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How to get a better garden

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There are many different reasons why you might want to have a better garden.

Your garden contributes a surprisingly large amount to the overall value of your home, and it is also something that you have to look at on a daily basis.

So whether you want to increase the value of your home or make your garden a nice place to spend your time, here are three ways to get a better garden.


Nothing happens in gardening overnight.

You aren’t going to be able to put in a day’s work one Saturday and suddenly have an amazing garden.

This simply isn’t going to happen.

Instead, perfecting your garden is going to take time, commitment and most importantly patience.

Plants take time to grow, you will need to time to learn how to garden, and things till take time to be cleared and look beautiful.

This means that the sooner you start trying to get a better garden, the sooner you will have a better garden. You need to make sure that you are working on it consistently.

If you can’t manage more than a single day a month, then you are not going to get anywhere fast. Instead, try to make it part of your weekly routine to spend a few hours in the garden.


This is possibly the most important aspect of getting a better garden.

You are going to need to plan out how you are going to get a better garden. Without a plan, you are going to struggle to succeed.

This is because every garden is different. From the type of soil, preference of plants and the space you have to work with.

If you are thinking of getting an extension into the back garden then you will need to factor this in as well. You will need to plan where your plans will go, which season they are for and what each area of your garden is for.

Do you want a sitting space? You will need to plan for that.

Do you want a vegetable patch? Then you are going to need to plan for that as well.


The plants are the most important part of any garden. They are the reason why the garden exists.

Most gardens have some kind of lawn area in the middle and then plants around the border. This is probably the easiest and simplest way of creating a better garden.

Stick to this template and your garden will look great!

You need to pick the kinds of plants that you want in your garden and then plant them accordingly. You will want colours that compliment one another and to make sure that you understand how to look after them.

Your garden needs a lot of care and attention, and if you neglect your plants, then they might end up dying.

Once you have cleared space for your plants and got them in the ground, then you start to enjoy the process of caring for them.

Watering and removing weeds can even be a fun part of your week!  It's exercise and you get to be outdoors.