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Unique ideas for a memorable family Christmas

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For many families, Christmas is the main event of the year, so there’s a big temptation to spend a lot of money to make this holiday memorable for everyone.

Unique ideas for a memorable family Christmas

From preparing elaborate dinners to buying expensive gifts, almost everyone puts a lot of effort, money and time into planning the perfect Christmas. However, it’s impossible not to admit that each Christmas can feel too much like the last one. So, how can you make Christmas feel special this year? How do you revive the excitement?  

Here are some ideas to make this Christmas a little more memorable than previous years.

1.    Surprise your family with new decorations

Many families reuse their Christmas decorations year after year. There’s something comforting about this tradition. Plus, it’s a sustainable approach in times of heavy consumerism. However, the element of surprise is not there. A great way to make Christmas memorable is to surprise your family with new decorations and ornaments. You don’t have to replace everything, but a few items here and there can make a difference in the ambience.  

For the best results, choose ornaments and decorations that hold a special meaning in your family or represent your heritage, culture, or background. As an example, you might be looking to celebrate your Irish roots. Picking some gorgeous Irish Christmas ornaments will be the perfect addition and bring that special meaning to the whole family.

Could this year be time for a new Christmas tree?  Or maybe you’re not going down the traditional tree route and instead, you’ve decided to decorate in a slightly different way.  Some of these ideas might help:

  • You and the kids have created your own Christmas tree poster that you can decorate with glitter and other sparkly items.
  • A crafty wooden plank tree.  Simple pieces of wood or sticks in a tapered pattern.
  • A winter-style branch.  A simple branch of a tree can be decorated with baubles and tinsel for a lovely Christmas feel.
  • Try hanging a Christmas tree-style lighting feature from the ceiling and stack presents underneath.
  • Decorate existing plants in your house and surround them with decorations.  The same can apply to trees and shrubs in the garden.

With a bit of imagination, you can create the perfect Christmas atmosphere without the same traditions.

2.    Play Secret Santa and other exciting games

Even if you have a small family or group of friends, Secret Santa can be a fun approach to gift giving. Plus, it’s the most economical option for everyone. Let’s face it, no one likes to spend a lot of money on thoughtful gifts only to receive something of little value in return. Secret Santa can boost everyone’s excitement. Playing Secret Santa is a great way to split the gift-buying effort between all family members and ensure everyone participates equally in the tradition. So, share your idea with them to see if they’re interested.  There are plenty of ways to find suitable Christmas presents on a set budget.

Here are some more game ideas to get people interacting and having fun:

  • Christmas charades – Christmas books, films and TV programs
  • Christmas Pictionary – Add or find all the Christmas drawing challenges
  • Christmas bingo – Create a Christmas-themed bingo board
  • Christmas quiz – Write your own or find one online
  • Christmas Price is Right – Create a list of Christmas items and let the teams guess the correct prices.
  • Christmas paper plate games – teams have to draw Christmas themed items whilst holding the paper plate on their head.

3.    Attend Christmas-related events

Christmas is a family holiday. However, there’s something unique and uplifting about celebrating Christmas in public, surrounded by people in your community or city. A great way to make Christmas memorable this year is to go out with your family and attend a Christmas-related event in your area. Attending a local choir or a musical performance is an excellent idea. However, tickets get sold out quickly during the holidays, so buy yours early to avoid disappointment.

There are also many free or inexpensive options to consider. Many local churches organize events for Christmas. If your city has a big Christmas market, check the schedule; there could be some free concerts in the evenings.

Firework displays are also a great idea and some may be free if you know where to go for the best views. See what’s about and get the whole family involved.

Many towns and cities will also host Christmas parties, craft fairs, parades and a Santa’s Grotto for the kids.  There should be no shortage of events to get the family excited about this special time of year.

Final words             

Are you excited about Christmas but don’t like the idea of repeating the same activities? Just because Christmas is all about family and traditions, it doesn’t mean each year must be the same. Test various ideas to surprise your family and transform each Christmas into a one-of-a-kind experience.