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Get paid to test websites from home with What Users Do

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Earn extra income with What Users Do (£5 per 20 minutes)

Have you heard of website testing?  It’s a great way to earn some extra income from home.  In fact at the time of writing this they pay £5 per test and each text takes up to 20 minutes.  That’s some great extra cash in your spare time!

The website I am talking about is called What Users Do.  Apply to be a tester and once accepted they’ll email you whenever they have a test for you.  You’ll get to do an example test during the sign up process so you can see what it’s all about, but believe me, it’s really very simple.

You will need to download a screen recorder from them to enable you to record your testing sessions.  The screen recorder is activated at the start of the test and ends once complete.  The recording is then uploaded to What Users Do and voila, five pounds in your pocket.

You’ll be given a website to visit and instructions to follow to see how you use the website.  You don’t need to have any expertise – anyone can do it.  They’ll guide you through the whole process and it’s not complicated at all.  If you have any questions they have a very friendly and helpful customer service.  I had a slight issue trying to install the screen recorder and they could not have been more helpful in assisting me.

There are just four simple steps to becoming a tester:

  • Sign-up
  • Download screen recorder
  • Take a practice test
  • Start earning money

You’ll get to test new and exciting websites, as well as many well-known brands.  You can provide your feedback as you test (via your microphone, so make sure you have one, my laptop has a built in one so yours might too) and help to improve website usability.

Payment is via PayPal on the 25th of each month.  The better you complete each test, the more you’ll be offered.

It's not going to make a full time wage, tests expected are 3-5 per month, but add this to your other home earnings and it will start to tot up in no time