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Lekto Nestro Softwood Logs review (+ discount code)

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Lekto has recently added a new wood fuel to their product range and I’ve been testing them to see how they perform in our log-burning stove.  Lekto is marketing the Nestro Softwood Logs as a simplified approach to quickly heating your room or house.  So, I’ve put them to the test and I’ll share my findings in this post slong with a Lekto Woodfuels Discount Code!

Ultimately, I have three main questions that I want to know about the Nestro Softwood Logs.  Firstly, how quickly do they light?  How quickly can they push out a decent level of heat?  And thirdly, how long do they last?  I get the impression these logs are not designed with longevity in mind but I’d like to know all the same.

Nestro Softwood Logs Lekto

The name Nestro comes from the company that manufactures the equipment capable of making these logs.  The large machines force sawdust into cylindrical shapes using extremely high pressure.  They make good use of waste materials from sawmills and other wood-related manufacturing processes.  Even better, they don’t use any chemical additives in the process so they are eco-friendly and use recycled materials.  That’s a win-win scenario. 

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How quickly do the Nestro Softwood Logs light?

Whilst this isn’t going to be an exact science, I will be able to see exactly how long they take to catch when starting the fire.  We normally start with a small bed of ash at the bottom of the stove, then, place roughly 8 pieces of softwood kindling around a couple of fire lighters.  We give this a couple of minutes to catch and when we have established a flame we place the log on top.

Lekto Nestro Log

I was very impressed with how quickly one of these logs started kicking out the heat.  Within just 20 minutes we had a roaring flame and the room went from 17 degrees to 24 degrees within just 40 minutes. That’s impressive for just one log.

How long do the Nestro Softwood Logs last?

This is an interesting question as it will help me understand whether these are suitable wood fuels for extended use on a fire.  Or, should these simply be used to get a fire going quickly?

The results were a little surprising.  Broken in half we got about 2 hours 15 minutes out of one log.  When placing a full log on a well-established fire they lasted for just under 3 hours.

I was very surprised at how long one log lasted.  I thought it would burn out quickly but it just kept on going.  The greatest heat output was felt about 30 minutes into the burn and this lasted for about 1 hour before the heat slowly reduced. 

Lekto Nestro Softwood logs burn

What is the best use for the Nestro Softwood Logs?

You’ve probably already guessed it… Yes, use these logs to boost your fire-starting capabilities.  If you’re impatient like me and want high levels of heat quickly, then these are the wood fuels you want. 

Team these up with some other wood fuels like Lekto’s hardwood heat logs or kiln-dried oak and you’ve got a winning combination for a long-lasting hot fire.

What you need to know about the Nestro Logs

Whilst these wood fuels are a brilliant addition to your heating arsenal, you must bear the following in mind.

  • They need to be stored in their wrapper for as long as possible.  Exposure to moisture or higher humidity will cause them to expand and crumble.  The wrapper keeps them dry.
  • You can’t store them outdoors.  For the same reason, exposure to high moisture levels will cause them to expand and crumble.
  • They don’t crackle and pop like some natural firewood like fir and pine.  Due to such a low moisture content, crackling is almost none existent in this type of wood fuel.  No big issue but if you like the atmosphere of a crackling fire, source another wood to accompany these.
  • They aren’t very aesthetically pleasing.  You wouldn’t stack them up next to the fire for a photo shoot.  They are more of a functional fuel type.
  • They stack easily.  If you have a suitable indoor storage space these will stack up nice and neatly.
  • The moisture content is super low, making them easy to light and burn. They measure at 10% moisture or less which is generally better than most natural logs which come in under 20% when kiln dried. This also makes for fewer chimney and flue problems.
  • There is almost no smoke when burning.
  • 100% chemical free so they can be used for any application.

Lekto Wood Fuels Nestro Logs quick video review


With all this in mind, I’m very happy with the capabilities of this new product from Lekto Wood Fuels. It provides fast heat output and lasts a good length of time.  One log was enough to heat our house (in autumn) for the majority of the night.  They are easy to light and easy to store under our stairs.  At £28.95 for one box, they are a little on the expensive side but when you buy in bulk the price is much more appealing. We make sure they are stored indoors to prevent moisture from ruining the logs.

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