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Free Cryptocurrency For Signing Up

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How can I get cryptocurrency for free?  Is it really possible?  Yes! 

Read on and we’ll share some of the tried and tested offers in the UK for free cryptocurrency. Use these referral links and promo codes when signing up as a new customer! 

Some of these offers give you instant free cash!

Where can I get free crypto for signing up?

There are currently a few places where you can get cryptocurrency for free, that we have personally tried and tested.  We are based in the UK, but some of these offers are global or in more countries than just our own.  You’ll have to check each one to see if it works in your country if you are not based in the UK.  The best thing about most cryptocurrencies are they are global!  It’s just whether each platform works in each country as some are country specific.

Anyway, here are the offers that we will share in this blog post.  Some of these offer free crypto only that can’t be traded at the time of writing such as the new cryptocurrency called Pi, which you can build up until it can be traded, hopefully soon! But the others offer crypto which can be traded right away (sold) and then the money can be withdrawn to your bank account!  Or you can choose to keep the crypto and hope it rises in value.

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Last updated 26th January 2023.

Free cryptocurrency for signing up

Table of contents

  • Pi - free Pi cryptocurrency
  • SwissBorg - free crypto worth up to 100€
  • Bitcoinpoint - instant free Bitcoin worth ~£1.90

Free cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency industry is booming. This is a great opportunity for new crypto exchanges and even new cryptocurrency companies to reach out to potential customers and offer them free cryptocurrency when they sign up for their service such as being able to claim free crypto with airdrops.

Why do companies give away free crypto?  It’s a great way to incentivise new customers to sign up and it can be cheaper than spending money on expensive advertising and marketing campaigns.

They are obviously hoping customer’s will see how amazing they believe their platforms are and keep you as an investing customer. 

If you do choose to invest your own money in cryptocurrency then your capital is at risk.  You can complete these offers to make a profit, or you can choose to invest the free crypto which could rise or fall in value.  Each offer is subject to its own terms and conditions and is subject to change at any time.  The offers are correct to my knowledge at the time of writing. 

Let’s see which companies you can get some free crypto from today….

Get free cryptocurrency with these offers.  Who knows how much it might be worth in the future?! 


Pi - 1π for free and earn more completely free!

Check out Pi and you can start mining Pi cryptocurrency for free!

I am sending you 1π!

Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 35 million engaged members worldwide (at time of writing).

To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username lyliarose as your invitation code.

Once signed up you’ll get your own Pi referral link and invitation code to send with your friends and family. The more people you sign up, the more Pi you will be able to mine. 

pi network invitation code free cryptocurrency


SwissBorg - free crypto worth up to 100€

Please note: there are withdrawal fees of roughly £1, so if you get the lowest free crypto of €1, you might not make any free money, unless the value of your crypto grows if you choose to leave it invested. The minimum withdrawal is £5. You need to deposit £50 to qualify, but you don’t need to trade this.

SwissBorg is a crypto trading app that has around 13 coins listed so far and promises more soon. They have a great new customer offer where you can get awarded a random amount of €1- €100 in CHSB if you use my SwissBorg referral link and deposit £50/50€.

If you want to use this offer for the free money, you can then exchange the CHSB into GBP and withdraw your money (subject to a withdrawal fee of £1 minimum or 0.1%).

This offer is instant, pending verification.

How to complete the SwissBorg free crypto/free money offer:

  • Sign up to SwissBorg using my referral link, create an account and verify your ID (should take 5 minutes)
  • Deposit £50/€50 following their bank transfer instructions
  • You’ll receive a scratch card in the rewards tickets section to get your CHSB bonus from 1€ to €100

How to cash out the free cash instantly if you don't want to keep the cryptocurrency:

  • Exchange your CHSB to GBP
  • (If your CHSB amount is below their minimum requirement of £5, you’ll need to transfer some of your GBP into CHSB and then back again!)
  • Withdraw your bonus money and original deposit back to your bank account!

I got 3€ so not a huge win. I then had to transfer £5 into CHSB and then back again so I could meet the CHSB minimum requirement and get my free money transferred to GBP.

My total profit was only £1.38, but I still think it was worth the 10 minutes it took me for a chance to get 100€ for free. I hope you get more than me!

Things to note:

You must use my SwissBorg referral link to qualify for the free reward.
Their deposits and withdrawals can apparently take 1-5 business days, but mine was instant.
The minimum withdrawal is £5.
There’s a withdrawal fee of 0.1% or a minimum of £1.
You need to deposit £50/50€, but you don’t have to trade this.
You don’t need to trade the £50 deposit to get the reward.

Curve promo code


Bitcoinpoint - instant free Bitcoin or free cash offer (~£1.90 of free BTC and unlimited referrals)

This offer doesn’t make much free money because of their fees, but if you can get referrals then it’s a better deal.  Or if you already want to buy some cryptocurrency using Bitcoinpoint then you’ll get some free with this offer.

Sign up to with my referral code 8BACD834 buy at least £5 and we will both receive 10,000 Satoshis!

  • Download the Bitcoinpoint app and enter code 8BACD834 at the same time as entering your email (don’t miss entering the code!)

  • Complete signup and wait for your ID to be verified.

  • Buy £5 worth of Bitcoin (click Bitcoin on the homepage and buy £5 using your bank account, you’ll get around £4 worth after their fees).

  • You’ll be awarded 10,000 satoshis (0.0001 BTC) which is approx £1.90 at the time of writing, but this fluctuates.

  • My free BTC took around 2 minutes to be awarded and I received an email to let me know.

You can either keep the free investment and hope it rises, or you can sell and withdraw the free cash instantly, however there are fees and you won’t end up with much.  Still, you’ll get a few pence for your time and it’s quick to do!

Once signed up, you’ll get your own unlimited referral code so you can make more free money and give your friends and family some too!  If you can get others to sign up with your own code, then it might be better to wait and accumulate some more free Bitcoin before cashing out, but it’s up to you.

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Free cryptocurrency for signing up

The cryptocurrency industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This is a result of the lack of trust in banks and centralized authorities. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, which means that there is no single point of failure and they cannot be manipulated by any individual or organization.

In order to get more people on board with cryptocurrencies, some companies offer free coins for signing up with their service. This is a great way to get started in the world of digital currency. You can also trade them for cash or other forms of currency.


Sign up to the cryptocurrency exchanges above using our referral links and codes and you can get free cryptocurrency!

Just remember, each offer is subject to it’s own T&Cs, can change at any time and if you choose to invest your own money in cryptocurrencies then your capital is at risk.


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