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  1. Is Your Website Truly Monetizable?

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    If you have a website that you are keen to make some money out of, you first need to make sure that it is actually going to be possible to do that in the first place. Monetizing a website is harder than people tend to think, or at least harder to actually make a decent amount of money with it. But if you are keen to make it happen, then you will find that it is perfectly possible to do, so long as you know what it is that you actually need to do. In this article, I am going to look at some of the things that you might want to consider in order to see whether your website is truly monetizable, or whether it might need some help.


    Clear Navigation

    First of all, you want to make the experience of visiting your website as easy as possible for all those who visit it. This means above all that you need to make it clear and easy to navigate, which is something you should be able to achieve by simply using the right software. However, if it is proving difficult to get this right, then you could benefit from hiring the help of a professional wordpress developer, as they will be able to make sure that your website really is as easy as possible to get around. The clearer the navigation, the longer people will stay there, and the more money you will be able to get out of it - so this is more important than you might initially think.

    Frequent Updates

    You can’t expect to make money from a stagnant website, which is why it is always going to be necessary to make sure you are frequently updating your site as best as possible. As long as you are updating it as a routine thing, you should find that it is easier to monetize, simply because you actually have an active site which people are more likely to visit more often. If you are a little lost as to what to update it with that often, this might be a sign that you need to change tracks and focus on something more in line with what you know about - or that you should widen out and go for more variety. Either way, give it some kind of focus so that you can really start to make some money out of it.



    You need to start thinking of your website as a business, and in particular to make sure that you are marketing it far and wide. The more you do this, the more people will come to it, and that will mean that you can more easily make money out of it. This might seem obvious, but a lot of people completely overlook the marketing side of things,and it can lead to some pretty unfortunate circumstances. Make sure you are marketing your website as best as you can if you want to really make money from it.

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    Is Your Website Truly Monetizable_

  2. The 5 ways I made £30000 from home in 2017/2018

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    This is a blog post from one of those really annoying people who completed their tax return as soon as possible and files it nine months before the deadline.  Hello!  Honestly though, a genuine query, why do people leave it so late or until the last minute?  Every January I see people on social media and in networking groups panicking about getting their tax returns in on time.  Why not turn it around and file it as soon as the year end is up?  This way there’s no panicking and plenty of time to pay it.  My advice is to save up for your tax return through the year so you have the money ready to pay it at the end of the tax year.

    The 5 ways I made £30000 from home in 2017 2018



    I had a really good self-employed tax year and as my tax was over £1000 I now have to ‘pay on account’ for 2018/2019.  This means I have to pay half of my predicted tax (they give me the figures) by January 2019 and the other half by June 2019.  So by the time the January 2020 deadline rolls around I will have already paid my tax or most of it.  I’ll pay it in April 2019 anyway so I only need to worry about paying the first payment on account which I’ll save up for each month anyway.

    I was thinking of leaving my tax money in savings until it had to be paid in January as it makes sense to earn interest on it, but I just panic too much that I’ll forget to pay it altogether, so for my own peace of mind I have to pay it right away.

    My total bill was just under £4000.  Luckily I had been saving this every month.  This bill is for income tax, class 2 national insurance, class 4 national insurance and student loan repayments.  I check the government and student loan websites each year to find out the personal allowance thresholds and the percentages they take above these.  I then add formulas to my spreadsheet so it works out the exact amount I owe from my profits.  That way I can save enough every month by popping the money into a savings account and forgetting about it.

    Not all of my methods of earning money from home are taxed.  For example, matched betting and selling used personal belongings on eBay are tax-free.  Blogging, side hustles and selling online for a profit is all taxed.

    The 5 ways I made £30000 from home in 2017%2F2018

    To give you an idea of outgoings, I spent around £4000 on business expenses.  Take this and my tax bill off and I earned approximately £22,000 after tax and expenses.  Not too bad for my first tax year of working from home full time.  In fact I’m very impressed with myself!

    I’m not sure if next year will be as successful as I know matched betting will be a lot lower as the sign up offers were most lucrative when I began in January 2017.  But on the other hand I have found a couple of new side hustles such as testing websites which I hope to do more of.  I’ve also increased my blogging fees and have more contacts than this time last year.  So we’ll see.

    Here are the five ways I made money from home in the tax year 2017/2018 and my approximate total turnover:

    Approx Total Turnover 2017/2018


    Everything blogging: reviews, sponsored, giveaways, blogging for others, blog comp winnings, social media, ads, affiliate, referrals


    Online selling: personal eBay, LR shop & reselling


    Matched betting


    Side hustles: Mystery shopping, shop audits, surveys, website testing, receipt hog, etc


    Top Cashback






    This has been my most successful way to make money from home.  I had a head start when I decided to monetize my blog as I’d already been blogging for five years by that point.  I then just accepted some paid posts that landed in my inbox until January 2017 when I decided to really go for it, apply for blog opportunities and get myself out there.

    The best thing about blogging is you can blog about whatever you like.  If you love writing, then I’m sure you’ll love blogging.  It’s so brilliant to build a website and have something that’s mine.  Blogging has given me the freedom to seriously work from home and to have more flexibility whilst we have a young family.

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    Online selling

    I do love online selling.  This was probably sparked from being an e-commerce fulfilment manager for a few years before I had kids.  It’s a thrill every time I sell something online.  I sell our used personal belongings on eBay and Facebook Marketplace.  There’s a constant stream of things I can sell as the kids are quickly growing out of clothes and toys.  I also have a small online boutique on this website.  I have dabbled in a little reselling but I don’t find it very profitable and it’s quite time consuming.  It’s probably better for someone who can devote a lot of time to it and spend time sourcing good stock.

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    Matched betting

    I started matched betting in January 2017 and made the majority of my profit then.  In total I’ve made over £4000 since I started.  This is even more amazing as it’s tax free!  The only outgoings are my monthly Profit Accumulator membership fees which were £17.99 per month but after 12 months they reduced to £14.99 per month.  You can also sign up for a yearly fee and save money on membership, but for flexibility I use the monthly option.  I just take the fee out of my profits.

    The company I use who have enabled me to learn the process and make so much money is Profit Accumulator who I still use and highly recommend.  It’s possible to make more and it’s possible to make less.  It depends how much time you can devote and which methods you continue to use after the sign up offers.

    Here are some great posts if you’re thinking of starting:
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    Side hustles

    I love finding and testing other ways of making extra cash from home and have tried so many ways over the past year from surveys to mystery shopping.  My favourite ways are using Roamler and Streetbees for random tasks and mystery audits.  I have also started website testing with What Users Do for £5 per test and they’re very easy to do: Easily make money from home by testing websites

    Get paid doing simple tasks from your phone with Streetbees
    9 iPhone apps to make money

    Top cashback

    I joined Top Cashback in April 2016 so I’ve been a member for two years this month.  It was one of the best financial decisions I ever made and I should have joined so much sooner.  I get cashback on almost a weekly basis on all sorts of normal things.  I’d never buy anything just because there is cashback, but if I am already going to buy something then I’ll check to see if I can get cashback on it.  I’ve earned almost £300 cashback on things I’d buy anyway in the past year.  As a household we’ve earned even more cashback as my husband has an account too, but I don’t track his cashback withdrawals on my blog.

    Learn how to earn cashback on things you already buy and be amazed with amount of extra cash you have back in your pocket!

  3. The Missing Piece To Your Business Success

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    Being a freelancer is a leap of faith, that sometimes rapidly transforms into an incredible success. However, more often than not, being a freelancer is filled with stress and everyday struggle as you try to make it work. Would you be surprised to know that more than half of all freelancers choose to give up their independent career and go back to a normal day-to-day office job because they can’t handle the pressure of running a small business?

    It would be unfair to mock them. The freelancing life demands, indeed, a lot of work. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert in your sector. When you run your own business, you need to have a strong understanding of marketing, branding, and business management. Freelancers are not just very talented and motivated individuals. They are experts at multitasking to maintain their business! From finishing a project for a client to monitoring your brand online, you need to uncover the secret to freelancing success.


    Business acumen to convince buyers and investors

    Freelancers are in a difficult position, as they need to be good enough to compete against professional companies about specific skills, but they also have to maintain a professional presence despite running a one-person business. Ultimately, you need to know how to manage a company, which implies either previous experience, or relevant studies – such as masters in business management – or even both. Your customers, and your potential investors will be expecting you to provide the same level of information and managed processes as any other company.

    A strong marketing strategy to grow

    If you’ve never worked with online marketing before, you can’t maintain a freelancing career without understanding how to make digital marketing work for you. Thankfully, there is a variety of free or low-cost online tools that can provide you with the necessary customer data to create a targeted strategy. For instance, using Google Analytics can help to identify behavioural patterns, such as which social media platform performs work best for you or whether your web visitors are local, national or international users. Knowing who you are trying to sell to makes it easier to design the best messaging to engage with your audience. Additionally, using digital data collecting tools can also give you precious indications about budget management. For instance, if nobody comes through paid advertisement, you know you are wasting money on this strategy.

    A brand experience your customers won’t forget

    Do you know what successful businesses have in common?. They have created a brand experience. You can learn from the big companies, such as Disney, that a great experience is priceless. Indeed, the decor plays a significant part in setting the mood, however as not all businesses have a physical site, it not always a valid element. However, the interactions with the various members of the staff need to convey the same excitement that the visitor feels. In other words, your behaviour, the way you interact with customers and the way you deal with queries and issues are just as much part of your brand image as your logo or your web design.

    The bottom line is that to succeed as a freelancer; you need to think like a big company. You need the business knowledge, the strategic approach and the engaging experience of giants, with the personal touch that only small companies and independent entrepreneurs can create.

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    The Missing Piece To Your Business Success


  4. Basic SEO boosting tips for your lifestyle blog

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    Search engine optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in the digital marketing world. As a blogger, it is important to make sure you are optimising your content for increased SEO. Poor SEO will result in poor visibility online, and in return, a poor audience. If you are serious about wanting your lifestyle blog to succeed, you need to make sure you are clued up on what SEO is, how it works, and how you can create the best possible content to boost your online presence.

    SEO boosting tips for your lifestyle blog - scrabble image


    Be an expert in your field

    Every blog has its own niche, something that makes it unique and stands out from the crowd, and you need to build on this with each post. It isn’t possible to be an expert in everything, but you should be an expert in your chosen field. Choose your top 5 subjects that you want to blog about, and be known for, and then stick with them. Once you have these, you can focus on writing relevant and unique content a few times a month; this will have a real impact on your SEO and target the right audience for your niche. Google will rank articles that are topically relevant significantly higher than content that doesn’t provide a singular focus.

    Write for your audience

    All of your content should be written for your specific audience, and real-life people, not web crawlers. Some bloggers get too involved in writing content that will be picked up by search engines and end up writing posts that are poor quality and hard to read. You should write with search engines in mind by including relevant keywords, but you also need to write content that is engaging enough for people to read, and even more importantly, share your content. The larger the audience for your blog, the higher you will rank online, so aim to write compelling articles that inform, inspire and entertain your readers.

    SEO boosting tips for your lifestyle blog


    Post regularly

    Make sure you are posting relevant content regularly, to help establish your blog as a leader in your field. It is recommended to post between 10 and 15 blogs a month, to create a content schedule and plan what topics you are going to post about and when. It will keep your organised and help you to schedule your time more efficiently. Check out this guide for creating a blog schedule.

    Posting that often may feel like a big commitment, but the results will speak for themselves. If it is too much for you to handle alone, invest in a good copywriter to help you out in producing high-quality blogs on a regular basis.

    Carefully place keywords

    Once you have written an engaging and high-quality blog or article that your readers are sure to love, it is time to look at it again to make sure it is optimised to crawlers to pick it up. This is achieved by proper keyword placement. Ideally, you should include your keywords in the post title, sub-headings and at other various points throughout the content. It is important to space them out as much as possible to avoid sounding repetitive and giving your readers a poor experience. You should also include your keywords in any images that are complimenting your blog. Add keywords to your image file names and also the alt text. Visit this website for more tips on using keywords to improve your SEO.

    These are just a few ways to get started on optimising your content for SEO and building your audience online. For more help on improving your lifestyle blog's online presence, check this agency out.


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     Basic SEO boosting tips for your lifestyle blog

  5. Why digital marketing skills are essential today

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    As a small business owner and freelance blogger, digital marketing skills are crucial for me to be successful.  They are also more important than ever for most industries to be able to survive in an online world and ever increasing technology era.  Luckily basic skills can be self-taught in many instances thanks to the internet, but for a speedier and more comprehensive understanding then digital marketing courses are easy to access.  Such skills can be applied to a wide range of industries so are somewhat universal.  Perhaps taking a course and gaining a recognisable qualification could be the first step to a brand new exciting career!

    Everything that happens nowadays pretty much happens online.  From clothes to groceries shopping, booking holidays and travel arrangement such as flights and car hire, watching TV, buying movies and music, we’re moving online for everything.  We can even arrange quotes for services online, hire builders, have a counselling session or visit a doctor.  The possibilities online, it would seem, are endless.  It’s no wonder we’re referred to as the digital age.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business owner, freelance blogger, want to run a B&B, work for someone else or are the CEO of a ginormous company; all these positions require some digital marketing knowledge in order to run a thriving business or be a successful employee.  Digital marketing­ is taking over traditional advertising so everyone needs to be on-board and learn some skills.

    Here are some of the reasons digital marketing skills are essential today:

    Why digital marketing skills are essential today

    To build relationships

    Even email is digital and there’s a way to go about it.  Using first names, unless a conversation is free flowing, properly signing off the email, being professional and polite is a must.  Many relationships with clients and business to business are now built digitally without ever meeting face to face or even knowing what the other person may look like.  It’s still as important as ever to communicate well, show your professionalism and personality if appropriate to build long lasting business beneficial relationships.  The most basic skill anyone should master is how to send an email effectively.

    To satisfy customer needs

    Customers are online and they expect you to be.  In this instant digital age people are more impatient than ever and expect fast responses.  Gone are the days of customer’s handwriting a letter of complaint and waiting for a response.  Nowadays they will be voicing their concerns instantly and publically on social media and they’ll expect you to respond sharpish.  You’ll need skills in setting up and maintaining social profiles to satisfy modern customer requirements with a digital customer service team or yourself if it’s a sole business.

    To build a good reputation

    Online reviews are everywhere and for a good reason.  We want to spend our money well and this means getting a quality product as well as the most affordable.  Online reviews and testimonials provide a reassurance to customers as well as an opportunity to promote your brand.  Let the reviews speak for themselves.  Integrate some review software into your website or use Trustpilot or similar to prove your standing.

    To exist

    If you’re not online then you probably don’t exist to most people.  Gone are the days of Yellow Pages (even though they are still posted through the door) for the vast majority of folk.  Online searches it is.  If you’re not online and marketing to the general public or your target audience, then you may as well not exist.  Town centres have slowly been dying out and online shopping is booming.  People prefer the convenience of ecommerce and you should be taking advantage of that.  Getting online and learning to market digitally is a must.

    To be found

    Learning digital SEO skills, even basic ones, will set you on the right path to be found on Google.  There are 1.3 billion websites on the internet today so you need to stand out from the crowd.  And that crowd is pretty big!  Your website is like a tiny needle in a ginormous haystack and it needs to be set up so it’s found.  A digital content marketing strategy will ensure you have fresh relevant content that your readers love and are optimised for online searches.

    To stay in the loop

    You’ll also want to be a bit digitally savvy to stay in the know and to understand what’s trending in your niche.  Continuous learning is required as new tools and platforms are released and digital marketing evolves.  This era certainly isn’t staying still and what worked last year may not work next year.  To keep up to date you’ll want to be researching your niche online, networking with other likeminded businesses and following consumer trends.


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