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6 easy ways to decorate a dining room *

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Since the only function of the dining room is eating, it’s easy to forget that this particular area can benefit from the same level of attention you would dedicate to a living room, bedroom or a patio. And to some degree, it’s easy to understand why we don’t think about decorating the dining room too often. Why would you dedicate the same amount of time and money to a room you only use once or twice a day? On the other hand, maybe the lack of ambiance is the main reason why nobody likes spending time there.

Decorating your dining room is a great way to inspire your family to use it more often. If your family doesn’t eat at the table but prefers a TV dinner, a reinvented dining room might encourage your family to come together and have a chat over a delicious meal.

There are several strong arguments for decorating your dining room. Maybe you want to accent a brand new, elegant piece of modern furniture like the dining table with an equally impressive centerpiece. Or you may want to compensate for a lack of a better view or the lack of any windows whatsoever.

In this article, I am going to present you with a few easy dining room décor ideas you and your family can enjoy.

Repurpose it

If your dining room is constantly cluttered with items like children’s toys or magazines, nobody will perceive the dining room as such. A dining room is exactly that, and should not be used as a storage unit or a playroom. You need to make your family aware that they are not to use the dining room for anything else but dining, especially not making it look like you've invested in a self storage unit! After you’ve decluttered the area, new decorating opportunities will open up.

Provide Enough Storage Space

A good way to ensure your dining room is not cluttered is to provide enough storage space. By keeping your glasses, tablecloths and placemats in your dining room you can ease up some space in the kitchen as well. Plus, you can have everything you need to set the table in one place. You could also add a stocked bar for fancy evening dinner parties. Accent your glassware with some ambient lights and you can blend function and décor.

Scale Up the Dining Table

Depending on the size of your family, you may want to get a bigger or a smaller dining table that fits your dining room. It should be able to accommodate your family. No more, no less. Sometimes simply downsizing your table will give your dining room a fresh new look. If your dining table is too big, it will take up a lot of space and make the room appear empty. On the other hand, if you often have guests, consider an expandable table.

You can even get a dining table that doubles up as a ping pong table or a snooker table, so you can make the dining room multipurpose if you wish.

Give Your Dining Room an Identity

When talking about décor, there’s nothing that breathes life into the dining room more than displaying artwork on the walls. Turn your dining room into a mini gallery or display your family photos. Not only will they look great, they are also a great conversation starter.

Reinforce the Focal Point

The dining table is obviously the focal point of the dining room. It is the first thing to draw everyone’s attention in a large room. However, in a small dining room, it might not be as obvious. To further accent its importance, place a rug under the table to separate it from the rest of the flooring.

Mind the Lighting

Sometimes even the lighting can make a difference in setting the ambient in your dining room. A popular addition to any dining room is a chandelier. They are glamorous, sophisticated and throw the spotlight onto the focal point of the room. You can go with something less flamboyant or add ambient lights. Another great way to brighten up the room is adding mirrors to reflect the light around the room.

Final word

There are many ways you can redecorate to create a warm and welcoming dining room for you and your guests.