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Asking for help is not a sign of weakness

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You may try to practise self-care as much as humanly possible but you still feel that you are hitting the wall in life, either because you're feeling depressed or anxious.  And when you feel like this, sometimes when you need help the most, is when it's most difficult to ask. Asking for help when you are depressed is not about admitting you are weak and it's not just about defining the steps, but it's about understanding that how you are feeling is standing in the way of your opportunities for hope. So if you are experiencing obstacles on the path to emotional recovery, how can you work towards asking for help?

Why asking for help is not a sign of weakness

Do not stigmatise yourself

Depression is not a sign of failure or weakness. Any mental health condition is a disorder that can be treated. Mental health goes hand in hand with a number of other elements, such as addiction. But you have to remember that any form of addiction treatment also encompasses treating mental health and depressive moments over the long term. But so many people start to believe that it is their fault because of something they did or who they are. But rather than stigmatising yourself, it's important to follow the idea of self-worth. 

Look at where you are able to reach out comfortably

Not everybody feels that they can talk to close friends or family when they are going through an issue like mental health or experiencing a mental relapse. Remember, when you are asking for help, you could feel more comfortable talking to someone that doesn't know who you are. There is no right or wrong in this situation. But as long as you are taking the right steps to ask for help and reach out, this is all that matters. You have to remember that there are plenty of resources available out there for you, whether it's your general practitioner or a helpline. 

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It's okay to say that you are not okay

Many of us feel that we have to keep pressing on and maybe you think this will do you good. In some circumstances, being able to push through can help. When people are experiencing low mood or they are feeling like they are prone to some form of relapse, there is a lot to be said for distraction, but it's when you've been pushing through for so long that you can feel yourself getting weaker every day, it's important to admit that you are not okay. Sometimes, saying this simple thing out loud can go a long way to get your innermost thoughts and feelings out. When you feel isolated, saying something brings it into reality and maybe then you can decide for yourself if it is actually true. But if you practice verbalising your thoughts, sometimes a problem shared really is a problem halved. 

Breaking down the issue

Sometimes things feel like so much of a leap, even if it is a matter of simple steps. For example, if you feel that you want to contact the doctor, this may seem like too much. In which case you could break it down and ask somebody to help you at this point. Sometimes, we won't know how we will feel on the day. We make an appointment and we might feel okay in which case we think that it's the perfect opportunity to give up the appointment, but when you are making the plans to step in the right direction, having somebody there to book the appointment or to accompany you can make sure that you get there and feel supported when it counts. 

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Do not be afraid of getting a diagnosis

If you feel like you've been strong for too long and you've now reached out for help, you might fear making it official because of the stigma that comes with it. But upon being given a diagnosis it means you are now able to start on the path to recovery. While there are many ways to try to manage depression or low mood by yourself, it is important to remember that something like depression is a chemical imbalance. And having the right treatments will not just improve your life and help you get stronger, but it will also maintain your dignity. 


When we feel like we have something wrong with us, help appears to be the last piece of the puzzle but we have to remember that there is never any shame in asking for help. We all need help on occasion.


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