Timeless style: what exactly is 'slow' fashion? *

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Timeless style what exactly is slow fashion

Get involved with the latest eco friendly trend 'slow fashion'

We're all familiar with fast fashion - clothes that are cheaply made, mass produced and probably won't last more than four outings before the seams start to unravel.

We're not bothered because the prices are so low we can just buy another dress when the other one gets a rip in it!

Fast fashion is also trend based, so the chances are we'll only be wearing that floral jumpsuit a few weeks before something else comes along  and it goes out of fashion...

As you might have guessed this fast fashion love is not eco-friendly.

However, whispers amongst the clothes rails speak of something altogether more eco-friendly: The rise of slow fashion.



What is it? 

Today, we're all so busy living our lives, rushing around to meetings and constantly on our phones posting pictures of the awesome time we're having to Facebook that we're forgetting to enjoy the experience.

Much like the Norwegians invented 'slow TV,' something that is gradually catching on in other countries up and coming designer, Anne Bernecker, is hoping to show the fashion industry that it's OK to slow couture down a little.

She believes we need to hold on to items, reusing them until they fall apart instead of throwing beautiful clothes away in a rush to buy newer, trendier items.

The clothes are aimed at everyone, yet those who are particularly concerned about the environment will be pleased with the concept of slow couture.

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Where can I find them?

While the collection is very much a concept idea, there will, however, be a full selection available. Including stunning vintage denim dresses that are customised by hand with sequins, beads, feathers, applique and even dip-dye techniques to help them stand out from every other brand.

The idea is that wearers will think before they buy, holding onto unique, special garments that'll turn the concept of what's classed as a trend on its head.

The designer also hopes that her collection will get people thinking about what's in their wardrobes that could be customised, re-infusing new life into clothes that we no longer wear and updating items that the fashion industry has deemed as 'out' rather than 'in.'

Humans also tend to attach emotions to physical objects so by embracing the slow way now, i.e., wearing a particular jacket, or skirt could, in future, become a treasured garment full of happy memories.


Pexels By: Irene Lasus

Why should I buy a piece?

Tipped to be the next big thing, slow fashion is sure to have a significant impact on our relationship with clothes but it'll also have us redefining what matters to us.

Fashion is as much about the materials, and fabrics that the clothes themselves are made from and the people creating them as it is about looking good on a night out.

The industry has a responsibility to us as consumers and those who work in her factories to make sure we aren't over producing garments.

By breaking the chains that keep us slaves to the style section you could also find yourself a lot happier. After all, if everyone's wearing the same jacket, skirt or dress for longer than a couple of weeks, there's much less pressure to debut a brand new outfit every single time you step out the front door.

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