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How to look professional in comfortable work clothes

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Dressing well for work is essential for many women. If you work in an office or another professional environment, you need to look smart while you're working.

In recent years, the rules for many workplaces have relaxed slightly, so you don't need to be as formal as you might once have been. However, you can still be required to look smart and polished, and this can be tough if you also want to be comfortable.

You don't want your clothes to feel stiff or your shoes to hurt your feet, especially if you have a long day ahead of you. Fortunately, you can look professional and feel comfortable at the same time.

Follow these tips to look smart, but be comfy at work.

Choose clothes with stretch

One of the things that can make you feel uncomfortable at work is if your clothes are too restricting. This can be the case with a suit or other smart clothes, especially if they're off-the-rack.

If you spend a lot of time sitting down or moving from standing to sitting and vice versa, you don't want to feel like your clothes are rubbing or pinching you.

If you choose clothes with a slight stretch, you can feel more comfortable and still look smart. Materials from cotton to knitwear can have a comfortable stretch to them, so you feel like your clothes move with you.

Dress up with a jacket

Almost anything can be made to look smarter with a jacket. If you start off with some fairly casual and comfortable clothes, you can turn your outfit smart-casual by throwing on a jacket.

A blazer style works well, especially if it has a tailored look to it. However, a blazer isn't the only option. You can also choose other jacket styles, from little boleros to longline jackets.

Experiment with what you have to see what works. Jackets can be comfortable to wear all day, as long as they're not too heavy, especially during the cooler months.

Ditch the heels for smart flats

Heels might be the traditional office footwear, but more and more women have begun to reject them as work shoes. They might look good and perhaps even make you feel confident, but they're not always the best for wearing at work.

If you have to walk around a lot or even just stand, they can hurt your feet, as well as your legs or back. For a more comfortable option, a pair of smart flats can look just as professional.

It's now regarded as rather old-fashioned to expect women to wear heels to work. If you do want something of a heel, go for something smaller, up to only about an inch or inch and a half.

Some work environments will expect you to wear a certain uniform, or part uniform, and this may involve them requiring a certain type of shoe.  If you work in the police force then you may need to wear police boots.  You'll still be able to find a wide selection of choice and offers on such boots by checking the boots section at Police Offers Discount for a style that suits you.  

If you work in a warehouse you may need to wear steel capped boots, or in a demanding job on your feet all day then a pair of tactical boots can be the better option.  The right shoes for your type of job and its demands will allow you to be comfortable all day and therefore more productive at work.

Accessorise like a pro

Accessories can also help to make a comfortable outfit look more professional. If you start with a few basic pieces, you can easily dress up more by adding the right accessories. A sleek watch, a scarf or a statement necklace can elevate your outfit and make it appropriate for the office.

Your work clothes don't need to be uncomfortable. You can dress professionally and still feel comfortable.