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‘How did you start blogging?’ or similar, is a question I’ve been asked a few times.

My answer is, by accident!

When I first set up my small business website ( selling fashion accessories and costume jewellery, I naively thought people would just stumble across me somehow and I’d have loads of sales.  Well, that didn’t happen.  I quickly learnt I’d need to promote my website if I wanted people to find it among the other one billion or so websites online!

There was a blog section on my website which I hadn’t even thought of using.  After researching ways to improve my websites visibility for free, the same advice kept popping up.  Start a blog.  Blog. Blog. Blog.

At first I ignored this fantastic advice as it was not something I’d ever considered doing, but after a while it started to sink in.  Everywhere I looked said original and regular content was key to driving more traffic to a website.  Blogging it was!

At first I posted a few posts about my business, but quickly realised there was only so much I could say.  At the time I worked evenings in Boots and had started noticing beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers on Twitter.  Ah ha.  I’ll do that I thought!  It seemed like a logical next step as I sold fashion items to make people feel more beautiful, so these themes went hand in hand.  Working at Boots meant I got to try samples, receive a great discount and had access to so many beauty products every day.  I began to blog outfit posts and make up posts, mixed in with whatever chocolate or sweet treats I liked at that time.

Although I began to enjoy blogging I didn’t really enjoy what I was blogging about.  I didn’t feel passionate about it.  I was just making up blog posts for the sake of it.  At the time I also started to cut parabens and SLS from my beauty products (the very beginning of my journey to natural make up and skin care), and this soon ruled out most of Boots products.

So one day, after much thought, I decided to start writing about my life and things I actually cared about.  Foods I was eating, along with the nutrition within them.  Natural beauty products.  Small businesses.  My children and our new home. 

Do you know what?  I suddenly enjoyed blogging a whole lot more.  I was writing about things that were real to me, I had a passion for and great discoveries I wanted to share or document.  I went back through all my old posts and had a big blog clear out.  I deleted around 150 blog posts!

This was around one and a half years or so into blogging and I had changed greatly in this time.  I’d changed to a natural skin care regime, started eating mainly organic plant based foods and stopped spending so much on clothes as we had bought our first home.  Most of my old posts were really irrelevant and didn’t represent me or what I cared about anymore.  They also seemed so immaturely written too!

So, I basically became a blogger by accident.  My original business blog was meant to drive traffic to my website for my shop.  I actually enjoyed blogging and over time it evolved into a blog in its own right (and a very enjoyable extra hobby to me).  It’s now a fully-fledged lifestyle blog and long may I continue to write it! 


To read more about what I like, might blog about and blogging services I offer see my ‘about the blogger’ page!


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  1. Hi Victoria! Thanks for this neat post and honest share. I attended health coach school and became a health coach, but am now realising I want to become a wellness lifestyle blogger and photographer for middle aged ladies like myself instead. It's been an unexpected journey like yours actually, but it seems to be what's happening and I'm loving it!! You've really inspired me here! Thanks so much? Cheryl x *** VICTORIA'S REPLY *** Amazing! It's so great when finally finding something you enjoy doing isn't it? I always wonder if I'd have found blogging anyway if it hadn't of been through my online shop. It's such an enjoyable hobby and now, potentially business too! :)

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  2. Hey Victoria, Really enjoyed reading this - just goes to show the importance of writing about that which you are passionate. I think we will all have days where we struggle to write something, and will certainly have some particular posts that we care more/less about; but certainly, when you are passionate, these days are the exception, not the norm! Look forward to reading more. All the best, Nathan *** Victoria's Reply *** Thanks Nathan! I'm so glad I did discover this hobby by accident as I absolutely love it and it's also turned into a small business by itself! Not something I'd ever set out to do. It definitely is more enjoyable to write about things I am passionate about, rather than trying to fit in with a crowd :)

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  3. samantha Gargett

    And what a fantastic Blog you now have combined with your business site, which I love!. Thanks for sharing *** Victoria's Reply - thank you so much! I feel very proud of my blog now after 3 years of writing it & feel confident enough to tell people about it! ***

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  4. I've not heard of anyone getting into blogging by accident before! It always seems to be a conscious decision. Thank you for sharing! Xxx Claire *** Victoria's Reply *** Thanks for commenting Claire! I do wonder if I'd have ended up blogging anyway, if I hadn't have started my little business! Maybe I'd have stumbled into it another way?! :)

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  5. Your blogging story is one I don't think I've heard before -- becoming a lifestyle blogger by accident. Oh, all good things; never planned, are they? Thank you for sharing! *** Victoria's Reply - thanks for commenting May! No I never planned it at all and hadn't really read any blogs before I started. I now love blogging and expect I'll always continue! ***

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