How to be a brilliant blogger without burning out

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How to be a brilliant blogger without burning out

Being a blogger is a lot of work.  Being a blogger who makes a living from blogging is even more work.  It isn’t just about posing for Instagram selfies and writing a few words on a website; it takes up a lot of time, dedication and brain power. 

For many bloggers the process doesn’t just involve writing a blog post and then the job's done, but hours of researching keywords, learning and implementing SEO on the blog post and rest of the website, building a professional looking blog, attracting readers to the site, marketing, admin and so much more.  It can become overwhelming and all-consuming at times.

Whether you are a full-time blogger or pursuing it as a side hustle, you need to be able to enjoy the process without getting overwhelmed.

To put it bluntly, when it comes to blogging, you often need to stop stressing out.

You don’t need to spend hours worrying about your organic traffic or likes on Facebook. You simply need to enjoy the journey of being a blogger and remember why you started.

Ultimately it should be a passion that you want to do, otherwise you may as well follow a different path.  Sure, it can get stressful like any career or ambition, but you should enjoy the process the majority of the time. It shouldn’t always be stressful or causing you to burn out.

The following ideas might just prevent you from burning out and becoming tired of your blog. Stick to these and you may just be a brilliant blogger destined for success.

How to avoid blogger stress

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Choose your blogging platform wisely

If you are first starting out as blogger, you will need to make a huge decision right from the get go. Your blogging platform is going to be the bread and butter of your creativity so it’s time to choose wisely.

There are a number of different platforms to choose from, such as Wix, Blogger and Wordpress. Familiarise yourself with the different features and go with the one that appeals to you the most. You will find a tonne of quirks with all of them such as the WordPress white screen or the Wix stock image selection. As long as you feel confident and comfortable with your chosen platform, you will have made the right decision.

Many bloggers end up moving to WordPress after a period of time as it is a great blogging platform that offers features the others don’t. Why would so many go through the hassle of moving to WordPress if it didn't offer more power and flexibility than the rest?

This website is way too big for me to move now and it would require a manual move, but I have my other three blogs on WordPress and I am very happy with all of them.

Pick a topic you’re passionate about

It is no use trying to copy a topic from your favourite blogger or writing about something you wish you were passionate about, but you’re just not. This type of behaviour won’t fly with your audience and it won’t give you the satisfaction you’re looking for as a blogger.   You’ll also run out of content ideas pretty quickly and your lack of knowledge on the subject or lack of enthusiasm will show in your writing.

You need to choose a topic that you are genuinely interested in rather than limiting yourself to a subject that doesn’t appeal to you. When you carefully select your talking points you will feel so much more passionate about what you’re doing and you will genuinely enjoy creating content.  Plus, if it’s a part of your life and interests then you’ll never run out of things to say about it and therefore write about.

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Target a niche group of people

You might think that the more topics you cover the wider your audience will be. This isn’t necessarily true, as you will actually be giving yourself more competitors. It’s often recommended to niche down so you can target a niche group of people who will have a genuine interest in your topic.

For example, instead of choosing ‘fashion’ as your overarching topic, you could choose petite fashion, fashion for parents or plus size fashion. Finding a smaller branch for your topic will be hugely beneficial as it makes your brand abundantly clear to your audience. It can also be much easier to land brand collaborations when you focus on very niche topics.

Of course this is only a suggestion and there are plenty of bloggers, like me, who have had success with a lifestyle blog covering a variety of topics.  It might just take a little longer to build your audience, metrics and authority, but ultimately you should write what you are passionate about and if that’s a variety of topics then go for it.  You can be your brand and you can be your niche if you want.

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Plan your posts

Now you know what you’re going to write about, you need to start thinking about your blog posts. You don’t need to limit yourself to just writing either; images, videos and infographics are just as effective as creative written content.

When it comes to blogging, planning blog posts is absolutely everything. You want to make sure you are hitting topical areas and providing regular content for your audience. Every blogger works differently, but it often helps to create some sort of plan. For example, you could plan out your posts for the month so that you don’t lose focus or momentum.

I often just get inspiration to write a post on the spur of the moment or a brand collaboration will spark a topic idea, but I also keep a huge list of title ideas and things I want to write about in the Notes app on my smart phone.  That way I always have a content idea whenever I want to write.  Having ideas in the back of your pocket will always come in useful.

Use social media scheduling

Social media can often be the bane of many bloggers lives. You feel like you need to keep up with the crowd and produce perfect images every single day. This can become pretty overwhelming especially when you are already trying to run a successful blog and time is limited.

There are many different social media scheduling tools that can take the stress out of your working day. Apps such as Buffer, Hootsuite and Tweetdeck will prove to be very effective at helping you manage your schedule. You can plan out your social media posts months in advance and allow them to ping them onto your chosen platforms whenever it is convenient for you. They are truly lifesavers in the blogosphere!

Tailwind is perfect for managing Pinterest and Instagram content as well as finding and sharing likeminded content with their Tribes feature.

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Don’t compare yourself to others

It can be very easy to compare yourself to other successful bloggers in your industry, especially when they are already well established. Remember that everyone had to start at the bottom once and it could have taken them years of hard work to get to the level they are now.

You should be blogging because you love doing it; you shouldn’t be hoping to earn a lot of money or gain millions of followers. These are just bonuses that may or may not happen.

It’s also very unlikely to start a blog and start earning money immediately, yet I get brand new bloggers asking me how this is possible all the time.  As far as I’m aware it is not possible.  I didn’t make a full-time living until I’d been blogging for four years on this blog.  On my other blogs the oldest is almost two years old and it barely makes a part time wage each month, sometimes just a couple of hundred.  In my experience it takes years to build up a blog and website to make a realistic living from it.

Stay true to yourself

It can be very easy to get swept up in the excitement of blogging; some get to the point where they forget who they are and what their message it. Staying true to yourself is very important, as your followers will spot inauthenticity a mile away. Your target audience wants to be able to relate to you on some level, so try to be yourself as much as possible. Having an online persona can work for many people, but it may become exhausting if you have to pretend to be somebody you’re not.


So make sure your blogging journey is a happy one, bursting with enjoyment and positivity. Stop focusing on the numbers so much and instead get into what you really enjoy doing - the writing. The wonderful thing about blogging is that you don’t need to conform to the norm or follow the crowds at all. You can be completely unique and there will still be an audience out there who appreciates your message.

Remember to take all of this advice on board the next time you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed with your blog. Keep it simple, be yourself and enjoy what you are doing!

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How to be a brilliant blogger without burning out