customers can transfer to a new provider (ISAs only) or sell down their positions and transfer their money back to their accounts. 

Your money and assets are safe.

During this process your money and your stocks are securely held by your custodians, so there is no need to worry about not being able to access them. Please feel free to withdraw and close your account as soon as you want. If you have an ISA, please open an account at a new ISA provider and transfer your ISA to them.

If you have not sold down your stocks and transferred your money back to your bank accounts by 02-July, we will do this on your behalf.

Please see our Closing Down FAQ for details on what is happening, how long it will take and how it will affect you.

If you need to contact us, you can do so through our customer support function within the app as normal.

In order to support you in your investing journey we are arranging for a special offer from another share trading app. We’ll send information on this to you next week.

Please note that as per Section 1, 17.3 of the Orca Terms Of Service, we are giving you notice of the termination of the agreement between you and Orca. The Terms of Service will terminate with effect 02-July-2022.

A personal note from Denis and Fedor, the founders of Orca:

You are the person who has supported the idea to create the coolest investment app, and for that we are eternally grateful. You know better than anyone how fast we are growing, how the product has developed, how much we have managed to do so far, and how many plans we have ahead.

Our latest plan was to raise funding that would allow us to make our goals come true but with the Russian invasion of Ukraine a lot changed and it proved really hard to get that funding in. But we don’t stop working to make it happen.”

Today I have another amazing free share offer to share with you where you can easily get some free money!  Use our Orca free share link and referral code to bag yourself a free share and then use your own refer a friend link to get even more!

A free share worth up to £200 is waiting for you! Tap my link to register and find out what share you will get! My referral code: BD3G4

If you loved my Freetrade free share offer and Trading212 free share offer, where you can get free shares worth up to £200 and £100 respectively, then you’ll love today’s Orca free share offer!  You can get a free share worth up to £200 with the Orca refer a friend offer.

Quick instructions to get a free share worth up to £200 with Orca

  1. Download and open the Orca app - use my Orca referral link so the promo code is prefilled

  2. Click open account

  3. If you didn’t use my referral link, then enter Orca free share promo code BD3G4 when prompted to get your free share

  4. Follow the instructions in the chatbot to open an account and top up with £1

  5. Once the deposit has cleared (can take 30 mins), collect your free share!  Scroll down on the home page to find your free share scratch card!

  6. Sell your free share in 30 days, if you want, and cash out!

More detailed instructions to get a free share worth up to £200 with Orca

  1. Download and open the Orca app.  Use our Orca referral link to make things quicker.

  2. Click 'register now' and ‘open account’ and follow the instructions to open an account.  Enter Orca promo code BD3G4 when prompted if you didn’t use my link to sign up.  This will ensure you get your free share.

  3. Verify your phone number with the code text to you.  Verify your email with the code emailed to you.  Enter your name, surname, date of birth and UK address.  This app is only for UK residents.

  4. The app will verify your details. If they can’t verify then you’ll need to send a photo of your passport and a recent utility bill no older than three months. I had to do this and it only took 5-10 minutes 

  5. Once your details are verified, simply enter your National Insurance number.

  6. Next, accept the terms and conditions using the checkboxes.

  7. Choose ‘Top Up’ and top up your General Investment Account (GIA) with at least £1 using mobile banking via TrueLayer.  It can take up to 30 minutes Monday to Friday from 7am to 11pm for the deposit to clear into your Orca account.

  8. Collect your free share! Scroll down on the homepage of the app and get your free share scratchcard.  Scratch to reveal your free share.  It will be awarded to your account within 3 days.  You can sell and withdraw in 30 days.

Enjoy your free money! 

At the time of writing, Orca charge £1 to withdraw a share that's under £1000 in value, so this will come off the value of your free share when you cash it out. If you're planning to use the app to actually buy stocks and shares and not just for the free shares offer, then take this into account. Freetrade or Trading 212 would be better in my opinion and you can find free share offers for these by clicking my free money tab in my menu!

Get more free stocks with your Orca refer a friend link and code

Once you have an Orca account, you can invite your own friends, family and followers to get a free share using your own refer a friend link/code.

In the profile tab (tap the little person at bottom right on the app), you’ll find a ‘Free Stocks’ section where you can invite friends using a link, your promo code or by scanning your QR code.

Then you’ll each get a free share worth up to £200 once they have set up their Orca account and deposited. 

Referrals are capped at 40 per year.

orca free share promo code

A free share worth up to £200 is waiting for you! Tap my link to register and find out what share you will get! My referral code: BD3G4

What are the benefits of Orca as an investment app?

If you’re interested in investing and not purely getting free shares and free money, then why is Orca a good choice for an investment app?  (Remember your capital is at risk when investing).

  • Free shares refer-a-friend scheme

  • Forever free ISA

  • Small-scale start

  • Low fees - invest in UK stocks and ETFs for a fee of just £1

  • Coming soon - fractional US shares

  • Coming soon - commission-free US investing

A free share worth up to £200 is waiting for you! Tap my link to register and find out what share you will get! My referral code: BD3G4