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New Year, new you: the best resolutions to make for 2018

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A fresh New Year is upon us and there’s no better month of the year to think about your plans for the year ahead and think about what you want to achieve.  January is the perfect time to make some resolutions to better your life and perhaps do something you’ve always wanted.

Here are some of the best resolutions you can make this year that might also better your quality of life:

Find the one

If you’re single and it’s not making you happy, why not make this the year you find the one?  Even with our busy lives, dating has become so accessible thanks to the huge variety of online dating platforms.  Whether you’re looking for mature singles, divorcees, single parents or someone who loves your niche hobby just as much as you, there will now be a dating website dedicated to finding you a perfect match.
Push the nerves to one side and take the leap.  Put yourself out there and make 2018 the year you find your other half.  Plus you’ll get to enjoy lots of date nights along the way!


Quit smoking

If you smoke then quitting smoking will be one of the best things you do in 2018.  It’s terrible for your own health, but also for those around you.  If you smoke, everyone has to smoke.  The nasty toxic chemicals cling to your clothes, hair and furniture, even after washing, and this third hand smoke remains toxic to you and those you’re in contact with long after you’ve finished that pesky cigarette.  Start quitting today and you’ll save money as well as yours and your loved ones health.


Eat healthier

After many people binge drink and eat junk for the majority of the Christmas break, it’s no surprise people want to eat healthier in the New Year.  Heck, even my husband, a beloved meat eater, is attempting Veganuary!  We really are what we eat and for optimum health we need to make sure we thoroughly nourish our bodies every day with the correct fuel.  Eating a diet rich in plant based foods will stop us from becoming ill now and prevent disease in the future.  It’s so important you eat the right food.  Reduce alcohol, chemical preservatives, refined sugar and processed foods, or even better, cut them out all together.


Exercise more

This has to be one of the top New Year’s resolutions!  It’s only the seventh of the month and I’ve already noticed the car park at my gym is almost overflowing and the classes I regularly attend suddenly have twice as many participants!  Not that it’s a bad thing, I would never discourage anyone from doing exercise, but I do hope these January gym goers continue on their healthy path and it doesn’t drift off as we head into February and the rest of the year.


Have a career change

Are you unhappy in your job?  Been moaning about it for years?  Life is too short to be unhappy in your occupation, especially as we spend the majority of our day there!  Do something about it.  Retrain if need be, but find what makes you happy.  There might not be the perfect job out there and every job has its niggles, but if you seriously dread going to work each day and find yourself moaning about it day in day out, you need to take action and make a change.


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