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What is the most common problem with water heaters?

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The water heating system is undoubtedly one of the most important appliances at home and if it is not working properly or leaking – life at home can truly get haywire.  It's a good idea to know what the most common problems are with water heaters and the signs to look out for before it gets worse and causes a major issue.  In Sydney most households have gas-powered water heating systems which put plumbers from the city in an important position. Problems with the heating system are pretty common and the problems can vary widely. Leaking is certainly one of the major problems faced but in no way is it the only one. 

What is the most common problem with water heaters

Some of the common issues with water heaters are:

  • No hot water is coming out of the taps, only cold

  • Water is not clean; it is dirty and discoloured

  • Problem with temperature – your water is warm only, not boiling hot

  • Strange sounds coming out of the heating system

  • There is a strange smell to the water

  • Low water pressure

For any of the above hot water problems, giving your gas plumber a call can easily save the day for you. They are known to respond immediately and with their experience and expertise can solve problems in the minimum possible time.

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Why you shouldn’t ignore leaking water in your water heating system

Out of all the above issues, a leaking water heating system is the cause of major concern and something everyone should watch out for. Leaking water will not only affect the heating system but can also damage the pressure relief valves causing major accidents. Leaks, if not repaired in time, can also encourage mould growth inside the system and can seriously damage the performance of the heating system.  Plus, if the leak is not noticed and builds up over time outside of the water system, say through a faulty pipe or similar, then it could end up damaging floors, ceilings and more.

How to properly maintain your home water heating system

Here are a few things you should be keeping in mind for proper maintenance of home water heating systems 

  • Service it on a regular basis: Regular servicing of water heaters by professional technicians serves multiple purposes. It can allow the system optimum performance and if there are any minor issues – those can be also taken care of in time before they spiral out of hand.

  • Noise and sounds: If the system is creating sounds that are not normal, like hissing or gurgling sounds, it is actually giving you warnings that some major problem is at hand and you need to respond immediately. These sounds can be indications of leakage inside or some other problem and must be taken care of as quickly as possible.

  • Decoloured and smelling water: When this occurs, you can be more or less sure that there is a leak and dirty water from outside is slipping into the pipeline. Presence of dirt and impurities makes the heater work harder for reaching the same temperature level and ultimately its performance level drops pretty soon. 

  • Age: Age is another factor that hampers performance of a heater by a considerable degree and if you are still using one that is more than a decade old then it’s probably time to change your water heater. New models of heaters are available in the market now those come with great features and will also save on your power bill.   

Call your Plumbers Sydney whenever there is an emergency and they will be in your home in no time – ensuring safety and performance of your appliances.  Otherwise check out Google business reviews or ask for friend’s recommendations to find a reputable local plumber near you!