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I never set out to be a ‘blogger’.  It just happened accidently (read that story here).   Yet I do notice a load of advice out there on ‘how to blog’ and ‘what you’re doing wrong as a blogger’ and so on.

I’m actually a sucker for reading these articles even though I usually don’t follow the advice!  It’s like my guilty blogging pleasure.

Here is the advice I ignore the most and why.

Pick a niche, two maximum

Perhaps this can be more varied for a lifestyle blog, but my niche is me.  I write about loads of different topics, anything that fascinates me.  Can my niche just be ‘me’?

Have a schedule 

This takes the fun out of it a little for me.  I do try to post a few times a week, but there’s no set schedule.  I might post three times in one day or three times a week every other day.  It depends how much time I have or how much I have in my head I want to get out.  I feel like personal blogs should be a little more sporadic and having a schedule to follow starts to feel very structured for a lifestyle blog.  Perhaps a schedule would work better for a business blog.

Approach businesses for reviews

I’ve had the fantastic pleasure of collaborating with numerous companies reviewing products and completing sponsored blog posts.  This was something I never set out to do when I started blogging as I didn’t even know such a thing existed.  It all happened by chance.
I’ve never once gone directly to a company and asked to do a review.  I’d feel too cheeky!  I’d also worry about putting them on the spot and making them feel awkward.  It’s also not why I blog, it’s just a great part of it if I do get offered the opportunity.
There are websites where you can apply for blogging assignments from brands that are looking for reviews or several hashtags on Twitter you can browse to find opportunities.

For me blogging is a fun and personal experience.  There shouldn’t be a list of guidelines and rules.  If you want to blog about something outside of your ‘niche’ and outside of your ‘schedule’ then I think you should blog about it.  Don’t worry about what others think so long as YOU are passionate about it.  I see some bloggers really stressing about schedules or posting times or what to blog about or not blog about and it all seems a little silly.  Blogging should be fun, happy and enjoyable and that’s the main thing.  Perhaps it’s different if you’re blogging for a business, but if it’s an individual blog then there shouldn’t be any rules.

 What do you think?  Do you disagree with me?


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  1. I don't follow the advice normally either. I blog about parenting, book reviews, other products, my crazy dog and general life (definitely not 1 or 2 things)! I blog because I like to and I do it however I like. However, I do tend to post on the same days each week but only because it spreads posts out quite evenly. I don't think there should be rules to blogging so I'm with you on not following certain things. *** Victoria's Reply - I'm quite bad at posting lots on one day! I feel so excited about them, I just want to get them out there and not wait a few days! :) ***

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  2. I agree with you on the first two points. Although I have started implementing a schedule just because that helps me remain disciplined and not just give up on blogging. However, if I haven't got the time/content then I don't force it! However, I have approached relevant brands for reviews & giveaways, with mixed success. I did feel cheeky initially, but they can only say no if it's not something they want to offer/ can't offer. By putting my details out there and requests I've created some really great partnerships, and it also means I'm interacting with brands that I know and love. *** Victoria's reply *** I'd stress if I didn't stick to a schedule. I tried blogging every other day and would feel panicky if I didn't stick to it! I have 2 jobs, volunteer and 2 small children, so for me sticking to a schedule is impossible. I've had to accept I can just blog when I have the time, whenever that may be! If I plan it then my daughter will decide to not go to bed on time or a child will be ill, so I just have to leave it all unplanned! I have collaborations which are always completed on time, but I have to give myself a few days window to cover every eventuality! Being a small business owner I feel really awkward when bloggers approach me. Of course I'd love to be able to send an item to everyone who emails me, but it's just not possible or I'd have no stock left. I get emailed a lot! I then feel bad declining the offer and worry if the blogger will stop recommending me. If I have a blogger assignment I will let bloggers know using Twitter or Bloggers Required. As a blogger I wouldn't want a business to feel like they can't say no or a little pressured incase I was to post a bad review of them (not that I would and I hope no other bloggers do this... I did see one terrible story of this which is probably why it worries me...!)

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  3. Lovely post I blog about things I'm passionate about whether it be beauty lifestyle a show or movie I'm loving relationshipsadvice etc, *** Victoria's Reply - me too! I used to try and blog just beauty and fashion to fit into a 'niche' and try and be this sort of blogger, but it really wasn't me and I didn't feel passioante about it. Now I'm proud of my blog and it's definitely 'me'! ***

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  4. Totally agree with you, I'm in two minds at the moment whether to do a review for a product or just keep my blog as my little life diary.. decisions, decisions!! ? x *** Victoria's Reply - I do reviews, but I'm very picky about what I choose and if I don't like it then I won't review it. I will only accept items that look like something I'd actually buy/use myself and I always declare when I've been sent something ***

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  5. Great post. I started stressing myself out by not consistently posting, cause that's what you should do. Think I have a better balance now *** Victoria's Reply - I was trying to post every other day and getting stressed when I couldn't. Then I thought, why am I trying to post every other day? I post when I have the time now and feel more relaxed about the whole thing. Just recently I have had whole blogging days if Ben takes both children out, so I posted lots on these days! ***

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  6. Love this post. You have some great tips and love how you say it's okay to post whenever and you shouldn't stress about it. Couldn't agree more. xo *** Victoria's Reply - thanks Sara! ***

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  7. Thanks for sharing this! It's definitely something I needed to read today! I often struggle with the 'how to's' it's hard to know if you're doing it right or wrong, where as when I first started blogging, I wasn't aware of the 'rules' so wrote about what j wanted to write about and went with it! Thanks for sharing :) *** VICTORIA'S REPLY - I think you should go with what you used to do and you'll probably be a lot happier :) Blogs are personal and individual and that is what makes them so great! ***

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  8. I completely agree with you on all these points. For me, trying to stick to a schedule only stresses me out! I try and fail and that makes me think I must be a bad blogger (I am in the middle of writing a blog post about this right now actually). I love the idea of a lifestyle blog being about the individual themselves. That's what brings me back to read blogs, as I am interested in seeing aspects of that person's life and what they like/don't like, what they get up to etc. Like you, I have read a ton of articles giving advice about being a successful blogger. I don't seem to take a lot of that advice and in the end that only seems to make me a happier blogger :) *** Victoria's Reply - Phew! So glad you agree! When I saw I had a comment I thought, uh-oh, does someone not agree!! I'm definitely happier blogging when I want to and about what I want. That's how it should be for everyone and what a lifestyle blog is all about :) It's so interesting to see what other people get up to isn't it! ***

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