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Office yoga poses you can do at your desk

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Did you know there are 160,000 hip replacements every year in the UK?  I had no idea and I’m totally shocked by this figure.  Most of them are the result of our sedentary lifestyles; in other words, far too much sitting! 

Unfortunately it’s not something most of us can escape as we may have to work sitting at a desk for eight or more hours a day.  Sore backs, stiff legs and achy hips are just some of the common complaints of sitting at a desk.  Oh, and don’t forget the terrible posture you’ll develop hunched over your keyboard leaning down all day long. 

Thankfully the problem is becoming recognised with ergonomic office chairs, foot stools and even wrist rests becoming staple items for the average office worker in recent years.  Standing desks have been gaining popularity too.   There are also lots of tips and tricks for staying healthy and even keeping fit whilst sitting at a desk.  One thing you may not have thought of is yoga. 

Yep, you can even do yoga right from your office chair.  No longer are you only confined to your local village hall in neat lines on a grippy mat out of work hours - you can now practice yoga poses quite easily from the very comfort of your office chair.  Not only is yoga good for the body, but the mind too.  You’ll feel ready to tackle the working day, stretched out, less stressed and more comfortable in no time.

3 yoga poses for office workers







I remember recently reading a news report saying office workers who sit at a desk for a full working day, 7-8 hours, need to do one hour of exercise each day to counteract the negative effects all this sitting around has.  In my experience, unless they’re a gym bunny, most people do not get this exercise each day. 

A drive to work, a sit at a desk, a drive home, a sit on a sofa all evening, a lie down in bed… sound familiar?

Luckily for us Furniture At Work™ created the below video with quite humorous but aptly named yoga poses to undo the damage of the desk.

Wouldn’t it be great if the lights dimmed, a huge screen came on and the whole office took five minutes to do some yoga?  Perhaps in the health conscious offices of the future! 

Or perhaps you already work in a trendy healthy office which does this?

Office yoga poses video