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The dos and don’ts of dining room decor

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The dos and don'ts of dining room decor

Dining room decor tips

Want your dining room to be a warm and inviting environment for guests? There are several wrong moves that can result in a dining room décor disaster. Avoid these and stay tasteful by sticking to some of these dos and don’ts.

Don’t mismatch

Mismatched furniture won’t just make you look disorganised; it’s bad for your dining room’s feng shui. This Chinese decorating philosophy is also about having a sense of order to a room in order to make it more relaxing. Too many conflicting items could make people agitated and make them less comfortable in your home. This applies also to glassware, cutlery and plates. In the case of chairs, having lots of different ones can also cause everyone to sit at different heights, or make people jealous over other people’s chairs. There are a few quirky cafes that can get away with the mismatched look but only certain people will be able to get away with this in their own home.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dining Room Décor

Do consider an extendable table

A large table helps to cater for those occasions when you have lots of guests round, but what about a regular family meal or a romantic meal for two? This is where an extendable dining table set can come in use allowing you to make it smaller or bigger depending on the occasion. The middle section and any spare chairs can then be stowed away in a shed, garage or attic when not in use.

In some rooms, be aware that a circular table may be more appropriate than a rectangular one. For one, you can position more people around a circular table without having someone awkwardly positioned on a corner. It may also help cancel out any hierarchy as there’ll be no head to the table.  

Don’t choose too big an overhead lampshade

Be careful of elaborate and bulky overhead light fittings. If the lampshade is over two thirds the width of the table, it’s likely to cast shadows on the faces of everyone around the table. A smaller lampshade will ensure the room is adequately lit. Choose warm lighting for a social get-together. For something more intimate, you may want to forget about the overhead light and opt for corner lighting instead, or even candles.

Do think about colours

The colours matter more in your dining room than any other room. Yellow and orange hues are some of the two best tones for the dining room. They’re warm and energetic, encouraging conversation whilst also complimenting the colour of food. Blues and greens are more suited to the bathroom and bedroom, as they are more relaxing and cool and less likely to stimulate conversation. Red can sometimes work in a dining room setting, although may be too intense. Its relationship with anger could result in some heated table talk!

Don’t have a carpet

Carpets and dining rooms don’t go well together. Whilst they can look inviting, any food or drink that is dropped will be harder to clean. Laminate wood flooring is the most popular choice for dining rooms. Darker woods are likely to give off more of a sense of sophistication and may be more appropriate in an older home. For newer homes with more modern decor, lighter wood may complement the furnishing better. Vinyl and tiles could be another option to consider. Just be aware of the type of chairs you have – the legs could scratch the flooring material that you choose. Certain finishes may protect the flooring more against scraping furniture, as well as making the floor easier to clean.

Do consider foody themes

To help boost people’s appetite, why not incorporate a few foody themes into the room? This could be anything from food shaped ornaments to paintings of fruit. You could even get creative with wine bottle candles holders or flavoured scented candles. Be aware of things that may subliminally put people off their dinner. This may include cleaning chemicals or pets. Try to limit clutter altogether – even if it is foody clutter. Too much stuff will be distracting to guests and get in the way of organic conversation.

How is your dining room decorated?  Let me know in the comments!

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