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Let’s talk about love: my thoughts on Valentine’s Day

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, the one day of the year for all things lovey dovey.  When I was younger Valentine’s Day was always exciting, if not also a little depressing!  I’m talking my older child and teenage years.  The years when I secretly hoped someone at school might fancy me and there will be a card from a mystery lover on my desk.  It rarely happened, but my mum often bought me and my sister a little something so that kind of made up for it!

As I got older and had serious boyfriends as an older teenager I also cared quite a lot about Valentine’s.  I guess now I had an actual real boyfriend I expected them to buy me something and spoil me as I’d not had that opportunity before.  As the years went on though and I grew and changed as a person I soon changed my perception on Valentine’s and thought of it instead as more of a Hallmark Holiday!  I mean, we’re only just getting our finances back on track from Christmas and New Year, then boom!  Another reason to celebrate and buy cards and gifts, then Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day.  Add in birthdays and anniversaries and we’re celebrating something each month.

Now I sound like the bah-humbug of Valentine’s, but I do think some people expect a little much.  Especially as the below infographic reckons 53% of women would actually end their relationship if their partner didn’t get them anything for Valentine’s Day.  That’s a tad ridiculous!  It’s much better to not expect anything at all, then you’re A, not disappointed if you don’t get anything and B, pleasantly and actually surprised if you do get a gift.  If you both want to celebrate the day of love, then why not, go for it!  But I don’t think you should expect something or force someone to give you something, especially if your other half isn’t into it.

We don’t really celebrate the day.  We’re a bit flaky about the whole thing and both don’t expect anything.  We might joke with each other asking where our surprise treat or diamond ring is though!  Sometimes we get each other a card and sometimes we don’t.  I’m not sure I’ve ever bought Ben a gift on Valentine’s, but he’s got me flowers before or a bag of wholefood sweet treats.  This year I do have him an amazing alternative Valentine’s card from Love Layla.

Usually we’ll get a takeaway or cook a takeaway style dinner at home.  I definitely do not want to go to a restaurant on the day.  I did it once with an ex-boyfriend and hated the whole experience.  It might have been his fault though.  I’m quite a fussy eater and he didn’t check the menu.  It was a set menu and full of seafood which I didn’t eat.  We were also sat really close to other couples in rows of twos which felt a bit odd and awkward.  I don’t think I’ve ever gone out again on Valentine’s Day, I’d rather wait for a normal non couple orientated evening.

Not surprisingly it is the second most popular day to get engaged after Christmas and 11000 babies are conceived on Valentine’s Day!  Though I’ve said before I don’t get my children involved with the day, I’m actually thinking of getting my daughter a little present.  Bella is super girly and loves all things hearts.  She’s been eyeing up all the gifts in the stores obsessing over the hearts, so I’m probably going to nip to the shop and at least get a heart card and heart balloon for her!  There we go, I’ll take part after all!

Happy Valentine’s Day <3