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Welcome to the Lylia Rose UK money and lifestyle blog.  My name is Victoria Sully.  I'm a busy mum of two, wife, full-time blogger and online money-maker who’s always trying to make and save more money.  I’m passionate about making money online, healthy living and blogging.  I’m a mama on a mission to be healthier and wealthier!  Please join me on my journey.

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  1. Almost one year ago I wrote a blog post about how we managed to save £315 per year on our TV and broadband in the space of five minutes.  One of the ways was by cancelling our TV licence that was costing us £147 per year.  We barely watched live TV anymore and never used BBC iPlayer.  We decided we could do without normal TV and any BBC catch up services and save ourselves this money each year, especially as we had already signed up to Netflix and couldn’t justify the cost of both.  So, Netflix won and we have been very happily working our way through their offerings for just over a year now.

    I love reading Netflix hacks online to get more out of my subscription and today I’m going to share with you the ways you can get Netflix cheaper, as well as a clever way to access the US Netflix library. 

    The cheapest ways to get Netflix UKImage

    Try Netflix for free

    First things first, your first 30 days with Netflix are free by signing up for a trial directly through their main website.  There’s no commitment and you can cancel whenever you like.  Even if you don’t think you’ll want Netflix, you might as well try it out for free to see.  Straight away you’ll save money as you won’t need to pay anything for the first month.

    Share a subscription

    The best way to reduce your Netflix subscription fees once you’ve signed up is to share the subscription between 2-4 people.  Currently the most expensive package is £9.99, so you can split this between four people, share the login details and be able to watch on one screen each. 

    Choose the cheapest package

    If it’s just you watching and you have no one else to share the subscription with, then simply choose the cheapest basic package to keep costs down.  At only £5.99 per month that’s just 20p per day to be able to watch thousands of films and shows on one device.  I’ve seen rumours online that suggest Netflix might be introducing a cheaper mobile-only plan, but until then choose the basic package to keep costs down.

    Use a VPN to access US Netflix

    It’s possible to unblock Netflix with a VPN so you can watch all the shows that are available in the US library too.  There are almost twice as many shows in the US Netflix library, so you can almost double your content. 

    Buy discounted Netflix gift cards

    Check out online discounted gift card websites and marketplaces such as eBay to buy other people’s unwanted Netflix gift cards.  When you add a gift card to your Netflix account they will use your available gift card balance first, before taking any payments from your bank account.  You can also save a search on eBay for Netflix gift cards so you don’t miss out.  Just after Christmas is a great time to check if people are listing unwanted vouchers they got as a present.

    Ask for Netflix gift vouchers as gifts

    As well as searching for discounted Netflix gift cards, you can also ask friends and family for Netflix gift cards for your own Christmas and birthday presents.   It’s much better to get something you can use and want for you birthday, plus this will save you some money too as you’ll not have to pay your subscription fees yourself for a couple of months or so.

    Download your fave shows to watch offline

    If you love to watch shows whilst travelling, using your mobile phone, then this can get quite costly using mobile data or having to pay for WiFi in certain places.  Instead, download your favourite shows to watch offline.  Simply store them on your device and watch them without any internet connection wherever you are!


    Netflix can be a surprisingly cheap way to watch all your favourite shows!


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  2. Do you remember to compare energy suppliers every year to get the best deal?  If yes, then bravo - you are making sure you save the most money every year.  If not, then you could be spending hundreds more than you need to! 

    But even if you do check every year, isn’t it time-consuming?  Wouldn’t it be so much easier if someone did it for you each year to save you the time and hassle?

    The unfortunate fact is that most people don’t bother to switch energy suppliers for cheaper deals.  Most people are paying way more than they need to. 

    In 2018 only 18% of people switched their energy and around 57% of people are on an expensive standard variable tariff. 

    Look After My Bills take the hassle out of switching energy suppliers

    Save time and money with Look After My Bills (1)

    Let me introduce you to Look After My Bills.  LAMB is the new alternative to energy comparison websites.  They take the hassle out of comparing and switching energy suppliers by doing it all for you – every single year.  They're an auto-switching service that will switch you to the best deal.  Isn’t that amazing?

    The company was launched as the two founders were frustrated by big companies taking advantage of everyday people with high energy prices.  Being a loyal customer in the energy world sadly doesn’t pay.  Staying faithful to an energy supplier, especially the big six, means you’re often put on an expensive tariff as they know you’ll often not bother to compare the market and change suppliers.  It’s cheeky isn’t it?

    You may have already heard of LAMB as they were on Dragons’ Den where they scored a record investment and even had offers from every Dragon.  If it’s good enough for all of the Dragons, then it’s good enough for me!

    Super speedy sign up

    Look after my bills dragons den two minute sign up easy energy auto switch

    I’ve just signed up myself and the process was so straightforward.  It states it’s a two minute sign up and it really is.  Well, the longest part was me trying to locate my annual kWh per fuel on my existing statement.  It was right there in front of me and I couldn’t see it for love nor money! 

    Make sure you’ve got that information handy so you can get an accurate comparison and you’re off.  The sign up could even take less than two minutes if you’re a whizz on the keyboard.

    I entered a few details such as my annual usage, my current supplier and tariff, name, address and also that I’d only like renewable energy.

    Save money for free

    Save time and money with Look After My Bills (2)

    Now they’ll compare my tariff every single year for me at no cost.  They’ll simply take a commission from the energy supplier if I choose to switch. 

    The best bit is they’ll check each year.  There’s no need for me to remember as they’ll remind me, as well as do a comparison for me.

    If LAMB find an energy supplier that is £50 or more cheaper then they’ll begin the process to auto switch my energy supplier.

    Do LAMB switch me automatically?

    Here’s what they said to me when I asked if the customer has any say in the switch decision:

    “We email customers when we are about to compare the market, then once we find a deal we switch automatically (this is so the deal doesn't vanish) then we email all the details over and you have 14 days to review/cancel. 

    We only switch you when there is at least a £50 saving.  On average people save £251 and some people have even saved £400.

    We only work with suppliers who meet our customer service standards and we keep the service free for customers by getting a flat rate payment from the suppliers. We're completely impartial and we're working with all the suppliers that we want to!”

    It’s a no brainer

    I can’t find any reason why you wouldn’t want to sign up to Look After My Bills.  They’ll do the comparison for you every year and let you know if they find a deal that’ll save you at least £50 a year.  You then have 14 days to review the new supplier and tariff and can choose to cancel the switch if it’s not right for you. 


    Click here to save money on your energy bills:


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  3. It’s almost half term and to celebrate I've teamed up with Kids Pass, the UK’s No.1 Family Discounts App for your chance to win a FREE Kids Pass annual membership.

    The Kids Pass App gives you instant access to 1,000’s of offers, including up to 40% off cinemas nationwide (7 days a week, adult and child), kids eat free at 1000’s of restaurants, up to 65% off family days out, up to 10% off UK family breaks and up to 50% off Eurocamp holidays!

    Want to try Kids Pass for yourself? Start a £1 trial for 30 days

    How to save money on days out this February half term with Kids Pass

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    Are you struggling for ideas for days out this February half term that will keep the whole family happy as well as your bank balance? For just £1 you can sign up for a trial Kids Pass membership and gain instant access to 1000’s of family friendly offers on the Kids Pass app!

    This really is the best £1 you’ll spend this half term, as you could potentially save over £90* in just a week…

    • Planning a trip to the cinema? You’d save on average £10.34 on your cinema tickets
    • Fancy a meal out? You can cut £15.90 off your food bill
    • Taking your tot for a sensory day at the aquarium? Average savings of £24.00 on aquarium tickets for the whole family
    • Off to see furry friends at the zoo? You can save your family £40.00 on zoo tickets

    *based on family of four (2 adults, 2 children)

    How does it work?
    You pay £1 for a 30 day trial membership, after this you can cancel or continue your subscription for £3.99 per month. For these 30 days you have full access to all the offers on the Kids Pass app and website.

    Blog giveaway – Win a free annual Kids Pass membership

    What does it get me? 
    Instant access to 1,000’s of offers, including up to 40% off cinemas nationwide (7 days a week, adult and child), kids eat free at 1000’s of restaurants, up to 65% off family days out including leading theme parks, and up to 10% off UK family breaks and up to 50% off Eurocamp holidays.

    Does one membership cover the whole family?
    Yes! Your Kids Pass covers the entire household, that’s Mum, Dad, the kids (whether you have one or ten!), Granny and Grandad too!

    How do I use it?
    You can download the free Kids Pass app from all major app stores, which is easy to navigate, or you can use the Kids Pass website to search for offers.

    How do I redeem offers?
    Most of the offers are completely digital meaning that tickets or promo codes can be sent straight to your phone, however some tickets are still paper and will be posted to you via Royal Mail.

    What’s the catch?
    There isn’t one! You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

    Claim your trial
    Join over 2 million members and click here to start a £1 trial today!

    Win a free annual Kids Pass membership


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    Blog giveaway – Win a free annual Kids Pass membership

  4. Welcome to my latest blog giveaway!  The prize is a £10 UK Amazon eGift voucher to spend on whatever you like.  Good luck!

    Almost every week I like to give back to my readers and blog supporters by giving away a £10 Amazon voucher!  It's usually on a Wednesday, but simply check the giveaways tab regularly to see the newest prizes and giveaways.  It takes only a few moments to enter and there are lots of entry options so you can choose the quickest or the options that you like best.

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  5. Not a day goes by where we aren’t reminded of the damage we are causing to our planet with the words eco-friendly and sustainability all around us.  We are the first generation to understand the devastating impact our decisions and lifestyles are having on Earth, the planet we call home.  As much as this is shocking and depressing, it should also inspire us to make changes and accept responsibility for our actions.

    The world of consumerism is changing

    Why you should only buy second hand luxury watches and goods (2)

    In some ways I really feel like the world is heading to a better place.  There has been a huge rise in veganism over the past two years with many changing their diets for environmental reasons.  Renewable energy sources are becoming the energy of choice too.  There are numerous recycling schemes nowadays with local councils collecting recyclable materials and even food waste from our doorsteps.  There’s a focus on minimalism and less so on consumerism which should stop the mass producing of unnecessary goods such as throwaway plastics.  We’re becoming more aware of our everyday choices and I believe we are making better decisions.

    One area of our modern lifestyles that we are just starting to take notice of is the consequences of fast fashion and accessories.  Constantly updating our wardrobes with the latest looks and throwing away perfectly useable clothing causes hundreds of thousands of clothing items to go to landfill every year (300,000 tonnes in 2016).  Not only is this terrible, but textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of water after agriculture.  Our constant demand for the latest trends at affordable prices is polluting our environment on an enormous scale.

    Shifting the future of fashion

    Why you should only buy second hand luxury watches and goods (3)

    Repair, reuse, reduce

    We need to stop our love of fast fashion and throwaway trends and move to a more sustainable fashion future.   We need to learn to love our clothes and buy pieces that we will not get bored with in a few weeks.  We need to start buying better quality clothing and accessories that are built to last and stand the test of time. 

    The problem with many cheap fast fashion items is that they are made from poor quality materials that aren’t built to last.  Instead, we need to move back to perhaps paying higher prices for quality luxury items that will last a lifetime, or can at least be repaired if they do break.

    Of course we can’t all afford to buy ourselves a brand new Rolex watch whenever we need a timepiece, which is why to be even more sustainable we should always look into buying second-hand watches and clothing items as our first choice.

    Learning to love preloved

    Why you should only buy second hand luxury watches and goods

    Buying quality clothing and accessories for their longevity is one step closer to a more sustainable world, but an even bigger step is to stop the ongoing production of new items when there are so many perfectly good unwanted pre-loved items available to us. We need to stop our desire for only wanting new things and change our opinion on second hand goods.

    There has definitely been a rise in the trend of thrift stores, upcycling and vintage goods in the last few years and I hope it’s not just a passing trend, but something that is here to stay and continue. 

    Here are a few reasons why it’s time to start buying only second-hand luxury items:

    ·         They’ll last longer

    Firstly if we start shopping for quality items that are made from high-grade materials then they will last longer.  Seeking items that are made with craftsmanship instead of mass produced goods that are churned out of factories for pence will ensure the items are fixable and won’t fall apart in a few weeks.  This is true for clothing, accessories and pretty much everything we buy in the household.

    ·         You’ll find something unique

    The best thing about preloved stores is you’ll never know what you’ll find.  And, when you do find something you love it will probably be the only one.  It’s not like buying the latest fashionable jacket from a cheap clothing store and then all your friends buying the same.  Finding items in second-hand stores means that you’ll likely find something that none of your friends have or will be able to find.  You’ll be unique.

    ·         It’s more affordable

    You might never have been able to afford high-quality or luxury goods like Rolex watches when they were new, but buying second-hand means your budget will go further.  Those items you never thought you could afford are now at a much more appealing price.  Even if you can afford to buy luxury goods brand new, there are plenty of reasons discussed here for why you shouldn’t.  Everyone, no matter what their budget, should choose second-hand as the first option for the love of the planet.

    ·         You can support a good cause

    Many second-hand stores are charity shops so you’ll be supporting a good cause when you buy from them.  Even if the second-hand stores you shop at are not affiliated with a charity, you’ll still be supporting a company that is doing good for the environment by recycling and reusing goods instead of producing more new items constantly.  Whether it’s a charity or not, choosing to buy preloved goods is always supporting a worthwhile cause.

    ·         Save the planet

    The best reason of all to choose second-hand watches and goods is to help save the planet.  The constant over production of mass goods in factories around the world is causing pollution to our air, water and more.  Poor quality synthetic fibres are adding to the plastic pollution problem and non-organic cotton farming is killing our wildlife and damaging soils due to chemical pesticides.  Clothing production is even causing deforestation.  It’s got to stop. 

    We need to learn to reduce, reuse and recycle more than ever and this can start with making second-hand shopping the norm.


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