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Cash Sweepstakes to Boost your Bank Balance

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While working the day away at your job have you ever stopped and wondered, “Gosh, isn’t there an easier way to make money?” You aren’t alone! If you’re looking for a great new hobby that could earn money, it’s time you entered cash sweepstakes!

You may think that people don’t actually win prizes in these sweepstakes, but that’s incorrect! Over at Sweepstakes Advantage, real winners post their prizes on the forum every day. This week, member callmeisabella won $575 in gift cards in the Le Moné Apéritif Hour Giveaway. Member xlcarthen won a $1,200 Visa Gift Card in the Philly Twisted Tea Photo Contest.

As you can see, people really do win! Now that we've got the inspiration, let’s talk about the different types of cash sweepstakes, where to find them, and how to enter!

Types of sweepstakes and how to choose

One Entry Sweepstakes: Just as it sounds, these promotions are a ‘one and done’ type of deal. If you’re new to the world of entering sweepstakes and giveaways, these are typically the easiest type, to begin with. Typically, with a one-entry giveaway, you will fill out a form with your information just one time and wait until the winner is announced!

Alternatively, social media giveaways can also be one-entry giveaways! Have you ever seen a promotion on Instagram where you have to ‘like and comment’ to enter? Well, those giveaways belong to this category as well!

Daily Sweepstakes: Did you know that sweepstakes can be entered daily to increase your chances of winning? Some sweepstakes do not allow daily entries. Daily entry sweepstakes must be entered specifically. Your odds of winning a daily sweepstakes prize increase as you make more entries.

Various sweepstakes apps, such as Gleam, Woobox, SweepWidget, and others, allow you to enter each day for a daily entry bonus. This is usually done by visiting a sponsor's page within the app each day. It really is quite easy!

Instant Win Sweepstakes and Games: Are you ready for some instant gratification? In this type of sweep, there is no waiting period for the promotion to end or for winners to be selected. You will find out instantly if you are a winner! This makes instant win games a super popular category of sweepstakes for hobbyists. Many of these instant win games also allow daily entries, so if you don’t win the first time- try, try again!

Contests: Ah, the wonderful contest category! For those with special skills and talents, contests can be a goldmine for potential prizes. An entry typically requires submitting some type of original content like a video, poem, piece of art, or photograph. A winner will either be selected by the sponsor’s judges or voted by the community. So, get your friends involved to help you win!

Where can I find these cash sweepstakes?

At Sweepstakes Advantage you can find cash sweepstakes conveniently categorized in each of the categories mentioned above. Each day, hundreds of new sweepstakes are added, compiling an extensive directory of the internet’s best and brightest sweepstakes. Long gone are the days of searching google for a worthwhile promotion.

Cash Sweepstakes vary a lot in their prizes. For example, some cash sweepstakes have gift card prizes. Others will transfer money straight to your Venmo and others will write you a check! Sometimes, when you win a large prize like a vehicle or a vacation, you can opt to take cash instead of the physical prize. Though, for this to work out, you would want to check the sweepstakes rules ahead of time.

Well now that we know the types of cash sweepstakes and where to find them, let’s take a peek at some current giveaways you can enter now!

Omaze November’s big dream monthly giveaway

The ULTIMATE shopping spree for your holiday shopping is $100K! Bet you didn't expect this gift before the holidays! Your next shot at winning could be this month's $100,000 giveaway, which gives you five zeros to spend on whatever, wherever and for whomever you want.

You’ve read that correctly, one grand prize winner will be taking home a huge cash prize. Now, Omaze runs sweepstakes for a cause. Some people decide to make a donation to the Sponsor’s cause (In this case, the ‘Rock the Vote’ nonprofit) in return for entries into the giveaway. If you feel inspired to donate, go right ahead! However, a donation is not necessary to enter or win. Here are the rules explicitly stated by the company:

“To enter without contributing, click the “Enter Now” button from the Experience webpage. Then click on the “enter without contributing” link, and follow the instructions to complete and submit an “Alternative Method of Entry” form. Upon Omaze's timely receipt of a complete “Alternative Method of Entry” form, a Participant will receive two thousand entries into that Experience. Individuals may submit an “Alternative Method of Entry” form as many times as desired, but for each Experience, a Participant is limited to the applicable maximum Entry Limit.” So there’s nothing stopping you from winning! You just have to enter.

LIVE’s Pawfect Pet Photo Contest & Cash Sweepstakes

Do you have the cutest pet in the whole wide world? Of course you do! There will be two categories; cat and dog. Each Cat or Dog Grand Prize Winner will receive a three thousand dollar cash prize awarded in the form of a check made out to the winner’s name! There will also be two additional first-place winners in each category who will each receive one thousand dollars!

So let’s get Fluffy and Fido suited up! It’s about time they paid their part of the rent!

A Little Extra Money in the Pocket…

Big or small, cash prizes are always a welcome surprise. I hope that today you learned something about how to win cash and get into the sweepstakes hobby. There are so many prizes out there to win, and you can’t win them if you don’t enter. We all have the same odds. So good luck on your quest to win cash! We’ll be rooting for you!