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A sneak peek at my new dedicated bedroom blogging space

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Our bedroom has been one part of our home that, until recently, has had the least attention.  I’m not the sort for a romantic boudoir or anything particularly girly, so it’s been hard to reflect my style in our bedroom.  It’s taken a long time to come up with ideas, or find things I like.  I finally feel like I’m getting there, three years after buying our home.  The most recent addition to our bedroom is a blogging desk in the corner of the room.  A brand new space for me to sit and blog to my heart’s content late into the evenings!

A sneak peek at my new dedicated bedroom blogging space - My minimal inspir

sneak peek at my new bedroom minimal blogging space design with desk from k

Owl Vase - sneak peek at my new bedroom minimal blogging space with desk fr

I’d not thought about putting a desk in our bedroom before.  We had an office desk in the bedroom of our old home, but it really didn't look right.  It was a big typical looking wooden desk with a black swivel office chair.  It just felt way too office like for a bedroom and not visually pleasing at all, so when we moved we got rid of the lot and I said ‘no desks in the bedroom!’

copper star geometric candle holder - new bedroom minimal blogging space wi

Luckily desks don’t all have to look so formal and work like.  They can actually look quite fitting in the corner of a bedroom if you pick the right frame and colour.  To suit my white minimalistic theme throughout my home I chose a small A-frame desk with one single drawer; nothing too fussy or large, just a perfect little desk to fit neatly in the corner of our bedroom and to blend in with the rest of the decor.

sneak peek at my new bedroom minimal blogging space with desk from kit out

I had no idea if it would make our room look any less like a bedroom and perhaps even strange, but it actually brings the whole room together.  We had rather a blank space of wall and floor opposite our bed which looked quite plain and I had no idea what to fill it with, until the blogging desk idea.

Hello Lovely Notebooks - sneak peek at my new bedroom minimal blogging spa

We do have a home office space downstairs.  It’s a converted garage which is two thirds a playroom and one third an office and storage area.  It feels like quite a formal area with calendars, household bills, paperwork, printers, scanners and the general clutter of family life regularly piling up on top of it.  I mostly choose to blog in the calmer living room sat at the dining room table, or with the laptop perched on a cushion on my lap.  Now I have my very own separate blogging space away from the hustle and bustle of organising our family schedules and separate from the living area.  A place I can sit away from the craziness of family life, if I need to, to work in peace and quiet.  A little blogging corner of my own.

Working from home is definitely more of a pleasure than a chore, but cabin fever can set in and I often feel I am here 24/7.  The walls can start to feel though they are closing in sometimes.  A new blogging space will give me the freedom to change my surroundings and pick and choose where I work in the house.

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