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Save money on your loft conversion

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Loft conversions are a popular solution for households looking to increase the size and value of their property. The UK property market is tough, with rising house prices making it difficult for homeowners to move up the property ladder. Expanding your home with a loft conversion, however, can be a great way to add another bedroom or reception room to your property - helping you to make the most of your space.

While loft conversions can be a great way to add value to your property, they can come at a high price. The following tips can help you save money on your loft conversion to help you expand your home for less.

Scale it back

While you might have grand ambitions for your loft conversion, such as an extra bedroom with a full en-suite, your budget might not allow for this at this time. One of the cheapest types of loft conversion is a home office or reception room, or you can opt for a bedroom without the additional bathroom. Remember that you can always opt for the most basic conversion to start with, and add to it later down the line.

Explore simple designs

Simple designs can be the most effective for a loft conversion, and they can also be the most affordable. A loft with some carefully places skylights can make a light, open space that can serve many functions depending on what you want from your new room. Take a look at some incredible loft conversion ideas to give you some inspiration on what you can achieve.

Ask for recommendations from friends and family

While it’s tempting to jump on Google and find the first builders in your local area, you might find that you get a better deal by asking friends and family for their personal recommendations. Word of mouth is a great way to get affordable recommendations, as well as some assurance that you’re hiring the right people for the job. This is a good tip for choosing a reputable builder and can stop you from hiring a rogue trader by mistake.

Save money on your supplies and decor

Another way you can cut money on your loft conversion spend is to look for discounts on your equipment, furniture and decor. You can save money on everything from wall paint to access panel accessories that will reduce your overall spend. Online shopping is a fantastic way to find some bargains, so start hunting around for the best deal.

Get insurance

While insurance may seem like an additional and unnecessary cost for your home conversion plans, it could actually save you money in the long run. Loft conversions can encounter problems during their construction as well as once they’re completed, so having the right insurance policy can help you avoid being out of pocket if something were to happen.

Final word

Saving money on your loft conversion can be easy with the right advice and a bit of forward planning. Find ways that you could save on your home improvement plans to help you build your dream home.