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  1. Where to get affordable family travel insurance for a pre-existing medical condition

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    We recently came across our first stumbling block with Reuben’s heart condition.  Our little boy Reuben has a heart condition called pulmonary stenosis.  It’s not something we ever notice as he seems perfectly healthy on the outside.  He’s had two operations so far and will need another at some point. 

    Once he’s an adult he’ll need a valve replacement in his heart, so for now it’s a case of keeping the pressure in his heart to a safe level until he’s a fully grown adult.  We’ve had several check-ups to monitor the pressure in his heart, in fact we had one last week.  Luckily the pressure hadn’t gone up for six months so this time they’re happy to not see us for another year, which is brilliant news.  One year is the longest we’ve had between appointments.

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    Where to get affordable family travel insurance for a pre-existing medical

    As you can’t tell Reuben has heart disease from the outside, we really do forget about it until each check-up rolls around.  This was until I had to book us some annual travel insurance recently.  We’ve been to Germany a few times with Reuben to visit my husband’s family, but we’d not got travel insurance before.  In the next year we are going on our first beach family holiday abroad to Fuerteventura as well as a UK holiday, so I thought it best to get travel insurance to cover us for any accidents and emergencies. 

    I always assumed the European Health Card would cover us for injuries, but this isn’t always the case.  In my blog post 6 important things to do once you book a family holiday abroad - A checklist before you board that flight I explain how my Grandad hurt his ankle when abroad this year and the hospital he was taken to didn’t accept the E111 card.  Yikes !  Luckily he had travel insurance and was able to claim back the costs of the medical attention he received.  Another reason to always have an emergency fund saved too as he had to pay upfront for the care he received and then claim it back later.

    So, as I would usually do for insurance, I set about filling in my details on comparison sites such as to find the best quote.  I’d never thought about Reuben’s condition affecting anything before, but I was so surprised to discover we couldn’t get a comparison quote because Reuben has a pre-existing medical condition.  Quite crazy considering it’s not even something that affects his day to day life!

    Thankfully a quick internet search pulled up some travel companies that do travel insurance for pre-existing conditions and one that stood out was Get Going Travel Insurance.  Their whole ethos being you should just be able to ‘get going’ on your holidays and not have any stumbling blocks because of any conditions.

    I also checked my favourite cashback site and we were able to get 22% cashback on a new Get Going policy by clicking the link via Top Cashback here!


    As a family of four we were able to get an annual policy to include all of Europe (interestingly policies cost more if you want to include Spain, Cyprus, Turkey & Malta, which we needed to) for £44.12.  Plus we’ll get 22% cashback, so really our policy was only £34.41, just £8.60 per person for a whole year’s worth of travel.   As this takes into account Reuben’s medical condition too, I don’t think it’s a bad price at all.  I’m pretty sure as a single adult I never got a year’s policy this cheap before.

    Thankfully getting a policy wasn’t the palaver I thought it was going to suddenly be.  I also realise Reuben will always be faced with the question of whether he has a heart condition for so many activities in his future life.  I’m so used to ticking ‘no, no, no’ on all the forms I fill out about my own health I barely read the questions and skim through.  Reuben will no doubt have a lifetime of ticking yes in places and then forever explaining his condition to people!

    Luckily we now have insurance and are raring to go on our 2018 holidays.  I’m going to write a blog post soon sharing our travel plans and travel wish list for next year.

    If you’re struggling to get a policy because of a medical condition, click to Get Going today!

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    Where to get affordable family travel insurance for a pre-existing medical

  2. My Very Honest CBeebies Land Hotel Review

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    Our stay in the Octonauts Room at Alton Towers

    On the first Sunday of the October half term we drove two hours on a ‘mini holiday’ which is what we told the kids we were doing.   I’d actually booked a trip to the new CBeebies Land Hotel back in June I think and decided to keep it a surprise.  We’d not ever surprised the kids before, so I was looking forward to seeing Bella and Reuben’s reactions.

    We set off before 8am for the two hour journey.  When we arrived Bella was, at first, excited to see some CBeebies signs as we drove towards the car park.  But then, once we pulled up to the hotel itself, she started to cry and say she wanted to go home!  Oops!

    I don’t believe she really wanted to go home, but was a little overwhelmed with the surprise and didn’t know how to react!  This in turn set Reuben off.

    Oh brilliant we thought!  Last time we surprise you with a £500+ treat!  Yep, it cost us almost £550 for one night’s stay in the Octonauts room, a two day pass to the waterpark and two day pass to the park itself.  A huge amount of money, but perhaps because it was half term and they had their Scarefest event on in the main park, so I expect demand was higher than usual for a room.

    My Very Honest CBeebies Land Hotel Review

    From the outside the hotel looks great.  The signage is just amazing and so magical for a child.  It’s colourful and totally aimed at children.  As soon as we walked into the hotel and they both saw how absolutely amazing it was, they thankfully relaxed and began to get excited about our trip. Even Reuben who probably doesn’t totally get what CBeebies is (he’s two) was shouting CBeebies, CBeebies excitedly copying Bella!  Since returning home all he’s on about is CBeebies!

    The hotel is quite extraordinary.  It’s totally for kids.  We’ve only ever stayed in ‘adult’ hotels where nothing is set up for children and sometimes you feel out of place taking children, so it was refreshing to stay in a ‘kids’ hotel.  The floors are colourful and patterned like you're in a cartoon.  In the reception there were steps up to the check in desk so children could see.  The staff talked to the children at the check in desk making them feel involved and welcome right away.  There are interactive walls in the entrance to entertain the children.

    The best thing about the CBeebies hotel is the entertainment.  Alton Towers have a few hotels which you can go into, but the CBeebies hotel is exclusive to CBeebies guests which meant it wasn’t overcrowded and it made the extra price a little more worth it.  From 7am until 9pm is non-stop interactive entertainment with all the CBeebies characters.  The kids LOVED it.  If we had one hour to spare in-between the park and dinner, for example, we could go and take part in whatever was going on right then.  There was no time to be bored and always something exciting for the children to see and do.

    My Very Honest CBeebies Land Hotel Review - Our stay in the Octonauts Room

    My Very Honest CBeebies Land Hotel Review - Our stay in the Octonauts Room

    The hotel scored top marks with us because of this entertainment.  The staff were so enthusiastic too.  It really made staying in this hotel worth it for us and is the main reason we’d return.  It must have felt to the children like they were in CBeebies itself!  We were also allowed to take photos of the children with all their favourite characters and never felt rushed.  They let us take as long as we like and seemed so happy to see the children so happy.

    We stayed in the Octonauts room which the children loved.  They were probably most excited they got to have a bunk bed for the night and their own TV!  The room was pretty amazing, but next time I’ll just book one of the buggies rooms as they’re a little cheaper and I think the children will be just as impressed.  If your children love one of the characters from the themed rooms then it’s probably worth the extra.  If they had a Peppa Pig room, for example, then there would be no question of me booking that as they’re both obsessed!  But for us they’re not overly into the characters they did have so next time we’ll downgrade a little.  For our first time we decided to go all out though and book an Octonauts room.

    I’ve been to Alton Towers several times myself for the rollercoasters, but it was the first time I’ve been to the kids part of the park.  My favourite part was the live Furchester Hotel experience and the Mr Bloom.  These are both interactive and again, must have felt to the children like they were in an episode of each!  Plus, we didn’t have to queue for more than 5 minutes for these.  We arrived at a good time!  The Go Jetters ride was also great fun and Bella loved the buggies ride best.  Reuben’s favourite was Postman Pat.  Some of the rides had 50 minute waits which is just ridiculous for toddlers and young children.  I also felt some of the rides were very tired looking and needed a good lick of paint and a clean (particularly the Numtums and In the Night Garden)!  I think if we had only gone for the CBeebies Land park itself we would have been a bit disappointed, but the hotel itself really made our trip amazing.  There’s definitely room to improve the park and add more rides which would hopefully also reduce the queue times.

    We spent around two hours in the waterpark and it will be a lot better when the children are older.  They had an amazing time, but we didn’t get to go on all the slides as they’re too young.  We’re looking forward to returning when the children are older and more water confident so we can make the most of the whole waterpark.  The little pool was great though and Bella and Reuben spent nearly the whole time filling up water buckets and pouring them through a funnel over water wheels!  The food in the waterpark was quite disappointing.  Only fast food and Ben said it was rubbish!  It would be nice to see some healthier options in the pool café.  Next time we’ll probably get dried and dressed and try the café upstairs in the hotel called Flambo’s Jambo.

    We also visited both The Crooked Spoon and Secret Garden restaurants for dinner.  I was impressed with both.  The portions were huge in the Crooked Spoon.  I had the halloumi salad which came with three huge slabs of halloumi and I couldn’t finish it!  The Secret Garden had lots of veggie options which are different from the usual rubbish us veggies are usually offered, so that was refreshing.  Ben didn’t like this menu so much, but probably because he was really fancying pizza that evening so nothing else was good enough!

    The best part of our stay was the CBeebies Land Hotel and we would 100% return because of how great the hotel was for children and the all day long entertainment.  It’s perfect for adults too in the evenings to be able to sit back and relax with a drink, whilst the kids have so much fun being entertained.  Even Bella, who can be quite shy in new places, ran straight to the front and got involved with all the activities.

    When it was time to leave they were both crying and wailing ‘CBeebies, stay, stay’ and not wanting to go home; quite hilarious given their arrival performance -crying because we arrived and then crying because they didn’t want to leave!  After only one night’s stay that’s pretty impressive.  They were really wowed.


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    My Very Honest CBeebies Land Hotel Review - Our stay in the Octonauts Room

  3. What to pack for kids in case of a flight delay (and claim up to £540)

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    Claim compensation if your flight is delayed

    Did you know if your flight has been delayed for three hours, or more, you could be entitled to up to £540 in compensation?  I didn’t know that and I bet many other people don’t either.  There are even companies who will do all the paperwork required to claim your compensation on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, so you don’t have to deal with any of the legalities or stress.  If your flight has been delayed by 3 hours or more, you’ve really got nothing to lose.  Using the flight delay compensation calculator at Flight Delay Claims 4 U, you can easily see just how much money you could claim.

    Delayed flights really are quite frustrating.  It’s frustrating for us as adults on our own, but throw some kids in to the mix and stress levels are set to elevate!  Luckily we have never been delayed for three hours or more whilst sat at one airport, but I can only sympathise with those who have.  We did once have a diverted flight in Germany which added a fair few hours onto our journey.  We had to wait for a coach back to the original airport we were supposed to land at as that’s where our car hire was arranged for and they couldn’t change it.  With two young children in tow who are bored and tired, it’s not much fun!

    What to pack for kids in case of a flight delay (and claim up to £540)

    If you’re travelling with kids, here are my top tips in case of a flight delay:

    • Pack more snacks than you’ll think you’ll need – it’s better to have too many than not enough.  Plus you’ll never know how long you could be delayed for.
    • Take some money for food and drinks – you can’t take liquids through security, which means you can’t take drinks through.  If you have a baby you can take bottled milk through.  You’ll just have to drink some yourself at security to prove it’s not anything else.  Make sure you have enough money to buy some drinks at the airport.  If flights are heavily delayed you may also need to buy lunch or dinner depending on the time of your flights.
    • Fill the kids’ cabin bags with entertainment – don’t think the kids won’t need any hand luggage.  Instead, make the most of theirs by filling them with their snacks and entertainment.  An iPad or tablet with lots of games on can keep them entertained for ages.  Colouring books and pencils are also ideal.  A few small world toys and books to read kept our kids entertained when delayed.
    • Take a change of clothes and lots of wipes – you’ll also never know when your child decides to be sick!  Reuben wasn’t sick at the airport on our last holiday, but he was sick all over the hire car on our first day.  He’s never sick so we were totally unprepared.  Make sure you have some spare clothes, underwear and lots of wipes for unexpected illness, sickness and accidents.

    Don’t forget to also check the airport for children’s entertainment.  On our last flight to visit family in Germany our flight was delayed by approximately one hour.  We arrived the recommended two hours early at the airport and whizzed through security, so had a whopping 3 hours to entertain the kids.  Bella, age five, is a little easier to entertain.  Plus she understands to sit still and behave.  Reuben, on the other hand, is only two years old and does not understand (or want) to sit still.  He was clambering all over the chairs, using us as a climbing frame and even said hello to the man next to us at the top of his voice.  This man did not seem very child friendly didn’t acknowledge him and quickly changed seats!  It can be very stressful trying to keep a child like this still when they don’t want to and as a parent you feel like all eyes are on you!  Ben took Bella to toilet and discovered there was a children’s room just the other side to where we were sitting, full of interactive screens and games.  Doh!  This would have kept them busy the entire time if we had known.  Make sure you look around the whole airport or ask if there are any dedicated children’s areas.

    Have you ever had a flight delayed?  Did you know you can claim if it was for three hours or more?  

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    What to pack for kids in case of a flight delay (and claim up to £540)

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  4. Why I do what I do: my plans for the future

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    Are you waiting for a lottery win or taking control of your own destiny?

    Since having children I’ve really thought about my future a lot.  Yes, I do believe that we need to live in the moment and not dwell on the past or worry about the future, but I do also think we should plan for the future somewhat.  After all, I don’t want to get to 70 years old, if I’m lucky enough to make it, and not have enough money for retirement or to treat my children every so often.  I’d also like to be mortgage free way before this and travel more.  Whilst many people seem to live their lives waiting for a win on the Euromillions lottery results, I’m a big believer of taking control of your own destiny.  Yes I do play the lottery for fun, or even bet on it sometimes, as you do have to be in it to win it, but I won’t rest all my hopes and dreams on scooping a big win. 

    I think it’s better to take control of your own life and do what makes you happy.  You can’t rely on anyone else to do it for you.  You need to work out what makes you content and just go for it!  Too many people are miserable in their jobs every single day.  Life is too short.  If you’re not happy, do something about it.

    Once you’ve got the now sorted, then you can start to think ahead and start planning for your life to go that way.

    Here are the things I’m aiming for in the future and how I’m shaping my life now to get me there:

    healthy - why i do what i do -making plans for the future - lylia rose blog

    Be as healthy as possible

    It’s important to me to be as healthy now as possible, so I’m healthy in the future.  I want a fit and active retirement without many of the pains and complaints the elderly suffer with.  A lot of these may be able to be prevented through healthier lifestyle choices. 
    I eat more than the five a day of fruit and veg each day.  I usually have my ‘5’ in the morning and plenty more throughout the day.  I think the 5 a day is the bare minimum we should eat each day.  Getting the 5 isn’t enough to consider you healthy.  I used to think I was healthy as I got my 5 each day in my early twenties, but then I drank alcohol each day, smoked 20 cigarettes and ate junk food.  That’s not a healthy lifestyle!
    This year I quit refined sugar as I believe it is a slow poison causing many diseases and putting the liver under unnecessary strain every day.  I avoid processed foods and chemicals.  I prefer a natural wholefood diet.  The only bad thing I regularly have is chippy chips on a Friday night.  A portion of chippy chips and I make some refined sugar free beans to go with them which I quickly heat up at home.
    I don’t drink alcohol.  I don’t smoke.
    I stay active every day.  I go to the gym, take a long walk or do an online exercise video - sometimes all three of these, sometimes just one.  Exercise videos are free and in abundance on YouTube.  There’s no excuse.
    I hope that if I take care of myself now, nurture and nourish my body correctly, then when I’m old I won’t have as many aches, pains and complaints.  Hopefully I can steer clear of disease too and enjoy being old.

    Read where I get my inspiration from here:
    Your ultimate inspirational guide to being truly healthy - Stop focusing on weight and start focusing on health instead

    travel - why i do what i do -making plans for the future - lylia rose blog


    It’s also important to me to remain in good health as I plan to travel when I’m older.  I never travelled as a youngster and if I was to have any regrets, then that is it.  I wasn’t very adventurous as an eighteen year old and was quite happy to live with my boyfriend at that time and then go on to get into stacks of debt through a stupid shopping addiction!  As I didn’t want to travel I used to stupidly think it didn’t matter if I bought what I wanted and got into debt as I’ll always be here to pay it back. What an immature and naïve mind-set!
    As I grew older and met a lot of new people, including many who had travelled the world, I realised how much I was missing out on and that in fact I did want to see all these wonderful places.
    Now, in my 30s, I realise life is short and it’s already speeding by.  I believe we are only here once and this is our time.  The Earth is a beautiful place and I want to see as much of its beauty in person as I can.  I now have a great desire to travel and experience as many incredible places as I can.
    I always say to Ben, we’ll be travellers when we retire!  I always joke (but mean it half seriously) that we’ll sell our home once the kids move out, buy a RV and travel.  He replies saying perhaps or we can at least go on a few good holidays a year.
    In order to do this and to have plenty of holidays/travelling opportunities we need to be in good health in our 60s/70s and also have enough money in the bank.

    blog - business - why i do what i do -making plans for the future - lylia

    Grow my blog and business

    To ensure our health is great by eating plenty of organic foods and to have enough money for travelling and retirement, we need to make enough money and start saving now.  This means earning as much as possible and putting away as much as possible each month.
    Ben works very hard at his job and is working up the ladder.  He’s in management and has the passion and desire to progress further.  We are both inspired by our children and our future plans which give us the motivation to succeed.
    As I work for myself, mainly as a full time blogger, I hope I can maintain and potentially increase my income through blogging, selling online and matched betting.
    At the moment Reuben is only two.  If I were to work full time employed, we would need full time childcare and holiday care for Bella.  The cost of this means we’d be left with very little.  I make a lot more working for myself than if I got a full time job.  I also make more working for myself now than in the three part time jobs I’ve had since becoming a mother.  For one of them I worked 6pm-12am four times a week and for another I started work at 5am six mornings per week so I could finish before Ben went to work.  Luckily I was able to grow my blog and business in all my spare time around this and I now earn more than any of these minimum wage part time jobs could pay me.
    If my blog and business do ever die a death, which I pray won’t happen, I’d not question getting a job around Ben’s work again.  I’d rather not have money worries and be able to save, so I’d do whatever it takes.
    My plan for now though is to continue doing what I’m doing and hopefully grow my income if I can.

    why i do what i do -making plans for the future - lylia rose blog - guest r

    Setting up a holiday business

    I realise since working for myself that a diverse income is crucial to succeed. It’s good to have a few income streams to fall back on to if one is low for the month.  Blogging is my main income, but I also do matched betting, mystery shopping, online selling and eBay reselling to boost my income every month.  I’m trying to increase my reselling at the moment so it provides more income.
    Renting out a room or property is a great way to provide a regular income with little output, once it’s set up.  Ben’s brother runs a holiday cottage and says it’s the easiest business he’s ever ran.  I’ve watched several TV shows like 'To B&B the Best' or something like that which say making a rental income is one of the best ways to make extra cash.
    I believe it.
    I also think it would be fun.  My idea is to build a garden room of some sort in our garden and to rent it out on Air BnB.  Ben is keen to build this as he loves building.  At the moment he’s building himself a workshop, so this is good practice.  There’s a similar structure in the town next to us in someone’s garden and it’s always fully booked.  I really believe we can make around £10000 a year from rental income if we go ahead.

    why i do what i do -making plans for the future - lylia rose blog - beach -

    Living by the sea in the countryside

    The ultimate dream would be to expand this idea further.  To have a home with a little land where we can build a few self-catering lodges to rent out.  This would provide us with a sustainable income and we can both work on following our dreams in the day time.  I can blog and Ben can make furniture in his workshop.
    I love the sea.  I love the fresh air.  I feel like I can breathe by the sea.  I’m not so in to touristy seaside’s, so I’d love to find a fairly quiet beach in the countryside where we can set this business up.  I’ve only lived in the same county so it would be quite an adventure for me to move somewhere else one day.
    Ben’s grandparents lived in Cornwall so he has fond memories there, so we think one day we’d like to try it and it ties in nicely with our future business idea.

    This is why I do what I do now.  It’s why I’m obsessed with my blog and making money now, even when the children are small.  I feel like time is escaping me and I should have started saving money a lot younger.  I never used to think about investing in my future when in my twenties.  It wasn’t a priority to me.  Now I’m obsessed with investing in my health and future so I can hopefully lead a happy, healthy fruitful life and leave something behind for my children.


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    Why I do what I do my plans for the future

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  5. Peppa Pig World Review 2017 (and where to stay for under £100 for 2 nights)

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    Peppa Pig World Review 2017 (and where to stay for under £100 for 2 nights)

    Are you considering going to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park and wondering whether it’s worth it?  Want to find affordable accommodation that doesn’t break the bank?  Read on to see where we stayed as a young family of four for less than £100 for two nights.

    We finally went!  Ever since Bella was a dinky one year old, she has been obsessed with Peppa Pig.  I remember older children being so into Peppa when Bella was still a baby and I wondered if she’d ever be the same.  One day it came on the TV and she was hooked!  It was the first programme she was mesmerised by!  Me and the other parents always joked it must somehow hypnotise the children.  There’s never been another cartoon quite like it.  Bella is now five years old and still loves Peppa, though luckily she’ll watch some other shows too!  Reuben, on the other hand, is now also Peppa mad!  It’s the only thing he’ll demand to watch on the TV.  And, yes, I say demand as he is currently going through the terrible twos and he really will demand it through shouting at the top of his voice over and over and over ‘Peppa Pig!  Peppa Pig!  Peppa Pig!’

    Peppa Pig World Review 2017 (and where to stay for under £100 for 2 nights)

    When we found out there was a Peppa Pig World, we just knew we had to go.  It’s been a place we’ve wanted to visit for a few years, but for some reason or another we’ve only just made it.  I did book to go to the Christmas event last year which looked amazing, but sadly my Mother in Law passed away so we were unable to attend.  The very kind people at Paultons Park took exception to their no refund policy and kindly refunded our tickets so we rebooked this year for the summer holidays.  It felt like a long wait, but it was definitely worth it!

    Peppa Pig World Review 2017 (and where to stay for under £100 for 2 nights)

    I’m also so pleased Reuben was a little older as he enjoyed it just as much as Bella.  At ages 5 and 2.5 they were both the perfect age to enjoy it together whilst Bella is still very much into Peppa Pig.  She may grow out of it in a year or so, though I’m sure she’d still enjoy the Peppa theme park for a few more years!

    Peppa Pig World Review 2017 (and where to stay for under £100 for 2 nights)


    Unfortunately Paultons Park doesn’t have their own accommodation and I feel they are missing out on a trick here.  If they had a Peppa Pig themed hotel we would have definitely stayed!  No doubt if they did it would be much more expensive than what we paid for local accommodation, but it would be worth it, if only once, for the experience.

    Instead we stayed at a nearby Days Inn at the Rownhams M27 services, less than a 15 minute drive to the park.  I booked via Top Cashback to get 3% cashback directly through the Days Inn website.  For two nights we paid just £96.90 and I’ll get a bit of cashback on top of this once it clears!  We had a double bed and a sofa bed which the children slept on.  The prices were at first coming up at double this (and a lot more when looking at the Paultons Park website for a place to stay) and then I realised they were trying to book us two rooms as I’d said 2 adults and 2 children.  As long as you can use the beds available, including the sofa bed, they won’t charge any extra for children under 15 if you only book one room at Days Inn.  We managed to stay for two nights for less than £100 which is a bargain.

    The room was just fine.  I actually had two really good night’s sleeps!  Better than I’ve had in ages.  There is no breakfast, but we drove a short distance the first morning to a Toby Carvery for an all you can eat, which was as expected for a Toby Carvery buffet, a bit grotty, but cheap!  The following morning we went to the services and grabbed some breakfast before we headed home.

    Peppa Pig World Review 2017 (and where to stay for under £100 for 2 nights)

    Peppa Pig World

    We were really very impressed with Peppa Pig World.  We pre-booked tickets online so it was super quick to get into the park.  We’d arrived at opening time and avoided most of the rush!  This also meant we got on a few rides without much of a queue, only five minutes wait or so.  One hour later and the queues were huge, around a 30 minute wait for lots of the rides.

    The children were so excited to see Peppa Pig World.  They were amazed and really believed it is where Peppa lives!  Before going we thought it looked quite small, but for little people it’s the perfect amount of rides and perfect size for the day without being too overwhelming.  They are also building some more rides for 2018, so we have a great excuse to return next year!  Perhaps we’ll even do the Christmas event next year as a treat.

    One fab thing is children under one metre are free.  As Reuben is only two we didn’t have to pay entry for him.  I wondered if this meant he wouldn’t be able to go on any of the rides, but he could go on everything in PPW and even most of the rides around the rest of the park.

    Note – take swim clothes and towels!

    Peppa Pig World Review 2017 (and where to stay for under £100 for 2 nights)

    Bella’s favourite part was the ‘Muddy Puddles’ (splash pads).  I didn’t know about these so was very unprepared!  Towards the end of the day Bella wanted to go in them so ran in with shoes off and just her Peppa Pig dress on (very appropriate attire!)

    ‘MUUUUUUM I’m having SO much fun’

    She absolutely loved the splash pads and fountains of water and thoroughly got involved, getting thoroughly soaked in the process!  It was amazing to see her have so much fun, but we should have taken some suitable clothes with us!  We decided to leave after this as she was so wet, so we left the park one hour before close.  We could easily have stayed longer and even bought the two day pass to return the next day as we didn’t do all the rides or even go in the soft play, which we only noticed at the end!  There’s plenty there for two days of fun and then no need to rush around.

    Peppa Pig World Review 2017 (and where to stay for under £100 for 2 nights)

    The rides were a lot of fun!  It’s the first time I’ve been to a theme park in the UK with the children and not for myself so it was a very different experience not going on the huge rollercoasters and instead going in the kiddy areas!  The day was all about the children and it was so brilliant to see them both so happy and excited all day.

    We’ll definitely go back to Peppa Pig World.  I think a Santa visit in 2018 might be on the cards.

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