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3 ways to welcome autumn into your home

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Admittedly, autumn doesn’t technically begin until the 22nd of September. However, glance outside and you’re likely to see leaves that are already in the process of changing colour. The temperature for most of the UK has been autumnal for a while now, so it definitely feels the part. While summer might have been wonderful, it’s time to embrace the reality: autumn is upon us and you'll need your winter wardrobe coats, boots and hats soon.

However much you may hate to say goodbye to summer, there’s plenty to be enjoyed about autumn. One of the best changes is how the nights become longer, encouraging more nights in on the sofa, relaxing and bonding as a family. It therefore makes sense to welcome autumn into your home with a few home style changes; just little, superficial things that can nevertheless signal a change of season as the weather cools around you.

What sort of changes might you want to consider?

1. Switch Your Scent

Summer is the time for home fragrance that is bright and cheerful; floral; perhaps even tropical. With scented candles and wax melts, it’s almost possible to close your eyes and see yourself on a beach somewhere just by inhaling the fragrance of your home.

Those fragrances are divine, but they’re not going to work for autumn. Switch up your fragrances to something softer and more indulgent, such as cake and sweet fragrances that make your home smell like a bakery. Add a hint of spice and you’ve got autumn fragrance all sewn up.

2. Tone and Soften With Homewares

It’s a well-established fact that good homewares can transform any property, so it makes sense to investigate the homeware choices that can bring your home into the season. Red and copper hues are the colours of autumn, so look for bedding, cushions, and any other accessory that can add a more seasonal feel.

While there’s no need to completely renovate your home, this is a great time of year to add a few softer touches also. Think big chunky throws and thick velvet curtains, which not only help to trap heat but look the stylish part as well.

3. LED Lighting

We’re still quite a long way from when the clocks are due to go back, but there’s no doubt that the nights are beginning to close in all the earlier now. You’re going to want to fight back against the encroaching dark, but you don’t want to lose the cosy feeling of enjoying an autumn night - so you’re not going to want to turn on the main light.

The best solution is to invest in LED lighting, most of which are battery-powered. You can look for strings to drape over the mantelpiece, or opt for standing figures - ampersand and arrow shapes are still popular, giving the entire room a retro feel at the same time. These small lighting accessories might not be bright enough to read by, but they will add a splash of light without spoiling the overall tone on the evening.