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How to improve your health dramatically

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Our health is literally the most important thing to keep track of, yet many of us abuse how resilient our bodies are when we are younger. There are many things that we do to our bodies, and we don’t realise how bad the long term effects can be internally and externally. It’s a sad fact that as we get older, our bodies become less resilient, and the harmful things that we do to our body now can really take its toll as the years pass.

Here’s how to improve your health dramatically now so that in later years you’re still as fit as a fiddle.

Keep your weight at a recommended level

Many of use abuse our bodies by piling in the junk food, and it’s understandable too because junk food tastes so good. What many people don’t know is that junk food contains chemicals that create an imbalance in our brains which makes us crave more. So not only can junk food make you gain weight, it can trick your brain into thinking that it needs more. Break out of the habit of junk food and try to consume more natural and nutritional foods so that you can give your body the goodness it needs and also keep your weight at a recommended level.

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Don’t poison your body

There are many different ways in which we can poison our bodies without realising it. Alcohol and drugs are the biggest culprits because it gives us a temporary feeling that we all enjoy. However, they are extremely addictive and also poisonous to our bodies. Alcohol and drugs are both poisons.  It’s also too easy to slip into a rut and begin consuming too much of both of them. Stop poisoning your body with help from a drug detox so that later on in life you don’t feel the repercussions of it all.

Up your exercise

Exercise is definitely something that the majority of us don’t do enough of. When you’re unfit, anything that raises your heartbeat can make you feel unwell, and even simple tasks like climbing the stairs can make you light-headed. Try upping your exercise so that you can build stronger muscles and internal organs. The longer you leave it, the more you will struggle in later years. Start off slow if you’ve not exercised in a while and gradually work towards goals. You will feel much healthier and full of life in no time!

Spend more time with loved ones

The company of loved ones can without a doubt improve your health. While many of these points have spoken about physical effects on our bodies, this is concentrating on the mental effects. Make time to visit those that are important to you and spend valuable time with them. Not only will it be good for your mental health but life is too short to not spend precious time with those you love!

Make these changes and notice how your health improves dramatically now, and for your future!