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  1. Shills Black Face Mask Review

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    The most painful black peel off face mask in the world?


    That pretty much sums up this face mask in one wonderfully accurate word.  If you can’t bear waxing then you should definitely steer clear of this product.  That is what it feels like, yep… waxing your face!

    I applied this rather generously, but without using the whole tube, over my face being extremely careful to totally miss my eye area.  This was a much needed warning I am glad I noted whilst researching various bloggers reviews.   I probably should have used the whole tube in order to peel the mask off in one fell swoop, but was trying to be stingy and save a bit for later use.  I still managed to peel most of it off, there were just a few extra pieces than originally intended.

    The mask was easy to apply and can only be described as looking like thick tar.  It recommends leaving it for 20-30 minutes; however I left it for around 45.  It was only after 20-30 minutes that I felt my skin tightening as the mask dried.  When I removed it there was one tiny bit that still hadn’t totally dried.  Next time I will leave it for longer, especially if the whole tube has been applied.

    Shills Black Face Mask Review

    Now it was time to take it off. The part I had been dreading most as I had already read with horror what this entailed, yet was still so curious I just had to try this product for myself.  The nose, chin and forehead were not really a problem.  Yes it rips off like a wax strip, but these areas are taut and for me they cope with pain pretty well.  The only areas left to remove were on my cheeks and I anticipated pain.  Lots of it. 

    My cheeks are definitely a lot more sensitive than the other parts of my face with a much lower pain threshold.  I was unable to speedily whip the mask off, which I’m sure would have been the least agonising option, but no I instead resorted to peeling it off slowly and carefully whilst sucking in air through clenched teeth as my face began to grimace into all sorts of weird and humorous expressions. 

    Finally it was all off.  My cheeks were glowing red and burning slightly.  The redness took around two hours to calm down.  Do not do this in a hurry.  Make sure you have time to spare and are not leaving the house!  Although red, I could see some benefits.  My skin looked and felt incredibly soft and much more radiant.  It’s been a couple of days now and my skin is still baby soft to touch.  My spots (the entire reason I went through this pain) are still there and I cannot yet tell the benefits of the mask for these.  I am going to apply the left over mask to my spotted areas in a week or so to see if they start to clear.  I read a couple of blogs where girls swore by this product for keeping their spots at bay and they believed the pain was worth it once a month for this reason.  We’ll see.  

    I managed to purchase this from eBay for £7.75.  They were selling for up to £10 so this stuff is pretty pricey for one application.  It’s supposed to be like a facial in a tube, but I definitely don’t remember a facial being so painful.  I’m hoping my spots will start to clear otherwise I don’t think I’d use this again purely to make my skin soft, supple and glowing.  I’d much rather find a pain free, easy to peel face mask.

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