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Rambling on about matcha goodness with Mighty Matcha!

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Rambling on about matcha goodness with Mighty Matcha! Lylia Rose UK Blog ve

I’m not going to stop banging on about the amazing benefits of green tea, or even better, matcha tea, any time soon!  This stuff is one of the healthiest things you can drink.  Matcha comes from green tea leaves, but these plants are shaded in order to boost their nutritional content.  Minimal processing is involved to preserve the extra nutrients.  Once harvested, the leaves are dried and stone ground to a fine awesome bright green powder called matcha.

Mighty Matcha is a very apt name.  This stuff is indeed mighty.  It has been shown to contain as many as 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea.  Considering regular green tea is often cited as being one of the healthiest drinks on the planet, matcha must have super powers in comparison!  If you’re going to drink green tea for its health benefits (and lovely taste of course, yep delicious when you get used to it, I’m not joking), then surely you should drink the best of the best,  the drink that’s going to give you the most benefits and really super charge your health.  That drink is matcha.

Mid-afternoon, say even only two and a half/three years ago, I’d easily reach for the cakes, choccie, crisps or biscuits to satisfy my rumbling tum.  I’d wash them down with a sugary tea, syrupy coffee or even a couple of years before this I’d go for a terrible aspartame containing sugary squash.  Yikes!  The thought of it now makes me feel a little sick to the stomach.  Just ten minutes ago I had my mid afternoon snack.  I had a cup of Mighty Matcha and two small oranges.  Healthy, satisfying and no sick feeling afterwards.  Energising and delicious.  Plus it’s all good for me!  My new self is definitely appalled at my old self.  I still ate a lot of healthy food and always loved fruit and veg, but I still ate and drank crap every single day!  Sorry for the language, but it really was.  It should have been a treat, but if I am honest I ‘treated’ myself every day.  Sometimes several times a day!

Anyway, the point I’m getting to is that healthy and natural and the most honest nutrient rich foods are always best.  Your body will love you for them and you’ll start feeling better than you ever did.  I don’t have the dreaded coffee slump anymore and I don’t have that fake awake feeling.  I’m sure you know the one?!  Drinking green tea and particularly matcha tea makes me feel alert, but without that terrible fuzzy forced awake coffee head feeling.  I feel like I’m also flooding my body with so much goodness, it makes it worth drinking.

The taste might be something you may need to get used to.  I’m so used to drinking green drinks and having funny tasting supplements, that my taste has adjusted to it and I look forward to these strange earthy tastes.  Matcha tea has a grassy taste, but is not as bitter as green tea bags.  The trick with green tea bags, if you hate the bitterness, is to remove the tea bag after 1-2 minutes.  You won’t believe how long it took me to figure that one out.  Doh!

If you can’t stand the taste, but want the goodness, try mixing a teaspoon into a homemade juice or smoothie.  Blending is best or a lot of whisking as matcha powder can be quite stubborn!  I purchased a proper matcha bamboo whisk online a while back.  If you’re a serious matcha drinker, you must get one!  The shape of the whisk really does dissolve all the powder.  My metal whisk never quite cut it.  I pop my powder in a bowl with half a cup of hot (boiled and left to cool for a minute) water and whisk as fast as possible using forward and backward movements, rather than circles.  Then I pour into my mug and top up with cool tap water so it’s ready to drink straight away!

Rambling on about matcha goodness with Mighty Matcha! Lylia Rose UK Blog

This rambling blog post was inspired by Mighty Matcha tea which has been the brand I’ve been drinking the past week.  It comes in a cool little tin and I love their branding.  I was sent the matcha for a possible review and I’m more than happy to shout about it!

If you fancy a tin, pop to