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How to get more from your business without working harder

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So you’ve set up your own business and you are flying along at a rapid pace. But now it feels as though you are working every hour possible without making much further progression. This is a natural part of business and hitting your max isn’t necessarily a bad thing: you just need to figure out how you can continue to move forward without burdening yourself even more.

How to get more from your business without working harder

Outsource to specialist companies

It might feel like cheating at first, but actually, outsourcing is one of the best things you can do for your business. Look to hire local IT support companies to get your business infrastructure in line and capable of expanding even further. Get a marketing company onboard to help maximise your potential and bring in new customers. You could even outsource the services you are offering to freelancers to expand your capacity without having to move office just yet.

You have built your business from the ground up, but that doesn’t mean that absolutely everything has to be done under the same roof. If you try to do everything all at once, you will simply burn out, so give yourself more time and space by bringing other companies onboard and sharing out the workload a little better. Besides, these companies specialise in what they do, so you can be sure that what you end up with will be great.

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Automate everything that can be automated

Automation is a buzzword in business at the moment and technologies are really helping smaller businesses use their time more efficiently. In fact, you would be surprised by how many great automation tools there are and the wide variety of things they can do to help make your office more efficient and much smoother to run.

As well as automated email responses, marketing campaigns, phone calls and practically any other customer facing process, you can also use automation to create smart workflows in your office and to communicate with each other more efficiently. However, do think specifically about the outcomes you are looking for from automation. Don’t just implement the software for the sake of it.

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Share your burden and delegate

As a business owner, the weight of the world feels like it is resting on your shoulders sometimes. Only you can truly be aware of how many lives your business impacts, what you need to do to grow and what the long term goals are. Being a business owner can be lonely even when you are at the centre of a bustling, busy office.

There is just one thing you need to remember: you can share your burden and you should be delegating as much as possible. You have employees there to help you so let them help you. Ask for ideas in meetings and listen to the responses, trust that someone can do a job to your high expectations and give clear instructions so that your staff will succeed to the best of their abilities.


You don’t need to work harder... you need to work smarter!


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