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5 great reasons to get an attic conversion

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One of the things on our home improvements bucket list is an attic conversion.  Providing we can comply with building regulations, we’d like to turn our attic into a bedroom. 

We’d be able to create a staircase above our existing staircase, but the entrance to this will need to come from Reuben’s current bedroom which is the smallest bedroom in our home.  The children will then have the two large bedrooms upstairs and we’d have a two storey bedroom. 

We’d not lose any space in the small bedroom so this will become a joint office for me and Ben. 

My office is currently a quarter of the playroom, so it will enable us to make the playroom a little bigger.  It will also give me more privacy when I have some important work to do.  I’ll be able to lock myself away in a separate room to really concentrate if the children and Ben are around. 

We’ll then be able to create a cosy attic bedroom with ensuite.  It will be quite small, but luckily I’m minimal and I’d quite like a bed under two sloping ceilings with fairy lights creating a perfect snuggly, romantic and quirky bedroom

So it doesn’t feel dingy and dark we’d install several VELUX windows to bring as much natural light in to the space as possible.

I’m really keen to get cracking with this project in the next few years.  First things first though.  Ben is building a workshop currently and we’d like to build a garden room.  We also have an A4 to-do list of jobs to finish around the house. 

We moved in almost three and a half years ago and have been changing every inch to make it our own!

Have you ever considered a loft conversion?  Here are 5 great reasons to consider converting yours too:

Make use of wasted space

Attics are usually quite generous in space, yet filled with cobwebs and dusty boxes of long forgotten belongings, they are often wasted space.  If you have a load of junk in your attic, perhaps it’s time to sort through and see which of the clutter you really need to keep.  A couple of suitcases and a Christmas tree is all you really need to keep in your attic.  Even with a conversion you can still keep some storage space to the sides or create some cupboards.  This means you can still store your important bits and bobs, but you can also create a room to use.

Create an extra room

Most people can do with some extra space and converting an attic will create an entire extra room for your home.  Whether you need another bedroom, a playroom, office space or even a second living room, an attic conversion will give you this extra room you so desire.  Plus the space is already there.  You won’t have to eat into your garden with an extension.  You’ll be making use of space that already exists within your home.

Increase your home’s value

If you’re looking to sell in a few years an attic room can increase the value of your property, making it a worthwhile investment.  Adding extra square footage to the home will always increase its value.  In this article by The Guardian they say as much as 20% can be added to your home’s value with a loft conversion.  There are also lots of ways to keep costs down and save money on a loft conversion.

Cost effective and quick

Attic conversions can be completed in as little as 4-8 weeks and are often cheaper than an extension.  They’ll also create some extra insulation for the rest of the home making them energy efficient too.  You might save money over choosing an extension and save money on future energy bills.  Improving your existing property might also be much cheaper than moving into a larger property.  It’s also unlikely you’ll need planning permission, thus saving more costs.

Additional income

If you’re looking to save and make money, an attic conversion could be the perfect solution.  You can create an extra bedroom or even a self-contained bedsit, if the space allows, to rent out on Air BnB or to a long term lodger.  By doing this, your investment could pay for itself in a few years.