Money saving ideas for your roof and loft conversion

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Extending your existing home by converting a loft and roof is a great way to gain an extra room in your existing home.  This will not only increase the value of your home, but a home renovation could save you a small fortune compared to moving house to get the extra space you need.

Moving house comes with legal fees, stamp duty, sizeable deposits, estate agent fees and more.  Plus, the price of a larger house could be tens of thousands more, even hundreds of thousands more.

Lofts are often wasted space in many homes, yet they have so much potential.  If your family is craving more space and your attic is filled with items covered in dust and cobwebs, then decluttering and converting the space could be the perfect solution.

Tips to save money on your home renovation loft project

You can also be savvy and save money on the loft and roof conversion itself to make sure the price is as low as possible.  Keeping costs low will ensure you get the best return on your investment if you sell in the future.  And even if you don’t sell, you’ll get to keep more cash in your wallet.

Follow these tips to save money on your roofing supply needs and loft conversion:

Source materials for your attic conversion online

Sourcing your roof supplies from an online website such as Burton Roofing Merchants will allow you to save money in several ways such as:

  • Browsing materials with ease at a click of a button to save driving around brick and mortar stores
  • Getting a competitive price and special offers
  • Free delivery if you spend a certain amount

Shopping online can save time and money compared to sourcing what you need in a store and having to transport it home yourself.

If you are able to source your own materials then this can be cheaper than the builder doing so.  Simply ask the builders if they’ll be able to quote for labour only.

Choose off-the-shelf products

Shopping online and choosing products that are ready to ship will save a pretty penny over choosing custom made-to-order items.

Items that are ready to buy in standard sizes will have the most competitive pricing and be readily available.

If you want items made to specific and unusual sizes or shapes then you’ll have a lead time that may be variable, as well as a much bigger bill.

Get free gift vouchers with VELUX rewards scheme

If you need VELUX windows for your home renovations then you’ll be able to earn some rewards for each item purchased which can be converted into e-vouchers for popular retailers.

If you are buying a VELUX roof window, flat roof window, sun tunnel or selected combination flashings then you’ll be able to claim your rewards at the VELUX rewards website.

Usually you can claim £5-£25 rewards for each product, but they have a special offer on for a few months at the moment so you can claim £40!

The rewards can be changed for gift vouchers to spend at many popular High Street stores and supermarkets such as Tesco, M&S, Argos and John Lewis.

Get several quotes

Well it can be tedious having to call around architects and builders to arrange quotes, it’s worth the effort.  Prices can vary considerably between building companies so you could literally end up saving thousands.

Of course it’s about quality too, so don’t always go for the cheapest, but just make sure you aren’t being ripped off!

Getting several quotes means you should get a good idea of what you should be paying.  This will give you an idea of how much to negotiate when you find a builder that’s right for you.

Make sure you vet the builders to ensure you choose someone who will do the job well.  Avoid time wasters and cowboys who may leave you out of pocket.

It may be possible to find loft conversion specialists who can do the architecture drawings and building work for you as a package.  This could be cheaper than finding separate companies.  Do your research and get a clear indication of costs.

Choose the right time of year

Loft conversions can be quite intrusive and some even require the existing roof to be removed and then replaced!  Whether you’re living at home for the duration of the project or renting elsewhere, it’s best to pick a favourable time of year if you can, like spring or summer.

Bad weather can cause delays, damage and disruption. Increased labour costs may be incurred.  There’s also the hassle of rearranging schedules which could mean more time off work or increased rental accommodation costs.

Manage the project yourself

Builders could add a premium of approximately 25% for managing the project which is quite a hefty sum.  Instead, if you have the time and organisational skills, manage the project yourself.

So long as you are able to professionally manage everything yourself such as liaising with all parties involved, directing work, arranging deliveries, organising timings and have some knowledge of running a construction project then you’ll save thousands by being your own project manager.

You’ll definitely need a lot of time to do this and some flexibility to be available to make important decisions to avoid costs from mounting up, so consider this decision carefully.

Final word

When you start researching, you’ll find there are lots of savvy ways to save money on your loft conversion.  I hope these tips will help you discover more ways to save money on your roofing supply needs and conversion costs.