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5 weird and wonderful gadgets that you need in your kitchen

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There are no limits to technology in this day and age and innovative new gadgets are created everyday to try and make our day to lives that little bit easier. If gadgets and technology aren’t your thing, you’re likely to feel a little overwhelmed with everything you can do at the click of a button these days. However, the most of us are suckers when it comes to new and exciting inventions to have around the home – especially in the kitchen. From induction hobs to self-cleaning ovens and juice makers with a million ‘pulse’ settings our kitchens are becoming more and more modern. Here are the five of the hottest must-have kitchen gadgets.

Intelligent Bins

Yes, you read that right. ‘Smart Bins’ are just the latest craze coming to your kitchen. If you thought a pedal bin was slightly futuristic then you aint seen nothing yet. If you’re sick of your regular, slightly smelly, slightly stained and rusty bin then this might just be the answer. Gone are the mild breakdowns when its time to empty the bin because everyone has overfilled it…again and gone are the days of split bin bags and Tuesday’s spaghetti all over your clean kitchen floor. The ‘smart bin’ contains different compartments in the one container so that you can easily separate your waste as well as keeping everything clean because the food caddy is removable. The best part is, the bin has a number of ways of keeping itself odour free. It takes custom fit liners and has breathable holes to get rid of any whiffs that might destroy your overall kitchen ambiance. The downside being the bin will only take specific bin liners meaning this might be a slightly pricey investment.

Kitchen Lighting

Of course, kitchen lighting is no modern affair, I’m pretty sure lighting in the kitchen has been around since the creation of the lightbulb, but the different types you can get in this day and age really are something else. From spotlights and plinth lighting to add dimension, to under cabinet and dimmer switches to create atmosphere and mood, lighting your kitchen has never been such a huge (and confusing) decision. However, get it right and it really makes a big difference to how your kitchen looks. Did you know you can even get colour changing switches? Disco in the kitchen anyone? Why the hell not!

Fancy Taps

Now you can get taps that not only look fancy but also do fancy things. The day has finally come where a need for a kettle or hot water dispenser in the kitchen is no more. Boiling water taps mean making your cuppa is an instant job. Instead of just a hot and a cold setting, these new taps have a hot, cold and boiling setting – so simply pop in the tea bag and run it under the tap. Magical. If this doesn’t sound like your thing then maybe a tap with a fitted water filter might be more you?

Self-Heating Knives

Weird or wonderful, whichever way you look at it, this invention is simple yet unbelievably genius. Everyone knows that refrigerated butter is an absolute pain to spread onto toast, bread or even to cut. A heated knife will create beautifully soft butter and stress free toast in no time at all. It works by conducting body heat from the handle to the blade in just 20 seconds. I think we all need one.

Smart Coffee Machine

It seems that everything is ‘smart’ these days, but one of these might just be as smart as they come. Coffee machines are great if you are a coffee fanatic or simply just love a well-made coffee rather than the stuff from a jar – but what about a coffee machine that you can control from your smartphone? As soon as your alarm sounds you can select for the machine to begin making the magic stuff so when you reach the kitchen a hot steaming cup of caffeine awaits you. Who doesn’t dream about that?  Check out our article to learn how long does a coffee machine take to pay for itself?