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Factors to consider when building a bike shed

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A bike shed can be the ideal solution for storing your bikes and cycling-related equipment.  They provide a secure, dry and easily accessible location for your cycles.  When you find the right solution you can make cycling easy and at the forefront of your mind for everyday life.

Factors to consider when building a bike shed 

Things to consider when building a bike shed

Have you recently taken up cycling? Or have you been cycling for many years? Cycling is an excellent form of exercise, helping to strengthen muscles and boost mental health and brain power.  For those who want to take their hobby to the next level, investing in a bike shed to keep their bicycle safe and protected from the elements is a great idea.  However, there are a few factors to consider before you take the plunge and build a bike shed on your property.

In this post we will cover:

  • Having the available space for a bike shed
  • Finding the right location for a bike shed
  • Building vs buying a bike shed
  • Materials a bike shed should be made from
  • Consider the size of a bike shed

Do you have space available for a bike shed?

Starting simple, check that you have the space available. Will your garden be able to accommodate having a bike shed installed? Understandably, you will not want to lose too much space. Gardens are a valuable aspect of a property. If you were to sell in the future, you would not want to compromise your garden, which could be a key selling point of the property. Ensure that your garden has plenty of space to accommodate a bike shed without impacting the rest of the garden.

You might want to consider installing a bike shed in hidden or slightly unusual places to avoid unsightly views.  Bike sheds don’t have to be big and with clever solutions they can house several bikes without taking up too much space.  Hanging bike racks and bike stands will allow you to fit bikes on their end or hanging from ceilings.

Decide on the right location for a bike shed

After confirming that your garden can accommodate a bike shed, you have to decide where to put it. Of course, having it in an easily accessible location is one of the main factors. Additionally, you might want it in a space that does not impact the garden’s appearance too much. Many often choose to have their bike shed installed at the side of the house or off to the side of the garden. Both are easily accessible locations that do not impact the view of the garden.

You could also consider incorporating garden foliage onto the storage unit and help it blend in more seamlessly with the garden.  A bike shed, doesn’t need to be tall, nor does it have to be wide.  When bikes are stacked in the opposite order you can fit more into a smaller space. You can normally fit two adult-sized bikes in a 6ft x 3ft space easily.  And the height doesn’t need to be more than 4ft.

Building vs buying a bike shed

Once the location is decided, it is time to consider the type of bike shed. And by type, we mean do you build your bike shed or buy one? Buying a prebuilt bike shed in your garden is the easier option. It can save time, and you get the shed you want to do the job you need. However, there is great satisfaction that comes from building your own bike shed. Think about the materials you will need, such as corrugated PVC sheets. Choose companies like ClearAmber Shop for Corrapol stormproof corrugated roofing to build the shelter of your shed. It can help to protect your bike from the elements.  Walls can be constructed from timber cladding and flooring from an OSB board.

What materials should a bike shed be made from?

There will be three main building materials that you might use on your bike storage shed.

  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Metal

Whilst most self-built bike sheds will be made from wood, a pre-fabricated shed might consist of one of the other two.  A metal shed might well be the strongest but will be susceptible to rust and corrosion.  A plastic shed can be very functional but might not be the strongest, leaving it weakened in a storm or easier to break into.  Wood is a great material to work with when constructing your own shed and you can make it as secure as you like.  Team the wood up with suitable waterproof roofing materials and you’ll have a structure that can last a lifetime.

Consider the size of the bike shed

Whether you buy or build, choosing the right size is another essential factor. An obvious yet important factor is ensuring that the shed is large enough to store your bike. If it is, you can consider other factors, like what else can be stored in the shed. If you invest in a bike shed, it is worth considering what additional items you can keep. It helps you to maximize the most out of your investment. This will help you consider what size bike shed you go for.  Also, if you’re storing kids bikes, don’t forget they will grow and their bikes will get much larger in a few years, so allow room for growth!

Bear accessibility in mind when considering the size.  You’ll want to easily access your bikes whenever you want.  If you make it too difficult then you might be less inclined to go for a ride or cycle to work.  That’s where wall-mounted bike racks come in handy.  You can quickly grab your bike without having to move things beforehand.

Bike shed security

Investing in suitable security to protect your bikes is essential.  Thieves will take advantage of poorly protected bikes.  Think about locks, bolts and other access points in your shed.  What points of entry could a thief take advantage of?  You want to make it easy for you to access but difficult for anyone else.  Also strongly consider security lights and a good camera.  These can be great deterrents.  Motion sensor lights and smart security systems can trigger and alert you to unauthorised access.

Don’t underestimate the efforts a thief will go to to get their hands on an expensive bike.  Protect your investment and ensure it is insured for its true value.  Many expensive bikes might need to be individually listed on your insurance.  Bike sheds should incorporate some of the best locks and have multiple locking points for the best protection.

Final word

As you begin to prepare research into getting a bike shed, keep some of these tips in mind. It could help you in your decision process, allowing you to make more informed choices about your bike shed of choice. Even if you’re not feeling very confident about riding your bike and want to get back out there, easy access to your bike will give you that confidence. If it’s constantly buried behind mountains of things then your enthusiasm to get out again will be greatly reduced.  Investing in a bike shed can be a little costly but will give you the perfect place to store and easily access your bike.