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  1. 5 reasons you should quit smoking now

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    Why quitting smoking is one of the best things you’ll ever do

    One of the best decisions I made about my lifestyle six years ago was to quit smoking.  Since that incredible realisation I’ve been on a healthy journey overhauling my entire diet and becoming quite obsessed with healthy living.  Now I can’t believe I ever smoked.  I smoked for ten years and the thought of that just disgusts me.  I wish I’d never started or at least hadn’t smoked for quite so long.  One thing that really started putting me off smoking was imagining a room filled with all the cigarette butts from all the cigarettes I’d ever smoked.  Even as a smoker a full ashtray would sicken me.  But imagine being able to see the amount of cigarettes you have smoked in total all in one place.  I bet so many people would quit on the spot! 

    5 reasons you should quit smoking now Why quitting smoking is one of the be

    Yuck, right?

    Smoking is an addiction.  There’s no denying it.  I used to say I liked smoking and didn’t want to quit, but now I realise it’s a disgusting habit and I never really liked it, I was just addicted!  If you try a cigarette after quitting you’ll realise it actually tastes disgusting and there’s no appeal at all.  I also thought non-smokers were exaggerating when they said how much I stank.  Once I’d quit for a while and my sense of smell came back, I realised what they meant.  I remember a colleague speaking to me after going out for a cigarette and I nearly heaved!  I’d never noticed the smell before as I was a smoker too, but I suddenly realised how bad their breath smelt and how bad mine must have smelt for ten years.  Yuck!  I could also smell the cigarette in the air in the office when they were about 15 metres away from me. 

    I also appreciate quitting is hard and you really need to want to quit for it to be a success.  In my ten years of smoking I tried to quit 3 or 4 times without success and this was because I didn’t really want to quit.  I ‘liked’ smoking and didn’t want to stop.  But the time I actually did quit I had made up my mind and that was that.  I knew I wanted to quit for real and kick the habit once and for all.  I had smoked for ten years which was a milestone I never wanted to reach and this scared me.  I didn’t want to be a lifelong smoker and wanted to leave it behind me.  I changed my mind set and decided I didn’t want to be addicted to anything and I wanted to be in control of my body.  It’s the best decision I made.  If you are struggling to quit yourself but really want to then try vaping as you’ll still get the nicotine, but none of the nasty chemicals.  It’s those chemicals you really need to start avoiding as they are so terrible for you and those around you.

    If you’re ready to stop toxifying your body, here are five more great reasons to quit:

    Look younger for longer

    This has got to be one of the biggest driving factors for women to quit smoking if they want to look younger!  Chemical filled cigarettes are ever so terrible for skin causing premature aging, dull skin and reducing the amount of vitamins that reach the skin.

    Less likely to get cancer

    Suffocating and toxifying your cells from cigarette smoke which is also filled with carcinogens increases your risk of cancer significantly.  Having two family members die from cancer in the past few years who were heavy smokers is enough to make me never want to light up again.

    Feel lighter, fitter and healthier

    I strangely felt really light a few weeks after quitting.  It was like a weight had been lifted off me.  Perhaps it was a mental emotion from no longer being addicted to something, but I’m sure my chest felt lighter too.  It was no longer filled with gunk and smoke for the first time in ten years.  I felt healthier, fitter and more normal.

    Stop poisoning those around you

    I never realised how far my smoke travelled and how many people around me had to breathe in my smoke when I smoked.   This is so unfair and I feel so selfish for it now.  I was forcing people within 20 metres or more to breath in the chemicals from my smoke whether they wanted to or not.  Passive smoking is a killer and people do not have a choice when it comes to passive smoking.

    Save a ton of cash

    It’s no secret that smoking is expensive.  I used to smoke 20 a day and it cost a small fortune!  Just think of all the better things you can treat yourself to with the money you’ll save!  Add up how much you spend a year on smoking, be honest, and I bet you’ll be shocked at the total!

    If you’re a smoker I really hope you can find the willpower to quit.  It will be tough, but it will be one of the best decisions you make.

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  2. Four Things Your Body Might Need A Boost Of

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    Get enough of these and feel great

    Staying healthy is, for many people, something of a constant struggle. If you feel that you could be doing more to retain your health, then you might well be right. Most of us today do not really do everything that we should be doing to ensure our ongoing health. If you think your body might need to have a little boost, then it is worth knowing what it might need to be boosted in. There are so many things that the body needs to survive, thrive and energize, and in this article I am going to take a look at just a few of those. I will also discuss some of the most effective and efficient ways of ensuring that you do actually boost those things. Let’s have a look at what your body might be lacking.

     Four Things Your Body Might Need A Boost Of Vitamins

    Vitamins & Minerals

    You could write a whole article on each and every vitamin and mineral, so I have lumped them together here. There are so many of these that your body needs to do what it does as well as possible, and it can sometimes seem impossible to get the right balance of them all. But as long as you are paying attention to two basic things, you should be able to balance it out as well as possible. Those two things are: what you eat, and what you put on your skin. The food you eat is obviously going to have a major impact on what vitamins and minerals your body takes in, so that is pretty much a given. If you know you need more potassium, eat more bananas. If you need calcium, look to dairy. But you also need to think about the lesser-known of the two: what you put on your skin. Take care with what products you use in your skincare regime: those creams seep in and do actually affect your overall health. Be sure not to let the sun damage your skin too much either.

    Four Things Your Body Might Need A Boost Of


    Nobody is surprised to hear that this is an essential need for the body. However, most people do not really get the kind of oxygen level that our bodies really crave. This is in part because of a lack of understanding about how essential deep breathing really is. Learning to breathe properly could help to make a huge difference here, and it is worth getting to terms with your breath if you are serious about being as healthy as possible. Another particularly modern way to improve your oxygen intake is through exposure to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. In such a chamber, you are exposed to a greater amount of oxygen than normal, and this can actually help to permanently improve your lung capacity and get more oxygen flowing around the body. This will help exercise, recovery from injuries, and will even boost your mood.


    Water is truly the life-giving substance on earth, and focusing on how much water you take in is a good idea if you want to boost your health. Many people’s bodies lack the proper amount of water these days - and mostly this is just a matter of laziness, or a lack of understanding about how much water is really necessary. The general advice is eight glasses a day, which often seems excessive to many people - but that is just a sign of how far out from our natural state we have become. Actually, you should think of eight glasses as being the bare minimum. With a good amount of water in your body, you're able to think more clearly, have more controlled moods, a better libido and exercise regime, and generally your internal organs will function better. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your health, and maybe even boost your lifespan.

     Four Things Your Body Might Need A Boost Of Healthy Living


    We have all heard of serotonin. Some people think of it as the ‘chocolate and sex’ chemical. While it’s true that this is a neurotransmitter which is activated when you eat chocolate and when you have sex, those two are by no means the sole examples of when serotonin is present. This is the most prevalent and powerful pleasure chemical, and it is pleasurable for a reason - it encourages you to continue doing something which is good for your body and mind. But delving into chocolate whenever you fancy it is not necessarily the healthiest approach. Fortunately, there are many natural ways of boosting your serotonin, and amongst the most beneficial is meditation. If you meditate regularly, you are actively boosting your serotonin levels for good. This means an improved mood and ability to handle stress, a higher sex drive and all round a healthier body and mind.


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  3. 7 Easy ways to use essential oils around the home

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    How to easily use essential oils every day

    I’m quite a newbie to essential oils.  I wrote a blog post long ago about a spot clearing concoction I had created, but aside from this I’ve not used essential oils very much.  I really should jump on the bandwagon as they are super-duper natural and can be used in so many different ways.  Most products you use probably contain essential oils, especially if you mainly use natural products like me, but you can also use them in their pure unadulterated form all around the home.  Feeling inspired by New Directions Aromatics huge collection of essential oils I decided to research some of the best uses of essential oils I’d not considered before.  Here’s what I found:

    7 Easy ways to use essential oils around the home

    DIY Reed Diffusers

    Create your own reed diffusers with essential oils, pure vodka and water.   Use ¼ cup vodka and ¼ cup water.  Add 20-25 drops of essential oils.  Create your own smells by missing two or three oils!  Save old reed diffuser jars, or create your own by making a small hole in top of a jar lid.  Buy special diffuser reeds online.  No chemicals and a sweet smelling home!

    Irritated skin

    If you have some irritated skin mix a few drops of lavender oil with coconut oil and rub it onto the affected area for a natural soothing solution. 

    Sleep aid

    Dilute a few drops of lavender into a small water spritz bottle and spray onto pillows and bedding to aid a good night’s sleep.

    Smelly bathrooms

    Add a few drops into the water in the toilet to freshen up the toilet and bathroom smell.  You can also add a couple of drops to the inside of a new toilet roll to keep the bathroom smelling really fresh.

    Keep insects outside

    Add drops of lemon or citronella around windows and doors to help prevent flying insects from entering your home.

    Pleasant laundry

    Add a few drops of a light floral scented oil to a cloth and pop it in the tumble dryer to make the clothes smell wonderful when dry.

    Fruit rinse

    Use lemon or grapefruit seed oil to wash fruit in for a good clean and to preserve their freshness.

    Are you a fan of essential oils?  Let me know how you use them in the comments.


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  4. 5 Holistic Ways To Look At Your Health *

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    Make sure you feel good inside and out

    Health means something different to us all. Whether you’re working on getting that 80/20 balance just right, keeping things super clean, or just enjoying the way you live, love and laugh, you will have your own way of making sure you feel good. And that’s okay because there’s no right or wrong way to care for yourself. However, do you know if your conscious health efforts are holistic? If you’re focusing on your diet or your exercise, you’re definitely ticking off one or two areas of your health. But if you really want to take control of your health levels, you should start to think about these five holistic areas.

    5 Holistic Ways To Look At Your Health


    Our physical levels of health are the one area of health that most of us will know a bit about and try to take care of. Whether you’re exercising to feel good and stay in shape, balancing your diet to stay healthy, or looking after your body so that you age well, we all do our bit. However, you do want to make sure that you’re thinking about your insides as well as the outside. So, your diet and exercise should consider your organ health as well as the way you look.


    If there’s one taboo area of health that not everyone is comfortable talking about, let alone dealing with, it’s mental health. But, just because you’re not that comfortable with it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not important. How you feel in your mind can have an impact on your physical health. Sometimes stress and anxiety can affect your body too. So, you need to make sure you’re taking time out to destress and let your mind rest.


    You might not immediately think of this as a part of your health, but your lifestyle choices do have a direct impact on your health. From where you live to the job you do, how much you drink to whether you smoke or not, you may be damaging your health without realising it. So, you need to make sure you are happy in your work, drinking in moderation and maybe even cutting back on cigarettes with the help of e-cigarettes from somewhere like e-cigarette direct to find a healthy balance.


    Closely related to the idea of our emotional and mental health is our social lives. If you’ve ever had an argument with a friend or family member and felt awful for days, then you will understand just how important our social lives are to our health. To keep yours in tip top shape, work on strengthening your relationships in your social circle, family and love life so that you can feel both happy and healthy.


    You don’t have to be religious to have a spiritual side. Sometimes, you need to connect with your spiritual health in order to clear your mind and keep calm. If you’re not sure how to achieve that, you might want to think about starting something like yoga that can help you with meditation and wellbeing.

  5. Smokers - stop making my children smoke!

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    Why I think smoking in public is selfish

    One of my biggest regrets is smoking.  I smoked from age 16-26 and smoked 10-20 on a normal day and a lot more if I went out to the pub or for a night out clubbing.  Now I think it’s a disgusting habit that kills you and I wish I had never ever started.  I also wonder if I’d have a lot less wrinkles now if I hadn’t of been a smoker for ten years.

    I feel even more passionate about not smoking since losing two family members, who were heavy smokers, to lung and oesophagus cancer.  There’s no doubt in my mind smoking played a part in these cancers or caused them.  Cigarettes toxify and suffocate the cells in our bodies and contain well known carcinogens.

    The worst thing about smoking is how selfish it is.  You cannot smoke alone.  If you smoke, everyone around you has to smoke, even if they don’t want to.  I can be twenty metres behind someone smoking walking along a pavement and I can taste their cigarette.  We now know the harmful chemicals stick to clothing and fabrics and are toxic for a very long time. 

    Second hand smoke contains 4000 chemicals!  That’s 4000 more chemicals than I want me or my children to breathe in.  If I’m walking behind you, it’s highly likely I’m with my two children who also have to breathe in these chemicals. 

    And that’s just not fair.  Not fair at all. 

    Children should never be forced to smoke.  Because that’s what is happening – it may be ‘second hand smoke’ but it’s still chemical filled smoke which you’re making children breathe in.  Please think about this next time you light up.

    I’m guilty too.  I used to smoke outdoors and not think anything of who was around me or how far the smoke travelled.  I never gave it a second thought, but I wish I did.

    Why I think smoking in public is selfish

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