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Free National Lotto: Win cash for free online!

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You may have seen my post before about free online lotteries, but if not I’m here again to remind you they do exist as a free way to potentially make some extra cash online and I have a new company to share with you today - Free National Lotto! This is a new one to me too and I’ve only just signed up.  They run a daily 5-ball draw and a bi-weekly 5-ball draw, that’s a lot of chances to win some free money online!

I signed up yesterday and the bi-weekly Sunday 5-ball jackpot was £1260!  If no one wins the prize it rolls over to the next bi-weekly draw.  For a few seconds of your time each day to check the results, you could win over a grand.  I love free lotteries for the chance of winning even a fiver or tenner, so the chance to win over a grand is even more exciting and definitely worth checking the site each day.  Plus, it’s free, so you have nothing to lose!

The daily draw prize pot is £5 and this will also roll over to the next day if it’s not claimed.  There’s no limit on the rollover so the jackpot will keep growing until someone claims it. 

The best thing is they email you a reminder, so you don’t even have to remember to check the site yourself, they will tell you.  I save up all my free lottery emails and check them when I have a spare moment such as waiting for the kettle to boil, being a passenger in a car, waiting for a slow web page to load, or first thing each morning when snoozing the alarm.  Just find a few spare minutes in the day, click the links in the emails and check to see if you’re a winner.

If you have won, you’ll see a ‘claim my prize’ button below the draw results, simply click to claim and once the draw closes for that day you’ll get your share of the prize to your PayPal account.  Easy.

Signing up is super quick.  I selected my 5 lucky numbers by typing them into the coloured balls shown, entered my email and password, then voila.  Account set up.  Next was my name, surname, DOB and sex, a click on a link in an email to verify I own the email address and within a couple of minutes my account was totally set up and verified.

free national lotto

If you’re wondering how a lotto can be free to enter it’s because they make their revenue from ads, promotions, offers and surveys.

Here are their fabulous (and free) promises:

  • Free daily 5-ball lotto draws with real guaranteed cash prizes!
  • Free Twice weekly 5-ball big jackpot draw! Will keep growing until its won!
  • Absolutely free lotto, free for everyone, free forever!

To find out how it works simply watch the video below or visit

Here’s a great video explaining what Free National Lotto is: