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August 2017: A sneak peek at my blog income and stats

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‘If you’re wondering how much money I make from blogging, read on. I share all with you in my monthly blog income reports.  These are a great resource for me to look back on and also for anyone who is interested in what I earn from blogging or what can be made. 

It’s not to show off, but to show how much money can be made online from a blog.  It’s important to note this is my full time income.   I left my employed job and I work on my blog all the time.  Like, ALL the time.  It’s my passion and my focus.  I have no personal social media or any distractions.  I also have no social life, or very little!  I devote all my spare time to my blog and website.  It’s my obsession.

If I am on my phone or laptop, I am always doing something blog related.  I put in 30-40 hours a week at the moment whenever I can.  I sacrifice evenings with my husband to work on my website.  He is now used to me not listening to him as I’m so engrossed in my laptop or phone!  Once both my children are at school then I’ll work out a better work routine if my blog is still making enough money.  I hope to then work in the day only and have my evenings and weekends back, if possible!’

August 2017 Total Blog Income: £1462.56

This month was a surprising month as I was expecting to earn a lot less due to the summer holidays.  I’ve had less time to blog, plus we went abroad the first week of August to visit family. I was expecting a lot of PRs and agencies to have staff on holidays, so had no idea if work would dry up for the summer.  It wasn’t as busy as usual and I had a lot of junk offers to deal with, but I’m very pleased with my blog earnings.

Here’s the breakdown of my blog related income for August:

Blog posts








Blog posts include reviews, sponsored posts and giveaways.  I charge for all three unless it’s a very high value item I really want.  My blog is my business so I do not give away my time and effort for free if someone wants me to work with them.  Plus it’s taken me a huge amount of time over 4.5 years to build everything up, so all this has to be taken into consideration. I get emails daily from companies wanting me to advertise their products, post their ‘guest’ posts or review items with no compensation.  I always reply with my fees and only collaborate with those who value a blogger’s time.

September Blogging Target

I’ve given myself an overall target of £1500 for September, but this is from all my home money making schemes: matched betting, blogging, mystery shopping and online selling.  Blogging usually gives the biggest part of my income and I focus on it the most.