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Bidvine review: how to get local professional photography quotes for your blog

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When we moved into our new home a couple of years ago we needed lots of work carried out by professionals such as builders and plumbers.  Since we didn’t know anyone ourselves we set about using Google to try and find someone.

With so many to choose from and not knowing where to start, we luckily stumbled across a quote website for builders where we could post a job and interested builders could reply.

We could also read their reviews from previous customers before deciding who to choose.  This website made our lives so much easier!

Well, imagine if there was such a website where you can find any local service professional.

I’m talking about jobs around the house, photographers, music lessons, tutors, personal trainers, caterers, wedding planners… basically anything you can think of.  Wouldn’t this make life so much easier?

I’m happy to report that this very website does exist!

I was recently contacted by local services website Bidvine to see if I’d like to review their website which does all of this and is impressively simple to use.

Read on to learn what Bidvine is.

One thing that is very useful for us bloggers is improving photography skills.

After all, having beautiful images to gaze at which also compliment our writing is very important.  Photos alone can attract visitors.

I’m always put off by a blog which has unclear blurry dark photos.  It can seem careless and uninspiring.

Now I know my own photos aren’t award worthy, but I do put quite a bit of effort into making sure the light is right, photo is clear and the picture is nice to look at.  I don’t have a ‘proper’ camera, but if I did I would need lessons to learn how to use it properly and for some tips on how to take professional looking photos from good angles, etc.

With this in mind I decided to see if I could search for ‘photography lessons’ on Bidvine and I could!

The best quote I received was £50 per hour which seems like incredible value to me.  The photography teacher had almost 40 years experience working for some major publications and seemed delighted to be able pass on knowledge to a keen beginner.

If you’re looking to brush up your photography skills, I think £50 is an affordable amount to treat yourself to.  I’m sure the lessons would prove invaluable.

But perhaps photography lessons aren’t for you and in fact it would be a whole lot easier to hire a professional for a day to capture a ton of lifestyle stock photos around your home for you to build your very own personal stock photo collection for use on your blog.

Yep, this can be done!

Simply post your exact job requirements on Bidvine and let the professionals come to you with their quotes.

This is exactly what I trialled on Bidvine and I wasn’t disappointed with the process, in fact I’d highly recommend it.  If only I’d know about this site when hiring professionals for my wedding!  It would have saved hours of research!

To post a job on Bidvine you type the service you need and enter your postcode.  Next you’ll be asked a few questions to clarify exactly what you’re after, including your budget, to ensure you reach only the most relevant professionals.

Oh, and you can choose whether you’re happy to go to them or if you’d like them to come to you.  You really can specify exactly what you want.

Once done, enter your email so you can be contacted with quotes, sit back and wait for the quotes to roll in!  From start to finish I think I was able to post my quote within a minute or so! 

Within a couple of hours of posting my jobs I started receiving quotes.  I am very impressed with the speediness of some quotes.  I wasn’t expecting any for a few days, so to receive relevant quotes pretty much instantly is quite amazing.

The quality of the quotes received was also spot on.  The interested parties were able to deliver exactly what I asked for and rather than just reply with a figure, they replied with detailed information of exactly what they can offer.

I’d definitely recommend Bidvine to anyone and everyone who needs to hire a local professional.  It’s so easy to use and the request submission process ensures you get quotes only for exactly what you’re after, saving a great deal of time.

So why not save time, money and stress, and let the professionals come to you?

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