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Aduna Moringa Superleaf Powder | Green Smoothie Recipe

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aduna moringa superleaf superfood powder green smoothie recipe blog lylia r

aduna moringa superleaf superfood powder green smoothie recipe blogger lyli

Aduna Moringa Superleaf Powder | Green Smoothie Recipe

Aduna recently sent me a tub of their glorious 'moringa' powder to review.  I'm a big fan of nutrient rich powders already. I use spirulina and chlorella every day and often add wheatgrass to food. The fact moringa is even better nutritionally than spirulina really intrigued me.  It's also supposed to taste nicer, so now I was definitely interested.  Spirulina sure has a pretty noticeable and not very desirable sea-water-algae taste to it!
Moringa is packed full of nutrients and can easily be added to a variety of foods for daily consumption.  Some of Aduna's recommendations are sprinkling onto salads or veg, baking into bread or cookies, stirring into pasta or stew, shaking into juice or cocktails and blending into ice cream or sauce.
The moringa powder is so green I just couldn't resist making a green smoothie!  I made something up on the spot and it's the best tasting green smoothie I've made to date; really thick, luxurious, creamy and delicious tasting!  I added two whole teaspoons of Aduna moringa powder to the smoothie and could not notice the taste.  So if you're not keen on the leafy taste sprinkled over salads, etc, you can get all the amazing benefits disguised in a delicious drink instead!
Moringa Green Smoothie Recipe:
1 Large Avocado
1 Large Pear
1 Kiwi
1/2 Banana
1 Cup of Oat Milk
2 Teaspoons of Aduna Moringa Powder
Just whizz the whole lot together in your blender until smooth.  If it's too thick for you, just add more oat milk.  Pour and enjoy! Delicious!
I'm going to go into a little more depth in my next blog post which is all about moringa, but for now here are five fab health benefits of taking moringa:
1. Beautifies the skin  
2. Boosts the immune system
3. Increases energy levels
4. Promotes good sleep
5. High in antioxidants
That really is just a teeny tiny snippet of the goodness of moringa.  Watch out for my next in depth blog post to discover much more!  If you can't wait, why not pop to Aduna's own website where you will find a wealth of information, recipe ideas and more benefits here: