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  1. I think we all need some girly time in our life. After all, there has been research which has found spending quality time with friends is great for our mental health. Therefore, to spend some time with your girls, you should organise a weekend away together. It’s the perfect time to catch up and have a laugh. Of course, it can be stressful to arrange as you want everyone to have fun. Therefore, here is everything you need to do when you are planning a weekend away with the girls!

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    Choose a great city to visit

    It’s so important to choose an excellent setting for your weekend away. Therefore, it’s time to chat to all the girls about what you are hoping to do during the trip. If you want to do lots of shopping, it’s best to go somewhere like Manchester or London. They both offer some sightseeing opportunities too. Or if everyone wants to have some fun, Blackpool might be perfect for you all! After all, it’s the liveliest place in the whole country with so many pubs and clubs for you girls to visit. You should also work out how far away the city is from everyone. You don’t want to cause tension as you choose somewhere which is going to take one of your friends hours to get to! Therefore, pick somewhere that has plenty to do and see for a long weekend

    Sort out your wardrobe

    You also need to plan out your wardrobe for your weekend away with the girls. You will need to make sure you pack everything you need for the trip. It’s worth checking out the weather before you go so that you pack appropriate outfits. After all, you don’t want to be walking around in a sleeveless dress if it’s going to be freezing! You might want to set a theme when it comes to clothes for the weekend. For example, you might want to all wear pink or yellow for one evening. You could even get some customised tops made for the trip; they would be so much fun for you all to wear. You can search online to find companies that do T Shirt Printing.

    Plan transport for everyone

    It’s also essential that you work out how everyone is going to get to the destination. If you are all heading from one place, it might be wise to go in the car and split the petrol cost. After all, train prices are so expensive! Or you could even pay for a large taxi to take you the distance. If you are heading abroad for the weekend, you need to make sure you have some transportation booked the other end. If you want to hire a car for your trip, decide with the others who wants to drive in the country! Remember that some places will not let you hire a car unless you are over 25.

    Book tours in advance

    You all need to sit down together and decide if there is anything specific you want to do in your chosen location for the weekend break. If there is a few of you, it would be an excellent idea to book tours or tickets in advance. Otherwise, you could be left disappointed if it’s fully booked when you get there. When ringing up, it’s best to tell them that there is a group of you. They may offer you a special rate to visit the attraction! Remember to make sure everyone knows how much you have paid so that you get the money back when you get to the destination!

    Make restaurant arrangements

    It’s also important to make sure that you have a good idea of where to eat when you are heading on a weekend away with the girls. If you are visiting restaurants on a Friday or Saturday night during your trip, you will need to book a table for you all. Otherwise, you might struggle to find a free table; especially in a busy city like London. If you haven’t heard of particular restaurants, you should check online on Tripadvisor for reviews. That way, you know what the food is like before you get there! You can also use Tripadvisor to check for accommodation reviews. After all, you don’t want to stay in a bad hotel which is far away from all the top attractions!

    Remember to make sure you send everyone the details of your trip. That way, they know exactly where to go if they get lost during the weekend!

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  2. If you like to know you’re making a difference when shopping for baby clothes or gifts, as well as purchasing ethically sourced goods, then From Babies With Love is perfect for you.  Their online website is bursting at the seams with the most fabulous printed baby clothes made from organic cotton in modern, fun designs.

    I’m absolutely in love with the cool elephant print babygros and adorable duck baby blanket!  If you’re looking for a high quality baby gift this Christmas, including organic toys, you’ll definitely find something on this wonderful website.   The brilliant patterns are right up my street and I want to buy the whole collection for my littlest!  If only funds would allow.

    In exchange for this blog post I was sent a cute cuddly monkey soft toy for my son Reuben, 19 months old.  Not only is the material organic, but the filling is made from 100% recycled material which helps to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.  It’s also made in Britain.

     From Babies With Love Organic Soft Monkey Toy Review Blog Lylia Rose

    I’m happy to report Reuben loves his new soft toy!  The shape of it makes it seem like a dinky cushion and I call it ‘Reuben’s cushion’.  I’ve said to him ‘Reuben, do you like your new cushion?’ and he grabs it for a squeeze or lies down on the floor snuggling into it like a pillow!  I think that is a definite yes.  It’s going to look right at home in his sweet toddler bedroom alongside his other contemporary cushions – 3 black and white bears and a retro mustard yellow design.

     From Babies With Love Organic Soft Monkey Toy Review Blogger Lylia Rose
    Look at that face!!

    From Babies With Love Organic Soft Monkey Toy Review Gift Blog Lylia Rose

    As well as providing the most environmentally friendly goodies, FBWL support orphaned and abandoned children around the world.  All their profits go to this wonderful cause to create better lives for children who have lost parents for reasons such as war, famine and poverty.

    FBWL say ‘Every penny of profit from our unique, ethically sourced designs goes to SOS Children, to build and run children’s villages around the world. And in these safe, happy places, abandoned and orphaned children can grow up in a loving family.’


    At the time of writing this you can also earn 16.5% cashback from this retailer with Top Cashback!  Not a member?  Sign up using my link here and earn cashback when you shop online:


    * I was sent the cute monkey cushion in return for a review of From Babies With Love which included a link back to their website.  Being a non profit organisation with such a great cause, I couldn’t refuse and honestly love their website!  Check it out here:


    Or keep in touch with them here:

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  3. Shopping is one of those tasks that we just can't get away from. It's like tidying the house or washing our hair. It has to be done. But if you are not careful it can cost you dearly in time, money and effort. Not to mention feed into to the materialistic and wasteful culture that many people are trying to get away from. Remember, though that there are some specific dos and don'ts for shopping that you can follow to get on top on the job of shopping.

    Do make a list

    First of all making a list when you go shopping is essential to getting it right. You should plan your meals out for the week and then write a list of the ingredients that you need. You should also check what you already have so you don't end up replicating items, which wastes money and leads to food waste.

    Don't go when you are hungry


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    One of the best pieces of advice ever is to not go shopping when you're hungry. You are just bound to come back with armsful of stuff that is unhealthy, and that you haven't budgeted for. Going to the shops can be a stressful enough experience on its own so make sure you are well fed and watered before you leave.

    Do grow at home


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    Something that is a really satisfying is to take the initiative to grow some of your own veg at home. In this way, you are teaching your kids about food and where it comes from. You are also providing organic vegetables for them to learn about cooking and healthy eating with. Also by making soup, you have ready made meals so you won't need to buy as much on your next shopping trip.

    Do subscribe to regular items to make your life easier

    Isn’t it a nightmare when you have completed the weekly shop but forgotten something? It's always some important as well like toilet roll or washing up liquid. Well, now you can solve this problem by subscribing to products that you know your household uses regularly.

    You can get monthly shaving supplies delivered for your other half, or add products to your Amazon order to be delivered every so often. They are even rolling about a button that you can press when you see an item running low in the home, and it will automatically order it for you.

    Don't forget to use your food waste

    One of the biggest problems with the weekly shop is that we can overestimate what we will actually need to feed the family for a week. We just have that ‘better safe than sorry mantra drummed into us.' But this can often produce a lot of food waste, especially for fresh produce that ends to go off quickly.

    Therefore it's important that you use up the food as much as possible before it goes off. A great way of doing this is to freeze veg that is about to go over.  Then once a week or month you can cook it all up and make a delicious, wholesome soup, which is perfect for lunches or a light supper. Meaning you will have to buy fewer ingredients on your next trip.


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