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A list of 50 free and cheap things to do in the summer holidays with kids

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The summer holidays are in full swing and we are already two and a half out of six weeks in to them in Gloucestershire.  One thing a lot of us worry about in the holidays is the cost of days out and keeping the kids entertained, but it doesn’t always have to be expensive.  Kids love the simple things and have fun with very little using their imaginations.

Here are a lot of mostly free activities you can do with your children in the summer holidays and a few low cost ideas, with some input from my five year old.

50 free and cheap things to do in the summer holidays:

  1. Junk Modelling (save recycling, clean it out and let the kids have it with a stack of paints and glue)
  2. Jumping in muddy puddles (there will definitely be rainy days in the UK)
  3. Playparks
  4. Make the most of your garden
  5. Hide and Seek (indoors or outdoors)
  6. Walk in the woods
  7. Neighbourhood walk
  8. Self portraits (or even better, draw each other!)
  9. Read a story
  10. Watch a Disney film
  11. Go to the beach
  12. Walk up a hill
  13. Feed the ducks
  14. Do a jigsaw
  15. Play catch
  16. Go to the soft play
  17. Get books from the library
  18. Make cardboard box cars
  19. Have a picnic
  20. Camp in the garden
  21. Make an obstacle course in the garden
  22. Try a Toucanbox kids craft box
  23. Pick and press flowers
  24. Make a bug house
  25. Spot butterflies
  26. Blow bubbles
  27. Have a water fight
  28. Play in a sand pit
  29. Model playdoh
  30. Grow your own veg, herbs and salad (cheat with a cheap plant from a garden centre)
  31. Plant some flowers
  32. Make 3 ingredient healthy ice lollies
  33. Build a den
  34. Play Twister
  35. Go swimming
  36. Build with lego
  37. Walk along a canal path
  38. Fly a kite
  39. Go trampolining (or trampoline in your garden if you have one)
  40. Collect pebbles and paint them
  41. Make and send postcards
  42. Go berry picking
  43. Eat outside (and cook outside if your kids are old enough to help with a BBQ)
  44. Make a summer holiday scrapbook
  45. Play rounders in a field
  46. Turn up the music and have a kitchen disco
  47. Visit a charity shop for cheap toys and games
  48. Draw on the patio with outdoor chalks
  49. Fill up the paddling pool
  50. Create a treasure hunt in your home or garden

Hopefully this list will inspire you to find something free to do to entertain the children and perhaps spark some ideas of your own!

A list of 50 free and cheap things to do in the summer holidays with kids