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Tamar Geller: NYT bestseller + celebrity dog trainer

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This is an advertorial with Tammar Geller.

Are you looking for the top private dog trainer in Los Angeles?  Then you are looking for Tamar Geller.  She is a bestseller according to the New York Times, and a dog trainer for many celebrities, including Ben Affleck, Oprah, and Larry King. What makes her training so different is that you can get the same training provided to you that these celebrities do, without having to worry about the paparazzi following you around!

What Makes Tamar Geller the Best Private Dog Trainer in Los Angeles?

Tamar takes a different approach than other dog trainers.  She believes that you are going to get the best behaviour out of your dog if you approach each training lesson with love and fun.  She distracts dogs from bad behaviours, and encourages good behaviours, all with her playful style of dog training. You can opt to have an individual training session with her, or you can attend one of her group courses. If you want to stay home, you can take one of the online dog training courses she offers, or you can speak with her privately over Skype if you need pointers on how to better train your beloved dog. 

When you are ready to train your dog, turn to the best private dog trainer around. She knows what she is talking about, and has proven it time and again. Listen to her advice, and read through all of the testimonials of her happy clients. They will show you why she is the private dog trainer that you want to turn to. Give your dog the tools it needs to seek out ways of making your bond even deeper through positive behaviours and regular fun-filled experiences with you.  You will both love the results you get when Tamar Geller is your guide. 


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