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8 ways to fast-track the sale of your home

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Selling a home isn’t easy, especially when your property isn’t the only house on the block up for sale. Many people wait months until a sale is made, and this is particularly frustrating for anybody caught up in the house-moving chain. If you are looking to sell your house in the near future, or you are currently sat at home waiting for prospective buyers to call, we have some advice you might find useful. In this article, we will look at several ways in which you can speed up the sale. Read on to find out more.

1. Choose the best estate agent

When you decide to sell your house, the estate agent is generally the first person you call. They have the expertise, after all. However, while the may talk the talk, they don’t all walk the walk! You need somebody you can trust. They need to push your house to potential buyers, write attractive sales listings and have a sales patter that the buyer will find hard to resist. So don’t choose the first estate agent on the high street. Look at online reviews, speak to friends and family for recommendations, and look at their website to see how well they promote properties online. A little bit of research is crucial, as you need to find somebody you can rely on.

2. Market the house yourself

Having chosen the right estate agent, you may be tempted to rest on your laurels and let them do all the work. Don’t! You can do your bit to market your house yourself. Thanks to social media, this is easier than ever before, so let your legion of friends and followers know of your house sale and encourage them to send details to their networks. Post links to the property listing and add extra photos to highlight your home’s worth to anybody who may be interested. With the thousands of people at your fingertips on Facebook and the like, you may just find the buyer you have been looking for.

3. Consider professional property buyers

If you are looking for a speedy sale, you can sell your house quickly for cash to a professional property buyer. This is a great solution if your home isn’t in the best condition, and the chances of a quick sale are slim otherwise. However, you may not get a profit on your investment if you think you can get a higher price for your property, so you need to weigh up the pros and cons of such a decision.

4. Add unique selling points

There are loads of properties on the market, so what is it that makes your home stand out from others? If you can add value with some unique selling points, you stand a better chance of winning over prospective buyers. Examples? You might want to extend your home with a loft conversion for example, as the extra space may be just what the buyer is looking for. Another area to consider is energy-efficiency. Not only will this attract buyers who are looking for something eco-friendly, but it will also tempt those who are looking to decrease their energy bills. Have a look at our kitchen renovation ideas for starters. Ensure you highlight your USP on your property listings and point them out to potential buyers when they visit your home.

5. Make essential repairs

Nobody is going to buy your home if its a potential money pit, so you will need to get on with any repairs before your buyers visit. Unless you are selling your home as a fixer-upper, ensure your home is safe to live in and hire any professional to take on the larger jobs you can’t manage. Then focus on the smaller things you can probably manage yourself, such as oiling creaky doors, repainting the rooms, and replacing light bulbs and broken fixtures. There will be expense on your part, but your home will sell faster if it’s safe and liveable.

6. De-personalise your home

You may be proud of your knick-knacks and family photos, but the prospective buyer needs to imagine the living space as their own. What you have done with your home over the years is of little value to them. While you don’t need to remove every item of furniture when somebody comes to visit, you can at least create some space to allow the buyer’s imagination to flourish as they walk around your house.

7. Remember first impressions

You need to create a positive first impression, so do what you can to make your home inviting to the buyer. This includes curb appeal, so get to work on the exterior to your home, such as the garden and perimeters. A fresh lick of paint on your front door will help your home stand out, as will a quick pressure wash of your drive or walkway. As you greet the buyer at the door, be pleasant and polite. A tidy home is a must so get rid of any clutter ahead of time, and send your kids to the neighbours if you think they are going to get in the way. A fresh vase of flowers or biscuits baking in the oven will provide your visitor with an attractive aroma, too. In short, make the visit a pleasant one, and spend time before their arrival to get rid of anything that will leave a negative impression.

8. Don’t overprice your house

Your estate agent will let you know how much your house is worth, so don’t think about over inflating your asking price. Some room for negotiation is always important to the buyer, so overpricing it slightly to account for this is okay, provided other homes in the area are selling at a similar price. Of course, it’s fine to ask for more money if you have spent time adding value to the property, but again, speak to your estate agent for qualified advice, and do your own property research online.

Final word

Time of year is another major factor of course, as is the state of the property market, so be sure to speak to your estate agent for further advice. However, follow our tips above, and your home should still sell reasonably quickly.