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Hello, I'm Victoria. I'm passionate about making money online and boosting my full-time blogging income through side hustles and free money opportunities, which I often feature on my lifestyle blog.

Within these pages, you'll uncover helpful money-saving tips, easy-to-read family finance insights, home and garden improvement ideas, and many more lifestyle topics from healthy living to family and lifestyle dynamics, eco-friendly living to travel, and fashion to beauty, often with a financial twist.

Additionally, you'll find a treasure trove of blogging wisdom from blogging tips and blogging resources to the secrets of how bloggers make money.  Discover where to find paid blogging opportunities to monetise a blog effectively and generate a source of income.

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Money, self-employment, raising kids, working from home...

In 2012, I became a mum and first explored self-employment while on maternity leave. By 2013 I had started blogging, and by 2016 I was earning a full-time income through it. In 2017, I made the bold decision to leave my job and fully embrace self-employment.

As a former shopping addict who faced a debt crisis in my teenage years, I developed a strong passion for financial stability and becoming debt-free, this led to my blog having a large money-focus and my interest in side hustles and ways to make real free money.

Since I went self-employed, my husband has too, running a local handyman business, a handmade furniture business, home, garden and DIY websites, and an Etsy shop.

Drawing from our combined expertise and experience, my blog provides valuable insights into working from home, setting up home offices, running Etsy stores, monetising blogs, managing finances as self-employed individuals and a family, while balancing work, life, side hustles, passion projects, kids and health!

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All about Lylia Rose

Curious to how the Lylia Rose money and lifestyle blog came about? 

Or even where the strange name of Lylia Rose came from when I'm called Victoria? 

Find out in these blog posts and discover how I accidentally became a blogger...

How to make money blogging

A collection of articles if you want to make money blogging

A huge list of websites to find paid blogging opportunities

Helpful tools and resources for bloggers to make money & manage blogging tasks

FREE money back on things you already buy online & in-store!

My annual online & blogging income reports:

My revealing annual turnover income reports are a great way of digging into exactly how I make money online and from home each year. 

Click an income report below to see which online activities and side hustles were lucrative for me each year working as a full-time blogger:

I stopped writing income reports, but my home and blog earnings continue to do well, bringing in a pre-tax profit of about £52,000 per year!  The income reports above will still provide insight into how I earn this money annually.


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More amazing blogs...

I began the Lylia Rose blog in 2013 and loved blogging so much that I started two more blogs in 2018!

In my other blogs I share two more of my passions: travel and healthy living. 

My husband started a home, garden, woodwork and DIY blog in 2018.

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