Bottlepay referral code: £5 free cash in 9 minutes!

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I have just discovered another free money offer and I timed myself completing it.  The whole offer took me 9 minutes to complete and the free cash was instantly in my bank account.  This is the Bottlepay refer a friend offer and you can get £5 worth of free Bitcoin which you can exchange and withdraw to your bank account instantly.  Use Bottlepay referral code FGT99M8NO7 and we’ll both get £5.  Read on for the full instructions if needed.

Bottlepay referral code £5 free cash in 9 minutes!

Instant free cash with the Bottlepay refer a friend offer

After fees, I was able to extract £4.69 free cash within 9 minutes of downloading the Bottlepay app.

It’s a really quick and easy free money offer.

If you’ve already completed the Ziglu refer a friend offer, then it’s pretty similar.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download Bottlepay here: 

  • Enter referral code FGT99M8NO7 when signing up

  • Complete the signup process, including verifying your phone number, email and ID (driving licence is quick and easy to verify with two selfies)

  • Once your account is verified (mine took less than a minute to be verified), fund your account with £10 (open banking is quick and easy)

  • Trade the £10 for Bitcoin

  • £5 worth of Bitcoin will be added to your account for free!  Providing you entered code FGT99M8NO7 when signing up!

  • Convert the Bitcoin back to your GBP balance.

  • Withdraw!

It’s that simple!

bottlepay referral code

Things to note:

Don’t forget to enter FGT99M8NO7 when signing up.

Although it took me only 9 minutes, it could take you longer or you might be even quicker!

There are some fees, so after these, I was able to withdraw £14.69 back into my account rather than £15.  Still, it was a £4.69 profit for less than ten minutes of my time.

To complete the trades, etc, you have to swipe the screen where it says.  Swipe from left to right.

The withdraw button might be tricky to find. If you added a photo to your profile then click your photo (top right of the screen).  Scroll down to ‘My bank account’ and click here to see the option to withdraw your funds.  These will go back to the account you added your funds from.

There's a minimum withdrawal amount of £5.

If you’re used to these sorts of offers, like me, then you’ll whiz through it and have your free cash in no time!

Love these sorts of offers?  I regularly share them and add them to my free money offers page, so check that out!

Refer your friends to Bottlepay for £5 free cash each

Once you’ve signed up with my Bottlepay referral code, you will get your own as soon as your account is verified!

Click on the top left of the screen (your photo) and you’ll see the option to invite a friend and get £5.

Bottlepay referral code

Get £5 worth of Bitcoin for free which you can cash out instantly!

Give it a try using my code FGT99M8NO7 and we'll both get £5. 

Sign up at 


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