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Why big bloggers might not interact as much (and an explanation about my own comments)

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A few times on Twitter I’ve seen bloggers or fans of bloggers complaining the big time bloggers don’t interact as much anymore or don’t reply to every message.  It may seem like a shame that when a blogger starts getting more followers and making money from their blog that they don’t talk to their fans as much, but let me tell you, I get it.

I am by no means a big blogger whatsoever.  I’m a tiny weeny minnow blogger in comparison, but I still can feel overwhelmed by the amount of admin (‘blogmin’), social media messages and blog comments I need to respond to.  

Plus there’s the finding paid blog work, writing paid blog work, writing my own posts, promoting them, scheduling them, tweaking my website, researching, training myself and everything else that comes daily with being a full time blogger around also being a mum to a 5 year old and 2 year old. 

Hats off to those big bloggers who still manage to respond to every message as mine are not even half a percent of what some of them must receive!

Just yesterday I checked my Blog Comments folder in my emails and I had 52 new blog comments!

Around half of them are on my giveaways, but that still left 20+ to read and approve.  My website unfortunately makes this task very long winded as I have to scroll through all my blog posts by date in an archive to locate the blog the comment is for (the blog link is emailed to me), then approve it. 

If a blogger leaves their website address I like to go and visit their blog to see if there is a post that stands out to me and I will share the blog love and return a comment.

Since yesterday this has taken me around 2 hours so far and I now have 17 more blog comments already.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I LOVE to receive comments, but I’m just showing how it can be very time consuming and sharing my excuse of why it sometimes takes me so long personally! 

So if you are following a full time blogger or one of the really big bloggers, they may not have time to reply or return every single blog comment.  To them that would be a full time job in itself, but it doesn’t mean they don’t read them and don’t love to receive them.

I always read every comment and eventually approve it, it just may take me a few days, bear with me; they’re not lost in cyber space.  I like to manually approve as unfortunately there are lots of spam comments and sometimes the odd mean comment where I simply hit delete!

The one downfall of my own comments section is I can’t reply to your actual comment.  I can write within the same comment, but you won’t be alerted of it.  It’s something I’ve asked my website providers to look into, but the platform I use is actually an ecommerce platform, I never thought in the beginning I’d be a blogger, so it’s very basic and blogging isn’t their focus so my request for developments may never materialise. 

If I could see all the outstanding blog comments in one place like on WordPress, approve them and reply to them on one screen it would make things a gazillion times easier.  

Perhaps I should move to WordPress.  I’ve been umming and aahing about this and I don’t even know if it’s possible from my platform.  Plus I’ve been with Create for over 4 years and they are a fantastic company and I love the look of my website.  I have over 700 blog posts, imagine if it went wrong and I lost everything. 

For now I'll stick with this website and platform... but I may just have to turn blog comments off.  I love getting them, but as my website grows, I just don't have the admin time available to manage them unfortunately, especially with it being so time consuming and difficult on this platform I use.  We'll see.  Hopefully they'll update the comments system and I can have them back on.