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Plan the perfect engagement only a fool could say no to

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Getting engaged is a big decision. Traditionally one person would decide to propose and ask that important question. It’s an exciting time. But one that can strike you with nerves. The thing is, there seems to be this added pressure to make the engagement an event. When in reality it’s just one person asking another for their hand in marriage. It’s about making a commitment. So why the big fuss?

Which is why I thought it'd be good to share with you a few tips on how to plan the perfect engagement. No stress, no drama. Just taking that moment to ask a simple question to commit for the rest of your lives. So if you want to plan the perfect engagement that only a fool would say no to, read on for some helpful hints.

Think about the location

I do think that it’s not all about the fuss when it comes to getting engaged, but the location can be an important factor. It’s good to consider a place that has some meaning to you both. Perhaps a special place where you shared an intimate moment or had your first date. The options are endless. You may want to create a new memory with a brand new place. So it could become the place you got engaged. Whatever you decide, factor in the ambience and atmosphere.

Design your engagement ring

The engagement ring is the key element to this. While it’s nice to go and choose something, and there is nothing wrong with that. Why not consider doing something different and designing a ring yourself. You could take into consideration your partner's favourite cut of diamond perhaps. By purchasing certified loose diamonds and placing them together to create something unique. It could certainly give your engagement the wow factor.   And, if you need ideas for engagement ring designs – why not head over to DC Jewellery engagement rings and look for some inspiration!

Take time to think about what you want to say

Let’s be honest. At this life changing moment, you may end up with a problem with nerves. It’s understandable. So prepare yourself and think ahead about what you want to say. Practice it, write it down. Do whatever it is that will help you memorise the key points. You won’t want to look back and have a memory of you not saying what was in your heart.

Make plans to capture the moment

A new trend that is sweeping the nation is capturing these precious moments. Perhaps considering having a photographer hidden to capture the moment. Or setting up a camera to video the whole reaction. There are plenty of things you could consider. By planning ahead, you could get some excellent pictures and footage that could feature in the wedding.

Enjoy the moment

Finally, try and enjoy the moment yourself. Sure you are the one that’s doing the organising and the popping of the question. But it’s also a special day for you. It’s easy to get wrapped up in it all and forget that it’s about you and your loved on making a commitment. That should be celebrated.

Final word

I hope this inspires you to plan an unforgettable proposal.  Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best.  Just remember married life is all about your love and commitment and doesn't have to be about making a big show!