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Understanding the different types of lawyers

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Most of us try to avoid ever needing a lawyer, but the reality is that almost everyone will at some point use a lawyer’s services – whether for bigger things like lawsuits, or smaller things like simply getting some advice.

4 most common lawyers

There are many different types of lawyers out there, and while all lawyers should have basic knowledge about the different aspects of the law, lawyers tend to specialise in certain fields, which could be helpful if you need someone who has a lot of experience within a specific type of case. Therefore, there are a few types of lawyers you need to know about in case you ever do need a lawyer. In this post, we’ll briefly talk about four of the most common to help you find the best fit for your situation.

Employment lawyers

Employment lawyers are essential for employees because they can help ensure that you are being treated fairly at work. They can look at your contract to ensure that you aren’t being taken advantage of, and they can also help employees with situations like harassment and discrimination at work, as well as unfair dismissal.

You might want to get in touch with an employment lawyer when you find yourself in one of the following situations.

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Discrimination
  • Unfair labour practices
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace disputes
  • Unfair dismissal / wrongful termination

So, if you are an employee, you should certainly look into finding a reliable employment lawyer who can help you if you ever need legal assistance.

Employment lawyers are also responsible for advising employers and HR teams on employment law matters.

Family lawyers

While you may not want a lawyer to help you with personal cases such as family disputes, there are many situations where a family lawyer can help get the best outcome for everyone involved.

Family lawyers generally assist with divorces – especially difficult and stressful divorces – and they can also help with child maintenance claims. In many cases, a family lawyer can make a difficult situation easier because they will do their best to make sure that everyone feels safe. Family lawyers are also very experienced with these types of cases, which means they may be able to get you your desired outcome.

Family lawyers are an important part of society and people need to know how they can help them in times of need. They can represent you in court, but they can also help you with other issues that may arise from your divorces such as child custody and property distribution.

Criminal lawyers

Of course, no one ever wants to be involved in a criminal case, but if you are, you should seriously consider getting a lawyer.

While you can try to defend yourself without professional help, it’s not recommended, since you likely don’t have enough knowledge to make a convincing case. Whether you are innocent or not, a good criminal lawyer will be able to determine the best course of action for helping you avoid criminal charges.

If you are ever involved in a criminal case, you will likely feel a lot of anxiety, so be sure to look into ways of relieving your anxiety.

Personal injury lawyers

People get injured every day, and most of them don’t need a lawyer. That being said, if your injury was someone else’s fault, or due to someone else’s negligence, you may have grounds for a personal injury case, and if you win, you could possibly get compensation for your injury.

As you can imagine, personal injury lawyers specialise in these types of cases. Generally, personal injury cases include injuries obtained at work, injuries obtained from a slip and fall incident, and injuries obtained in a car accident.

Final word

Finding the right lawyer can be a little tricky sometimes.  Just understanding your own situation is the first hurdle, and sometimes the hardest. Once you have this then you can start looking for the right lawyer.  Most legal practices will have different departments and their secretary will be able to point you in the right direction. Once you have a better understanding of what is possible, you can get your life back on track and take away some of the stress and anxiety from the situation.