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Surprising causes of weight gain you need to know

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Are you worried about your weight?

You might think that your weight has grown out of control due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

This could be true, but if you want to correct your weight, you need to know some of the more abstract causes that most people are completely unaware of.

By discovering some of the hidden causes of weight gain, you can improve your weight and your physique faster than you’d think. Let’s look at some of the potential problems.

_Surprising causes of weight gain you need to know

A full colon

When you consume food, not all of it leaves your body. Food residue can build up in your colon to the point where it starts to have an impact on your body. The residue can add pounds to your weight, and the best part about this is that it’s easy to get rid of.

All you need is a colon cleanse. With a colon cleanse you can clear out the excess food residue quickly and easily, and in a way that is that it is completely natural. Drinking a lot of water can allow you to clean out your colon but you may also do it by drinking herbal tea.

If you want a more powerful cleanse, you can also think about using laxatives. Interestingly, doctors recommend that you get your colon cleansed at least once a year to make sure that it doesn’t get clogged up with residue, adding extra weight onto your body.

An unlikely source of calories

If you’re trying to lose weight, you are probably aiming to control the number of calories that you intake per day. The problem is that while you might succeed cutting back on the sugary treats, you might compensate by treating yourself in another way such as having an extra glass of wine.

You’re probably doing this because your under the impression that alcohol isn’t high in calories but actually it is.

If you research it, you’ll be amazed by just how many calories a single glass of wine might contain. That’s why people who are eager to keep their weight under control do tend to look into how to stop drinking alcohol. It is certainly bad for you in more ways than one, and if you stop drinking, you’ll find losing weight is a lot easier.

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An underactive thyroid

Of course, you might find that you struggle with weight gain due to a preexisting medical condition. An underactive thyroid can have a number of impacts on the body including thinning hair, mood changes and yes weight gain. Thankfully, this medical condition is completely treatable, and you should speak to a doctor if you suspect you have this issue. They can give you the meds that you need.

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A lot of stress

Last but not least, you might find that you gain weight due to an increased level of stress. This will be true even if your diet patterns don’t change at all. Your body could still bloat if you’re feeling stressed and you could gain weight even if you are eating healthily.