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  1. How to promote your blog giveaway for free

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    How to promote your blog giveaway for free

    How to promote your blog giveaway for free

    Do you often run a blog giveaway, but you're not sure how best to promote it for maximum engagement? Read on to discover how to easily promote your blog giveaway for free, online, for more exposure!

    Blog giveaways are an amazing way to give something back to your existing readers as well as getting new eyes on your blog.   They are a great way to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

    I use Rafflecopter to run my blog giveaways.  They make the whole process really simple.  Choose your prize, add your entry options, enter your T&Cs and voila! 

    They’ll give you the code to pop their widget on your blog.  Once the giveaway has finished, they'll pick a winner at random for you.  But don’t just expect everyone to find the giveaway on your blog.  You have to get out there and tell everyone all about it!

    Read on to discover how to promote your blog giveaway for free!

  2. How to make a passive income with a blog

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    I’ve been pretty fortunate to have my passion for writing blogs about making money online, money-saving tips, family finance and WFH advice result in a full-time income.  One of my favourite ways to make money from my blog and one I hope to increase is via passive income.  Passive income is a source of income that continues even after the original work is completed and requires little activity, or none, to keep it coming.  However, passive income didn’t just fall into my lap; I had to invest my time and effort into building my brand and being ready to monetize successfully.

    If you’ve worked to shape your brand, grow your traffic, and produce a quality website, then monetizing is the next logical step. No one method is a get-rich-quick scheme, and some do require a little effort, but all can put money in your pocket!

    Here are several ways you can earn passive income from your blog.

  3. 6 handy tax tips for bloggers

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    It’s coming up to that time of year again… no, not Christmas, but the other time of year that all self-employed people start freaking out about… tax return time! 

    OK, not everyone freaks out as some of us do our tax returns as soon as we can, like in April as soon as the new tax year starts! 

    I’ve always wondered why people put it off until the very last minute...?  I love to get mine out of the way as soon as possible.  If you are prepared then you can do this too and stop all the panicking in January!

    The only thing I do freak out about is remembering to pay my bill.  I have several alarms at the ready near the end of January.  I always have the money saved ready to pay it and simply need to log in to my HMRC self-assessment online account to make my payment. 

    The first year I paid self-employment tax I did actually pay it right away, as soon as I completed my tax return.  But the payment just sat there in my tax account doing nothing.  They don't actually clear the tax balance due until it reaches the tax payment deadline. So since then I thought it better to earn interest on my tax savings until the actual due date!

  4. How to plan for sickness + injury as a freelancer

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    If you’re a freelance worker and you’ve suddenly found yourself in a position where you won’t be able to work for a while, you’re likely in panic mode.  It’s one reason why many people don’t take the plunge into self-employment as there’s no guaranteed pay packet and no sick pay when you’re ill.

    Don’t let that stop you though.  With some preparation then you can make sure you are covered for those quiet periods with little income, or if you get sick or injured.